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Villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.
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[01:12 pm]
Zoan -- posted in the wrong section, isn't it?
[12:53 pm]
lil-Inferno -- DstroyD
[12:24 pm]
jjf28 -- "want a slutty halloween costume, just dress up as one of my professors, they barely cover anything important" :kame:
[12:13 pm]
jjf28 -- dreamk't
[11:52 am]
lil-Inferno -- I had a dream where I could see what was in the boxes before selecting one, and I still managed to get a 0.
[11:50 am]
lil-Inferno -- :boxed:
[11:50 am]
lil-Inferno -- FaRTy1billion
FaRTy1billion shouted: My friends have been known to get drunk and shoot themselves, giving me even more reason to not want to indulge ;o
FaRTy1billion shouted: That only happened once, but that is still way too many times for it to ever happen to anyone
[08:23 am]
BeatMeistro -- Sup' guys.
[07:59 am]
Corbo -- That sounds sad
[07:59 am]
Corbo -- D:
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