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Jan 17 2023, 5:18 am
By: Nexo  

Jan 17 2023, 5:18 am Nexo Post #1

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(Mod note: This post has been translated through a tool and may not be entirely accurate to the original post.)

To live and to die

Hello, I'm Nexo, and I would like to present my campaign created by myself for Starcraft 1. The original concept was created in 2015, but I decided to revisit it to make it more enjoyable. After a long time I decided to post it here since I was unaware of these forums created by the community. I hope you like it as much as I like creating maps.


Forget the history of all the characters except their names. In this universe, the Terran Dominion does not know of the Protoss, and they discover Aiur. A meteor shower over Korhal attracted the attention of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, and he decides to send his fleet to conquer the planet without realizing that they had already been conquered by other Terrans. This campaign is about the liberation of a planet, the war directed at three different worlds of the three races.


This campaign is not a MOD, you just download it and place it in the "Maps" folder
Brood War is required to play (There are .scm and .scx maps)
The levels go from easy to hard. In my opinion, the Terran campaign is easy while the Protoss campaign is more complex.



Spanish and English Version


Please share your opinion.

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Jan 17 2023, 5:05 pm Corbo Post #2



Me gusta mucho que hayas querido compartir esto con nosotros, yo definitivamente lo probare en cuanto pueda y estoy seguro que muchos de aca también estan interesados.

Sin embargo, el foro esta lleno casi en su 100% de personas que solo hablan inglés por lo cual sería mejor sí tu post fuera en inglés para obtener mas atención.

Yo lo puedo traducir por ti si tu no puedes. Y, de nuevo, gracias por compartir tu campaña con nosotros!

fuck you all

Jan 17 2023, 8:24 pm Ultraviolet Post #3

Don't stop till you get enough

Jan 18 2023, 5:20 am Nexo Post #4

Original Post

(Mod note: This post has been translated through a tool and may not be entirely accurate to the original post.)

What's up?

Thanks, I'm already working on translating my entire campaign to make it more viable :D

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Jan 18 2023, 6:16 pm Roy Post #5

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Hello, Nexo, and welcome to the community! Thank you for sharing your campaign.

As stated by another member, we are an English-speaking community, and it is actually against the rules of the site to post in another language:
Posts on SEN must be in English. While we understand this may not be your native language, you are expected to try.
I have used the translation tool shared by Ultraviolet to translate your posts, but going forward, if you could at least include an English translation for what you post, that would be great. As part of the moderation team, I am supposed to remove posts that violate the site's rules, but I chose to edit your posts instead because I want to support you and your campaign's presence on the site.

Thank you for understanding.

¡Hola, Nexo, y bienvenido a la comunidad! Gracias por compartir tu campaña.

Como dijo otro miembro, somos una comunidad de habla inglesa y, de hecho, está en contra de las reglas del sitio publicar en otro idioma:
Las publicaciones en SEN deben estar en inglés. Si bien entendemos que este puede no ser su idioma nativo, se espera que lo intente.
He usado la herramienta de traducción compartida por Ultraviolet para traducir sus publicaciones, pero en el futuro, si al menos pudiera incluir una traducción al inglés de lo que publica, sería genial. Como parte del equipo de moderación, se supone que debo eliminar las publicaciones que violen las reglas del sitio, pero elegí editar sus publicaciones porque quiero apoyarlo a usted y a la presencia de su campaña en el sitio.

Gracias por entender.

Jan 20 2023, 7:07 pm RdeRenato Post #6

I am Renato

is that Nexo, is that Nexo is always the best

:unsure: i am RdeRenato, a veteran noob

Jan 23 2023, 8:19 am Nexo Post #7

I am working on the translation of my campaign, please wait a few days and I will republish this forum completely in English. Do not forget


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