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StarCraft SOF Chronicle
May 30 2016, 3:24 pm
By: Rawflesh0615  

May 30 2016, 3:24 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #1

Quote from Rawflesh0615
SOF Chronicle: Menteria

Today, I would like to present one of my first custom campaign called, StarCraft SOF Chronicle. The story takes place after Brood War, and it set on a different timeline, instead the actual canon. So far in the first SOF Chronicle episode, it would be Terran vs. Zerg fighting on a earth world like Menteria during the first xeno war between humanity and Xenomorph warfare.

Their won't be Protoss because they never appeared in the first saga. They will be Terran versus Zerg only, no Protoss. The heroes won't be appear like Jim Raynor, Artanis, Zeratul, Kerrigan, and other Blizzard Offical StarCraft Heroes. Some might will appeared at the sequel, and some might them will not. Beside, I already created my own heroes for this campaign which going to be different. Some might called them anti-hero. Because anti-hero really means that an hero do something good, but still evil soul attributes. Not all Starcraft Heroes were Anti-Heroes, but there some anti-hero will be appeared sequel in the future.

  • Players

    • Simple, Basic, and Micro.
    • Requires StarCraft 1.16.1 to play, Firegraft, and Mod requirement.
    • Take places after Brood War.
    • New units.
    • Objectives to neutralize Alien threat (Zerg), rescuing survivors, and foreshadowing the story.
    • 22 Maps Total.

  • SOF:
    Fullname; Strategic Operations Frontier. Armed Forces of Menteria military.
    Leader: Supreme Commander Lyndon Johnson.
    Color: Dark Aqua

  • Recon 6:
    A deadly advanced Task Force for doing Special Operations such as Search and Eliminate hostiles threat, Assassination, Exterminations, and Recon missions.
    Leader: Unknown
    Color: Black

  • Blue Eagle Squadron:
    Main SOF protagonist faction.
    Leader: Colonel Jack Shepherd.
    Color: Blue

  • Molan Wing:
    Supreme Fleets, ground forces, and expandable outlying bases.
    Leader: Commander Correll O'Brian.
    Color: White

  • Desert Eagle Wing:
    Purposes for dune operation aka desert missions such as Patrol, Recon, and Air Support.
    Leader: Commander Henry Hendrix.
    Color: Tan

  • Iron Hawk Wing:
    The fleet of Iron Hawk indicates an massive crusiers by assisting other SOF faction during mission to strike any possible Zerg hostiles from ground or air.
    Leader: Commander Samuel Anderson.
    Color: Gray

  • Serpent Wing:
    A Secondary Special Forces were trained in Jungle combat. Skills requirements which known as Guerrilla tactics Assassination attempts, Covert Operation, Collecting information's, Recon, and Demolition. This faction is unlike Recon 6 because Serpent Wing missions only indicates in Safari.
    Leader: Commander Caveral Carter.
    Color: Green

  • Terran Characters
    Subject: Walter Chase
    Rank: Specialist
    Portrait: Daelin/Joel
    Age: 29
    Character Back: Main character of the series. An SOF Specialist agent who study about Xenomorph bioscan, and researched about their mutation. Years ago, Walter was part of the SOF Special Force who were known as, Recon 6. When since the war break out, Walter first assignment was to exterminate against the Zerg infestation. His nightmare has brought him more ferociously danger, risk his combat experience to handle these wicked, and lost his girlfriend "Elsa Blonde". Walter wasn't a scared person, or a coward. His experience had gone quite to far within his combat. He was a brilliant SOF Specialist who like to hunt down every Zerg strain like a hunter, and studying these creatures for few hours a research. Rumors told that his paranoia about Paradlisk, Infected Human, and New Strain of Zerg which increase his guts to be fearless.

    Subject: Jack Shepherd
    Rank: Colonel
    Age: 31
    Portrait: jun3hong
    Character Back: Leader of the Blue Eagle, and Recon 6. His family raised him back from Merricsona 15 years ago. Decades later, Shepherd was trained from SOF boot camp which known as Harsan. Graduated his first career to serve the SOF Armed Forces. He was expert to deal against aliens threat at the warzone. Shepherd wasn't a bad Colonel of the SOF, however he shows more courage, and honor to his squadron.

