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Impossible UV 3
Dec 28 2023, 5:34 am
By: Ultraviolet  

Dec 28 2023, 5:34 am Ultraviolet Post #1

Impossible UV 3



  • Dimensions: 256x192
  • Tileset: Desert
  • Players: 1-6 (5+ recommended)
  • Genre: Impossible Scenarios
  • Size: 18.5 MB
  • SC Version: Remastered
  • Current Map Version: 0.03
  • Missions: 6
  • Heroes: 15 Selectable + 6 Secret
  • Special Thanks to Azurez for hours of balancing and updates discussions as well as creation of terrain and unit selection and placement choices

This is intended to be a spiritual successor to Impossible Cyrus and direct successor to my previous Impossible Ultraviolet maps. Players consist of a team of up to six players facing six impossible scenarios. It plays something like a combination between an Impossible map and an RPG. WARNING: It is hard. Teamwork and cooperation are required.

The first player on the team starts out by choosing one of four difficulty settings: normal, hard, insane or impossible. On normal difficulty all enemies have 1/1 weapon/armor upgrades, except scarab damage which remains at 0 upgrades. On hard difficulty it increases to 3 weapon/3 armor/1 scarab upgrade. This pattern continues up to impossible difficulty where enemy upgrades cap at 7/7/3. There's a hidden Impossible Plus mode, given as a game code for beating the game on Impossible difficulty which increases upgrades a final time to 9/9/4. Victory codes are temporarily disabled from being given at the end of the game in this early version of the map. The codes currently are still the same as in UV2, so if you have codes from that map, they may be used here.

After this, all players on the team have opportunity to select one of 15 unique heroes. Only one of each hero may be selected each game. There is also an option to randomly select your hero. Players are awarded 5 starting bonus ore for going random as well as the opportunity to obtain a powerful (OP, even) exclusively randomly obtainable arbiter hero. All player selectable heroes have been enhanced in some way or another with EUDs to make them better than their original SC:BW selves. There are six heroes only selectable through random hero select or inputting a code given for winning the game in hard mode+

Once players have selected their hero, they are granted 5 lives, 0 starting ore (some starting ore on higher difficulties but fewer lives) and have the opportunity to select units to accompany their hero through the subsequent mission. Unit selections have smaller groups in this version and are the same for every level. There are only eight sets of units and there is no limit to how many players can select the same unit groups. New options are: random unit selection (has a small chance to give one bonus ore), and selecting ore (2) instead of units. Once units are selected for the mission, your hero and units are moved to the beginning of the mission. Make sure to get all your preparation (ore spending) done before selecting your units. All upgrades have been scaled down to a simplified system requiring single digit integer costs of ore only. Gas is reserved as mana for heroes.

Players have available in the lower section of the map an upgrade area which includes a Gateway with casting options for heroes as well as hero upgrades. Heroes upgrades available at the gateway include Mana Cap upgrades (3 ore each, 10 total), Mana Regeneration upgrades (6+6 ore each, 4 total), and Hero Tesla Regenerator upgrades (3+3 ore each, 5 total). Building a Data Disc (A) displays helpful information about your hero. The upgrade area also contains a Comsat Station as well as buildings for upgrading all the weapons (3+1 or 4+1 ore per upgrade, 10 total) and armors (2+1 ore per upgrade, 10 total) available. There are some new upgrades available, such as the ability to upgrade the damage of Psionic Storm. Hotkeying your gateway and comsat station are highly recommended. I usually hotkey my hero 1, gateway 2, and comsat 0, leaving room for units and upgrade buildings to be hotkeyed inbetween; do whatever works best for you. The lower section finally contains a banning area for troublesome players, an emergency civilian which grants you an extra unit selection on a particularly tough round, a single use level skip usable by the highest numbered player in game (P1 first, P2 if P1 isn't in game, etc) and various storage locations for game maintenance.

Gameplay follows traditional Impossible Scenarios style, with six missions with many pre-placed units as well as ongoing spawns on timers and building kill retaliation spawns. One feature that makes this map unique from many other impossible maps is randomization of spawns. Each pre-placed unit has a category which has 1-8 different possible units it could spawn as for the mission. Timed spawns and retaliation spawns also generally have 2-16 different random combinations which might spawn on any given cycle. The idea here was to give players a feel similar to playing a game of Diablo where each playthrough, while similar to previous ones, is somewhat unique. The boss level has been removed for this iteration of the map, instead being replaced with a challenging sixth level.

Players start with 0 ore. This amount increases in higher difficulty levels and when the game is played with fewer than maximum players. Each mission has many mineral chunks hidden around which when found by a hero will grant the team +2 ore. All players are awarded with +1 ore & +40 gas at 100 team kills, +2 ore & +40 gas at 200, +4/+40 at 400, +8/+40 at 800, and +16/+40 at 1600. Players are also awarded bonus ore (varies based on difficulty level) at the end of every mission and +10 ore for killing the wandering Kakaru. There is limited ore available on the map, resulting in the requirement of heroes to select certain paths or builds. A more recent addition is that for every player missing from the game, with maximum bonuses at 2 players, players get additional starting ore and ore per level (applies retroactively if someone leaves later on).

Given the combination of range of difficulty levels, randomization of spawns and many unique heroes with a plethora of upgrade paths, no game is likely to feel exactly the same as another, the goal of course being great replay value.



Gameplay Videos:

  • 12/04/23: Version 0.00 notes. Made initial changes to transfer map to new tileset. Changed mission spawning patterns.
  • 12/05/23: Version 0.01 notes. Fixed issue with Mission 2 spawning. Increased Marshall's Medfield Generator heal rate 2s->0.5s (to match UV2 update). Removed hydralisks from Witch's 120 skill. Made Floor Hatches open when end conditions for levels are met. Renamed Floor Hatches and changed the variable previously stored there to Mining Platform.
  • 12/06/23: Version 0.02 notes. Disabled victory codes.
  • 12/20/23: Version 0.03 notes. Added more pre-placed units (courtesy of Azurez). Removed some ore chunks (also Az). Changed pre-placed spawns, previous format was to emulate UV1 mission in sequence: 1,1,2,3,4,5. New pattern is 1,2,3,4,5,5. Removed spawn attack's behavior of prioritizing players in the starting area for levels.



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