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Today, 5:58 pm by Azrael in SC1 UMS Mapmaking Assistance

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Need help with some abilities
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A new antihack has come out.
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Is this lazy writing?
Apr 14 2014, 8:05 pm by Aristocrat in Media, Art, and Literature

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Mar 4 2014, 2:46 pm   Collapse
StarCraft II: - Patch 2.1.1
STARCRAFT II - Patch 2.1.1
--- client update ---
(user posted image)

Patch Notes, click on expand button on the right to read


Posted by: Ahli

STARCRAFT II: Arcade - Blizzard's Arcade “Rock the Cabinet” Contest
--- mapmaking contest ---
(user posted image)
Quote from Blizzard Entertainment
The Blizzard community has a long history of creating amazing games using our engines and tools. StarCraft II is no exception, and we’re constantly blown away by the quality of games that players create.

Now that the Arcade is free, we think this is a great time to encourage the creation of awesome games. We’re sending out the call: wow us with the most amazing Arcade games ever made using the StarCraft II Map Editor and Art Tools, and we’ll award over fifteen thousand dollars and other amazing perks to the winning entries. If you’ve always wanted to create your own game, this contest is for you!

The contest duration will be four months, ending on May 31, 2014. After a thorough review, we’ll pick the semi-finalists from the pool of entries and ask the community to help us decide on the winners. That’s right, the players themselves will narrow it down to the final five from which we will select first, second, and third place winners.

We’re looking forward to the variety of games that will be made! Here are the requirements that each submission must follow to be considered a valid entry:
  • The game must be in English.
    • Barring any legal restrictions from your home country and state, anyone is able to participate in this contest, but there must be an English version of the game.
  • The game should support at least one, but no more than six players.
    • You can make a single player RPG or a battle-arena game, but we don’t want the lobby size to be too big. Six is a good maximum for us.
  • Your game files will need to be uploaded as part of the submission.
  • The game must be published to the North American Region of StarCraft II using the map editor.
  • The game’s info page in the StarCraft II Arcade must have a description, at least one screenshot, and the ‘How to Play’ section must be filled out.
  • A forum thread must be created on our Arcade Game Showcase Forum with the following requirements:
    • The title of the thread should read “Rock the Cabinet: [GAMENAME]”
      Example: Rock the Cabinet: StarJeweled
    • A link to your game should be provided.
      Example (StarJeweled): starcraft://map/1/85968
    • A description of your game should be included in the first post in the thread.

Let’s talk about that last requirement that you create a forum thread for your project. Though this is something that must be done when you submit your final product, it’s really something we hope you’ll do from the start of your project. It’s a really good idea to keep the player community in the loop as your craft your masterpiece and get their feedback. Considering that the players themselves will have a role in choosing in a winner, it’ll be a good idea to hear what they think throughout the process.

Here are the prizes we are offering:
  • First Place
    • $7,000
    • Developer Jam Session
    • The first place winner will participate in a video conference with select members of the StarCraft II development for an intimate chat about all things game development.
    • Tickets to the next BlizzCon
    • Localization
      • Winners will have their game text localized in Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

  • Second Place
    • $5,000
    • Tickets to the next BlizzCon
    • Localization
      • Winners will have their game text localized in Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

  • Third Place
    • $3,000
    • Tickets to the next BlizzCon
    • Localization
      • Winners will have their game text localized in Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

We’re really excited to see what the community will produce. Feel free to send any questions about the contest to Arcade@Blizzard.com. You can view the official rules here: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/community/contests/sc2-arcade/rules.html

Posted by: Ahli

Jan 21 2014, 8:05 pm   Collapse
StarCraft II Patch 2.1 Goes Live
STARCRAFT II: HotS - Patch 2.1 Goes Live
--- client update ---

Quote from Kotaku
StarCraft II just took one large step closer to free-to-play.

Patch 2.1, the latest update for Blizzard's real-time strategy game, expands StarCraft II's free Starter Edition to three races and opens up all custom games to absolutely anyone. So if someone uses StarCraft II's map editor to make the next DOTA—which itself was originally a custom WarCraft III map based on a custom StarCraft map called Aeon of Strife—anyone can play it.

So if you make a map or game in the Blizzard Arcade, you can invite all of your friends to play it—not just the ones who own StarCraft. That's pretty damn cool.

The patch goes live today. Blizzard made a funny video to commemorate the occasion—you can watch it above.

Posted by: :DevliN:

Dec 25 2013, 4:45 pm   Collapse
Merry Christmas!
Let me be the first one on behalf of SEN to officially wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Posted by: Fire_Kame

STARCRAFT II: HotS - Patch 2.1 Test Realm
--- client update ---
(user posted image)
Blizzard published the test realm for the upcoming Patch 2.1 which will unlock the arcade and custom games for everyone. In addition to that, we are now able to listen to Broodwar's music, add clan decals next to the main structures and use extension mods to alter the gameplay on melee maps on the fly.

You can install the Public Test Realm (PTR) using the new battle.net launcher app.

Check Blizzard's blog for more information.

Posted by: Ahli

Nov 28 2013, 6:42 pm   Collapse
Happy Thanksgiving from Sen!
(user posted image)
Happy Black Friday Eve Thanksgiving to all on the behalf of Sen.
If you're Canadian, we apologize for the delay.

So what if I couldn't find the usual image? I know how to draw a turkey!

Posted by: Roy

[09:36 pm]
Azrael -- No way :D
[09:34 pm]
[09:34 pm]
Vrael -- "Anyone who's taken a first-year economics course could tell you" that the system is more complex than sweeping generalizations typically account for :P
[09:33 pm]
Xlil-InfernoDDD -- But what if I'm rendered unable to find out that Kim Kardashian farted?
[09:24 pm]
Azrael -- If you're thinking something like "unlike a group consisting of a few people getting a lot of money, if a group consisting of a lot of homeowners gets that same quantity of money distributed across them, businesses will raise their prices because they know more people can afford it", then you have a disturbingly inaccurate idea of how price levels work, how equilibrium prices are achieved, and how demand is gauged in general.
[09:16 pm]
Azrael -- In fact, inflation has a lower chance of being increased when distributed to the populace, because the most basic tenet of economic theory is that people always act out of self-interest. When given an opportunity to remove the stress of debt from their lives, most people will.
[09:15 pm]
Azrael -- And there's absolutely no additional inflation whatsoever caused by the latter in comparison to the former.
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