    Subject: Ron David
    Rank: Master Sergeant
    Age: 29
    Portrait: Jasen

    Character Back: Master Sergeant David was Shepherd second in command officer. A very lonely Grenader who survived from the Zerg onslaught back at the Kenyans. He lost his squad back at the outpost 21, and met with Walter Chase. His character personal was chill and cool who like to keep his teammate more passion.

    Subject: Fredrick Fisher
    Rank: Specialist
    Age: 27
    Portrait: Roach

    Character Back: Fisher is one of the finest SOF Phantom. Graduated back at the SOF Covert Operation few years ago. His nickname was Fred or Fredrickson. Since during his covert operation; Fisher was very wise against security traps and enemy guardsmen. His sniping skills and smuggling operation were both successful from his career back at the SOF Special forces academy.

    Subject: Harnold Higgin
    Rank: General
    Age: 35
    Portrait: Roach

    Character Back: Higgin was a 3-star general of the SOF. A General who take command his fleet to halt the Xenomorphic swarm for securing the SOF space borders.

    Subject: Lynden Johnson
    Rank: Supreme Commander
    Age: 52
    Portrait: Dominic
    Character Back: Supreme Commander of the SOF. He was calm, patient, and knowledgeable. Johnson aware what the situation is, saving out the colonies lives, and respecting his troops. Also, he was aware of any alien attack.

    Subject: Charles Wagner (Infested)
    Age: 32
    Portrait: Blizzard

    Character Back: Major Wagner who was used to be a Commander of the SOF at Fort. Bradville. Since the Zerg attack his fort, Wagner tried to distress call for evac. Somehow, the satellite uplink lithely damaged for contacting HQ. When everything was ruin at Bradville, his Command Center was infested by a Queen which already infected him.

    Subject: Henry Hendrix
    Rank: Commander
    Age: 38
    Portrait: Blizzard

    Character Back: Commander of the Desert Eagle Wing. Hendrix was to inform his forces to secure any territory to wham out enemy hostiles around the dunes. Leading his tank divisions to siege against Xenomorph forces with extreme firepower of Abrams.

    Subject: Caveral Carter
    Rank: Commander, Specialist
    Age: 36
    Portrait: Blizzard

    Character Back: Caveral Carter was the Commander of the Serpent Wing. His loyalty to the SOF was to collect data�s, trained with Guerrilla tactics, Assassination, and Search and Destroy operation.

    Subject: Marlene Saferia
    Rank: Lt. Commander
    Age: 29
    Portrait: Blizzard

    Character Back: SOF Valkyrie Pilot aka Shepherd Ex, 5th division of the SOF air support. An member of the SOF Squadron of Blue Eagle. Her skill as a pilot was magnificent impress rest of her team. What people really don't understand that Veroncia willing to cut her relationship with him.

    Subject: Samuel Anderson
    Rank: General
    Age: 29
    Portrait: Snoopy

    Character Back: Commander of Iron Hawk. Samuel who was a close-friend of Lyndon Johnson back from his early age at the July Academy from the Capital of the city Dunrek. His operation against the Zerg was to strategic the field.

    Subject: Peterson Paul
    Rank: Scientist
    Age: 45
    Portrait: Blizzard

    Character Back: Peterson Paul who was an SOF Scientist from the secret project codename, Green Valley. He was able to scan any Xenomorph cell structures for any weaknesses. On forward, he can cure any infection, and solving Xenomorph weakness to stop their rampages. Dr. Peterson who build a weaponary devices called, “Planetera Uplink.” A powerful destructive weapon which was capable with extreme firepower to launch a laser directly from the orbit with an one small satellite and beam down the Zerg Primary Hive Cluster.

  • Pan'za Swarm:
    Few generation ago, these Renegade broods who were under the Overmind who been banished from Kerrigan Swarm aftermath of the Operation Blackflag. For now, their mission is to ensure their survival from her wrath. Until now, they branded themselves as Aggressors.
    Leader: Supreme Cerebrate Commander Pan'za.
    Color: Brown

  • Veronia Swarm:
    This swarm was followed by Natasha Command than the Cerebrate. Verona Swarm took some task to focus annihilating any important SOF confidential projects, survivors, and outlying bases to be wipe out their weakness. It's ensure that some of the SOF will be weaken to strength Panza conquest.
    Leader: Veronia Natasha (Infested)
    Color: Purple

  • Zerg Characters

    Subject:: Pan’za
    Rank: Cerebrate
    Age: 56
    Portrait: Daelin

    Character Back: Leader of the Renegade Broods. An wise Cerebrate who led a attack against the SOF, and brings destruction against not just the colonies of Menteria, but to annihilate the SOF. His skills was to eradicate against the SOF wasn't easy for constructing a New Hive Cluster for his Swarm.

