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Building a Better Editor
Mar 27 2017, 3:06 am
By: Pr0nogo
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Mar 31 2017, 9:47 pm Suicidal Insanity Post #21

I see you !

I've had a very limited amount of contact with blizzard, but first thing I had to do was sign an NDA so I don't know what I can talk about.

I should be able to pass along wishlists (Or just hack them into scmdraft as time allows).

Mar 31 2017, 9:57 pm Pr0nogo Post #22

So as time allows, you will be updating SCMDraft to support the remaster? Very exciting.

Mar 31 2017, 10:13 pm Veta Post #23

Ok SI, I'm currently working on a draft of the bug fix and feature request list:

Maybe you could skim it and tell us how realistic it is, without referencing anything in particular and endangering your NDA. This way we could tailor it to what's possible.

The current draft is aiming for comprehension. If someone sees something we're missing, let me know. When we're done we can pass it along to SI.


Mar 31 2017, 10:18 pm Zoan Post #24

Math + Physics + StarCraft = Zoan

There are a couple of features that I would like to see added.

First things first:

- Fix bugs! SCMDraft still crashes a lot sometimes. One thing that comes to mind is Strings causing the map to break, but I'm sure other people can think of other times SCMDraft will crash.


- Commonly used blends (e.g. backwards facing ramps) in a doodad section. It would also be cool for users to be able to save custom doodads and quickly access them from the side bar too.

- Have a view that grays out unbuildable terrain. Also have one that grays out unwalkable terrain. Another good one would be to see the different height levels (low ground, medium ground, high ground).


- Allow for copy-pasting of locations / a stack option similar to what is available for units.

Sound Editor:

- Let us stop wavs (i.e. have a play and a pause/stop button) instead of having to listen to them all the way through.


- One common thing people do is use deaths of units as integer variables. However having a separate notepad with a list of what unit deaths mean what (e.g. Alan Turret <=> Current Level) is tedious. It would be nice if there was some way we could get SCMDraft to rename these 'deathcounters'.

Stretch Requests:

- There are some Trigger Generators out there (for example here) which use some neat logic to accomplish cool things.

For example one of the, imo, useful things that these let you do is type in DC1.add(DC2), which generates 16 or so triggers to actually add those two deathcounters.

If something like this could be naturally supported, that would be really awesome.

- In that same vein, an option to have 'for loops' in our triggers would be nice. What I mean by this is that if we want a set of triggers that are very similar to eachother but just increment one value each iteration, it would be nice to, instead of copy-pasting that trigger and manually changing that one value 9 times, to just have a single block in the triggers which does all that for you.

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Mar 31 2017, 10:36 pm Dem0n Post #25

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

You can already stop wavs. Which super old version of Scmdraft are you using?

Also, you realize you can rename any unit/building you're using as a DC to whatever you want it to be, right? lol

Mar 31 2017, 10:36 pm Suicidal Insanity Post #26

I see you !

Quick comment to the terrain suggestions:

The nonbuildable tiles are already greyed when a building is being placed, and the nonwalkable ones are greyed when a ground unit is being placed. Do you mean something else?

Saving doodads sort of works with the brush window, but it probably could use a bit of work.

Mar 31 2017, 10:40 pm Zoan Post #27

Math + Physics + StarCraft = Zoan

Quote from Dem0n
You can already stop wavs. Which super old version of Scmdraft are you using?

Also, you realize you can rename any unit/building you're using as a DC to whatever you want it to be, right? lol

Oh yea. TBH I've only done triggering in Trigger Generators for a while so I forgot lolol.

Also wut, you can stop wavs? Maybe I am just using an old version LOL

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Mar 31 2017, 11:55 pm Swampfox Post #28

Quick comment to the terrain suggestions:

The nonbuildable tiles are already greyed when a building is being placed, and the nonwalkable ones are greyed when a ground unit is being placed. Do you mean something else?

Saving doodads sort of works with the brush window, but it probably could use a bit of work.

To clarify, I would imagine having a sort of overlay you can enable or disable so you can plan out terrain without having to place units/buildings.


Apr 1 2017, 2:34 am Pr0nogo Post #29

Can we finally be able to mass-import wavs in scmdraft? Would be nice, since it's a feature that shipped with staredit.

Apr 5 2017, 6:04 pm Zoan Post #30

Math + Physics + StarCraft = Zoan

Has the list we've put together been sent to the Remaster team yet?

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Apr 5 2017, 6:50 pm Suicidal Insanity Post #31

I see you !

Sent the link.

Feel free to also make a scmdraft wishlist for stuff that doesn't require engine changes. Just keep in mind I have a full time job so I can't make any promises.

Apr 5 2017, 6:51 pm Zoan Post #32

Math + Physics + StarCraft = Zoan

I've just posted it to the blizzard forums as well.

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Apr 6 2017, 4:51 am Heinermann Post #33

SDE, BWAPI owner, hacker.

