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[08:04 am]
Jack -- "I could tell you a UDP joke, but you might not get it."
[07:40 am]
Wing Zero -- You guys broke image links somehow
[07:24 am]
Fire_Kame -- :-(
[07:23 am]
Fire_Kame -- I thought it was 25? no wait that britain
[07:12 am]
l)ark_ssj9kevin -- did i get a free shoutbox color? i'm pretty sure i never bought this :P
[07:11 am]
l)ark_ssj9kevin -- hi
[06:45 am]
Jack -- Oh yeah, newegg ships to NZ now :) But shipping so very many monies :( and anything over $400 has the possibility of being hit by customs
[06:39 am]
Jack -- I'm thinking of buying a cheap second monitor
[06:39 am]
Jack -- which of these two monitors is better, and are either of them "bad"?
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