    Subject: Veronia Natasha (Infested)
    Rank: Specialist
    Age: 29
    Portrait: Cynon and Dark_Mark

    Character Back: Veronia was used to be part of the Recon 6 few months ago. Since she was falling love with Shepherd back from Raston Academy. She wanted Shepherd to become her boyfriend. Although, Marlene took Shepherd for a date which makes her upset. During the last stand from Outpost Alderun, she was captured by the Cerebrate Pan'za Broods. When she was inside the chrysalis, her dream with Shepherd has fallen, and now her dream was to conquer Menteria.

SCREENSHOTS/DEMO (Use Imageshack, TinyPic, PhotoBucket, or Picoodle to host screenshots, if you need a dedicated image host)
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Brief description of the screenshot.

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Brief description of the screenshot.

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Brief description of the screenshot.

  • IDEAS (70%)
  • TERRAIN (45%)
  • TRIGGERS (45%)

  • 07/15/2018 (Delete the attachments, improving Mission 1, and enhanced the description)
    [I]First map was created few years ago from 2016. Triggers need to be improved, updating maps, and delete the last map from the attachments because of the bugs.
  • 07/16/2018 (Working on Map 03)
    Updating the post which one of the user from Staredit said more details, and more information about the Campaign. Starting with Mission 3, triggers for Player 6.
  • 11/25/2018 (Working on Map 6.2, 7, 8, and 9)
    Finished Map 6.2 although the triggers need to be edited. Working on Map 7 for editing the briefing room, triggers for the boss round, and even grammars errors. Map 9 need some script requirements.
  • 04/24/2019 Working on a Map 10 and Map 11 Scripts.
  • 00/00/00 (To be Determined)

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Jun 4 2016, 11:28 am Rawflesh0615 Post #2

SOF Chronicle Ep. 1 Menteria

C1). Contact on Menteria [100%]
SOF 1. First Strike [100%]
SOF 2. Fort Bradville [100%]
C2). Nev'ada Airbase [100%]
SOF 3. Zero Signal [75%]
SOF 4. Fallout Bunker [100%]
SOF 5.1. Infested Shelter [100%]
SOF 5.2. Escape from the Shelter [100%]
C3). Council Meeting [100%]
SOF 6.1. Wormhole [100%]
SOF 6.2. The Cave [100%]
SOF 7. Ant Nest [100%]
SOF 8. From High to Low [100%]
C4). The Ambush [95%]
SOF 9. City Breakout [80%]
SOF 10. Helpless City [0%]
C5). Battle of Bloomberg [0%]
SOF 11. Hivemind [0%]
SOF 12. Little Rock Island [0%]
SOF 13. Plantera Uplink [0%]
SOF 14. Deep Space [0%]
C6). Space Battle [0%]
SOF 15. Marlene Sarfia [0%]
SOF 16. Puzzle of the Key [0%]
SOF 17. Succubus Rampage [0%]
SOF 18. Dust of the Wind [0%]
C7). The Tape [0%]
SOF 19. Ice Breaker [10%]
C8). Plantera Strike [0%]
SOF 20. Rain Forest [0%]
SOF 21. Lost Pyramid [2%]
SOF 22. Ruins of the Bottom [2%]
Epilogue: Aftermath of Menteria [0%]

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Jun 4 2016, 3:33 pm Dem0n Post #3

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Can you provide a little better description of the campaign, or post some screen shots? There's really no information here, and people won't be inclined to download it if they don't know what it's about.

Jun 4 2016, 4:44 pm Roy Post #4

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Moved to the Map Production forum, since this is a work-in-progress. Please review the rules for posting maps in production. Most notably, rules 1, 2a, 2d, 2g, 2h, and 2i. I'll update the thread title for you, but you should update the rest of the thread so that the topic doesn't get closed for not meeting the quality standards of the forum.