How about some of these:

1. Bugs and Perceived Bugs
- For some reason the string editor immediately crashes for me. I am using the official 1.16.1 installation.
- I don't see location names on the map.
- Start locations are contributing to the unit placement limit, but they don't actually count when being loaded by Broodwar
- Many others that people have pointed out

2. Remove things that are either unused or not relevant
- "Raw Flags" in location properties
- Players that can't own triggers ("Unknown", etc) are misleading and can be removed
- Races: Independent, Neutral, Invactive, Human
- Players 9-12 in map properties

3. UX improvements (within the current realm)
- Icons in all tree views and dropdowns (units, upgrades, terrain tiles, sprites, doodads, including Map Settings tabs)
- Better doodad names (i.e. Jungle - Water #0 -> Flooded Temple? Honestly just ask the community to make up a list for you)
- Multi-select: Unit Settings, Upgrade Settings, Tech Settings to edit multiple settings at a time
- Unit/Sprite limits could be set to their maximum allowed values by default
- Player colour preview in dropdown
- Search/Filter Unit/Upgrade/Tech/String/Wav and classic triggers
- Allow triggers without conditions ("No condition" is the same as "Always" IIRC)

4. Things that are missing
- Secret trigger actions: Enable/Disable use of ESC to skip transmissions
- Secret briefing action: Show skip tutorial button
- Allow "Preserve trigger" checkbox instead of taking an action slot, as well as "Skip conditions once" (i.e. CHKDraft utilizing previously unknown bit values)

5. As of 1.18 PTR... (probably want to wait until it's official?)
- UTF-8 support everywhere
- Can probably much more easily emulate character display by loading the new layouts and font files

Probably a bit more I'm forgetting. Please ping me for dev work on any editor enhancements.

Apr 6 2017, 5:24 am O)FaRTy1billion[MM] Post #34

👻 👾 👽 💪

Better support for EUDs and EUD Actions.. I guess Memory condition is fine (other than Player Marine for Current Player switches to it, and sometimes doesn't let you finish the trigger), but a Set Memory action would be cool.

TinyMap2 - Latest in map compression! ( 7/09/14 - New build! )
EUD Action Enabler - Lightweight EUD/EPD support! (ChaosLauncher/MPQDraft support!)
EUDDB - topic - Help out by adding your EUDs! Or Submit reference files in the References tab!
MapSketch - New image->map generator!
EUDTrig - topic - Quickly and easily convert offsets to EUDs! (extended players supported)
SC2 Map Texture Mask Importer/Exporter - Edit texture placement in an image editor!
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Apr 6 2017, 5:59 am Oh_Man Post #35

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

A search function in the string editor. Possible?

Apr 6 2017, 7:42 am Pr0nogo Post #36

Importing multiple wavs would be a dream.

Apr 7 2017, 1:10 pm Enkidu Post #37


It would be awesome if you guys managed. I guess it'll still be called SCMDraft, but I thought since you were trying to replace the old one, why not call it something cool, but that's just pushing it... So, how do you guys plan on making it work on StarCraft: Remastered? Wouldn't you guys need the remastered version first before you can deal with making a new editor?

Apr 7 2017, 7:15 pm UnholyUrine Post #38

Suggestions: (In my opinion, from really wish for, to something I'd want)
There are often limitations to mapmaking, and I feel the following will help solve a lot of these problems.

  • Trigger Action: Increase/Decrease Unit Hit Points (Set amount and/or %) at Location.
  • Have pseudo-units like the Dark Swarm and Disruption Web be owned by the player that cast it, rather than always be player 12.
  • Trigger Action: Center Location to coordinate x and y.
  • Trigger Action: Move Location x and y from it's center.
  • Hallucinations are treated as a separate unit from what it is copying.
  • Trigger Action: Make Unit at Location be an Air/Ground Unit.
  • Make Unit be placeable on any terrain (i.e. with conditions met, buildings can spawn on cliffs)
  • Trigger Action: Order Unit to Move/Patrol/Attack to Location and continue in that direction.
  • Trigger Action/Condition: Able to detect units Closest/Furthest from the Center of a Location, rather than always from left to right.
  • Circular Locations

Wishful Thinking: Probably things that would require complete rework of the editor and the game.

  • Copy a Unit, making it a unique unit so that its stats and strings are separately edited, and can be separately triggered.
  • Change a unit's other stats, like its Range, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, so on...
  • Trigger Action: Increase/Decrease Player Upgrades

Actually, a lot of this seems wishful thinking, lol...

EDIT: I also found this. A wishlist a few years back when SC2 was coming out

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Apr 7 2017, 9:05 pm Ahli Post #39

I do stuff and thingies... Try widening and reducing the number of small nooks and crannies to correct the problem.

Unholy, the thread is about improving editors for the existing game and not about new features for SCBW. :D

  • Show the center of a location. render a small cross or something. This is useful when you want to place a marker unit in the center of a location when you are trying to detect a structure under construction which is not counted in "bring" and can only be detected via centering a location A on the structure within location B and detecting that the location A is not centered in B anymore. Currently, I need to apply that scary thing called math to find the center of a location to place a unit there.
  • Show default name and ID# of a unit in the unit settings window (where you set the damage).
  • Potentially do the same in triggers: add an option to show default unit name in the trigger editor instead of the name we gave the unit.

Apr 8 2017, 9:59 am Suicidal Insanity Post #40

I see you !

Huh. Did I never release the version with the unit properties editor publicly?

Failed to get ImageSize ( URL )

Maybe I just had it on the beta site or shared it via link directly.

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