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Happy Thanksgiving 2022 from SEN!
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Nov 24 2022, 1:15 pm
By: Roy  

Nov 24 2022, 1:15 pm Roy Post #1

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members on behalf of the staff here at SEN.
We hope you all have a safe and wonderful binge in celebration of the harvest.

We do a little gobbling.

Announcing the new Thanksgiving Battle Pass! Log in to Overweight Watch 2 and earn free rewards just by eating!

As part of our Black Friday special, existing SEN members can get 10% off the Battle Pass through November 28th, 2022. That's right, you can upgrade your OWW2 Battle Pass to premium for only 900 Vespene Gas, which includes many additional rewards!

Some of these exclusive rewards include:

  • Foot Turkey™ skin
  • Queen Elizabeth II memorial coin
  • Twitturkey player icon (a 44,000,000,000 Vespene Gas value!)
  • Bonus minerals
  • ...and more!

A special congratulations to community member l)ark_ssj9kevin for winning the Thanksgiving art competition! As we are not legally allowed to put it in the premium pass a token of our appreciation, the winning skin will be available on the free tier of the Battle Pass.

Stay hungry, StarEdit Network!

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[03:29 pm]
lil-Inferno -- penis XD
[05:40 am]
da real donwano -- Society is not ready for the AI power we're being given. I'll die on that hill.
[06:04 pm]
Zoan -- Like it's immoral either way imo to manipulate people falsely; just it's gonna be a lot more common to do it with AI
[06:02 pm]
Zoan -- Like it's kinda just their art form. But with AI, any random dude who just wants to manipulate people for selfish reasons can use it instantly
[06:01 pm]
Zoan -- I think everyone believes that people who can actually copy someone else's voice to such a degree that it's indistinguishable have to train for years to do that, and so they wouldn't necessarily use it for evil purposes
[05:59 pm]
Ultraviolet -- Might get into a "they took our jobs!" type of situation :lol:
[05:58 pm]
Ultraviolet -- I always thought it was kind of messed up to impersonate someone without their permission, but I guess that's artistic license for you. When you get into the realm of using AI to do it.. it seems even worse to me, but I'm not sure why
[2023-12-05. : 3:07 pm]
Oh_Man -- guys what are your thoughts on AI voice cloning vs someone doing impressions. why is one moral and the other immoral? or do you think both are fair game
[2023-12-05. : 1:48 pm]
Ultraviolet -- Also, are you referring to my switch to Ultraviolet from NerdyTerdy? :P I remember folks didn't really approve of the change, still get called Nerdy around here heh
[2023-12-05. : 1:47 pm]
Ultraviolet -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: Ultraviolet Whenever I read NR I feel talked to. :P Also things with your user name. ;)
ah shoot, yeah I guess you're the main NR at this point, but I always call you Nude. For me, NR is nuclearrabbit lol
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