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[06:19 pm]
Sand Wraith -- not correct solutions, just any solution you might try to come up with (i.e. use brute force to suggest)
[06:18 pm]
Sand Wraith -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: a) what makes you think it can't? b) What makes you think anything can't be bruteforced? (you just have to know what to do)
@ (b): There are some very simply described questions with simple-to-confirm solutions that even when given parameters as low as 100, can result in more solutions than there are atoms in the universe, making it physically impossible to solve these (very common) problems.
[04:09 pm]
Sacrieur -- the actual figure would be drastically more than that
[04:09 pm]
Sacrieur -- 22026606 comparisons AT LEAST*
[04:00 pm]
Sacrieur -- So no, I really don't believe this is a problem that can be brute forced.
[03:59 pm]
Sacrieur -- And you need to do f(90).
[03:59 pm]
Sacrieur -- Just doing f(20) is 22926606 comparisons.
[03:41 pm]
Sacrieur -- Unless you have a super computer, I don't see you doing that.
[03:41 pm]
Sacrieur -- THEN you have to take all of your sequences and compare them ALL, counting only one of each prefix family.
[03:40 pm]
Sacrieur -- If you were brute forcing it, you would start with i = 1 and iterate through all Collatz sequences starting with i, throwing out the ones that don't have a length of 90.
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