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[03:16 am]
Devourer -- And if you do not plan on sleeping tonight anyways.
[03:07 am]
Devourer -- Also, this might be of use :
[02:53 am]
Dem0n -- there is a topic
[02:47 am]
Devourer -- grandpa Moose, please watch the movie and make a good topic about it and its flaws.
[02:45 am]
Devourer -- No dopplereffect at the black hole :(
[02:44 am]
Devourer -- SPOILER: Also, 'dad' in the end did try to tell 'dad' (or via murphy) to 'stay', but afterwards gave him the coordinations for nasa? Basically, as usual, the hole timetravel aspect is pretty much confusing and probably containing errors, but that is pretty usual.
[02:44 am]
Mini Moose 2707 -- Which other planets, I didn't see it
[02:43 am]
Lanthanide -- yeah, that was a bit silly
[02:42 am]
Devourer -- "SPOILERS" FOR INTERSTELLAR: So, they needed like 2 additional bigger parts to escape gravity of earth (with their spacecraft) but can escape the other planets just with the standalone module alone? :lol:
[02:41 am]
Dem0n -- interstellar was cool yo
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