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[01:16 am]
KrayZee -- Scientists are currently researching 5 Dimensional printing.
[01:07 am]
KrayZee -- Apparently Queen Elizabeth II is still alive and has been Queen for over 75 years, this Elizabethian era brings flying trains, walking airplanes/aero planes. 3D printed living organic dinosaurs suddenly invade North Korea.
[01:03 am]
KrayZee -- I come from the future! Apparently, the UK: England, Scotland, Wales, and all of Ireland suddenly becoming as 4 American states, with 54 Stars in the US Flag. Suddenly the logo of Walmart is the new English flag.
[12:51 am]
lil-Inferno -- Moose what's your friend code on Projrekt Euler?
[10:30 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- :roy:kt
[10:29 pm]
Roy -- ... You win this round, Moose.
[10:29 pm]
Roy -- Am not.
[10:19 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- Plus you know Roy is lurking.
[10:19 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- Wait, that's all my shouts. Too much work.
[10:19 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- I am the only member online! Now I can delete all the dumb shit I've shouted without anyone noticing!
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