Add some more descriptions on each map of the campaign, and include some screenshots of the maps you've already started. If you need examples of a good production post, check out other threads in the forum, or look over the template topic.

Jun 5 2016, 1:51 am Rawflesh0615 Post #5

Dem0n, I would like to display an image, but which internet can upload an images?


Jun 5 2016, 2:05 am Roy Post #6

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Use Imgur. When you upload an image, it will provide the BBCode to display it.

If it's a screenshot with a .pcx extension, you'll need to convert it. Here's an online converter to JPG:

Jun 12 2016, 11:47 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #7

I tried to make a better description but nothing solve anything.


Nov 24 2016, 3:19 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #8

I have a problem within my Starcraft MPQ yesterday. It seems that I was trying to test out one of my Starcraft SOF Chronicle from my MPQ, and I accidently click on properties to switch with MPQ instead the SCX or SCM file. When I tried to test it with MPQ shadowflare, the program won't let me in. It said cannot find CDROM. I tried it twice, but it won't let me in. Then things get even more worse, I tried to uninstall the starcraft program, and reinstall. But Software Publisher won't let me in. I don't know what to do. Anyway, I hasn't think any ideas or maybe I have some ideas for my campaign which need more plots and characters. However, there are some Nova Covert Ops picture like those artwork that Blizzard made which could be perfect for my Custom Campaign. I am sorry for the long wait because I have a job, and some college homework to do. Well, I have to say that this campaign will be cancelled or reproduced. But that's all, bye.


Apr 3 2017, 4:37 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #9

I have an bad news for you folks. One of my Starcraft SOF Chronicle were already erased from my Windows 8 computer. Due to my fricking error from my laptop I accidently reboot the system. Now I lost all my work that I started. Fucking computer error but they suck alot I AM SO PISSED. GRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my campaign maps were all deleted. Fncking Windows 8 I shouldn't reboot in the first place.


Apr 3 2017, 4:38 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #10

You know I only need something which is important for my campaign. Maps, Portraits, GRP units, and more I need to keep.


Jan 3 2018, 4:08 am Rawflesh0615 Post #11

I'm back again, and I got some little work to do with my campaign. This going to take times to make this.


Jan 3 2018, 4:46 am Pr0nogo Post #12

Welcome back rawflesh!!!

Jan 16 2018, 3:53 am Rawflesh0615 Post #13

Cinematic map 1, Mission 1, and Mission 2 map is ready. Although the rest will be work in progress. Making a Starcraft campaign take times and work. Triggers, dialogue, and campaign testing.


Mar 27 2018, 3:17 am Rawflesh0615 Post #14

This campaign is going to take a while to make, and I still have a Test 3 from this weekend from Math class. I'm not quite I will finish the rest of the maps, and I have so much excuse for this project. Mom told me not to go on computer for to long, and I need some break. No need to rush to finish this campaign, and it needs some time to make for a months and a year. I will upload few maps if I have time.


Mar 28 2018, 8:51 am DaMnUFo0 Post #15

Take your time.

Quality over quantity.

Apr 23 2018, 2:26 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #16

Fellows, I have some little tough decision. Should I stick with the SC1 Zergs units or copy/paste with Zergs units from Starcraft 2?


May 6 2018, 12:39 am Rawflesh0615 Post #17

Quote from Dem0n
Can you provide a little better description of the campaign, or post some screen shots? There's really no information here, and people won't be inclined to download it if they don't know what it's about.

Yes, I will provide an better description if I have some time to edit it.


May 6 2018, 12:39 am Rawflesh0615 Post #18

Quote from DaMnUFo0
Take your time.

Quality over quantity.

It will take a year or months to make this customized campaign.


Jul 18 2018, 4:05 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #19

Hello folks, I already starting to work on Starcraft SOF Chronicle campaign. I have edit the description, and I am in the middle of the progress. I won't give you any updates each weekend because I have daily life to deal with, and also the actual campaign won't be released when.

If you folks who were bored. I have an channel on YouTube:

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Jun 6 2019, 2:33 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #20

First SOF Chronicle Gameplay Testing:


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