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StarCraft SOF Chronicle
May 30 2016, 3:24 pm
By: Rawflesh0615  

Mar 15 2020, 1:54 am Rawflesh0615 Post #21

Fellows, I'm about to work on this campaign to test out some maps triggers, grammars, and even ambiance of the story.

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Aug 22 2022, 1:18 am Rawflesh0615 Post #22


SOF Chronicle is being postponed due to any potential circumstances because it’s my first campaign. I have to master my skills on Scmdraft editor. Also the story isn’t released after its being improved and the grammar that need to be revised.
Also my fourth semester is going to start tomorrow and I shall return till winter break.[color=#81A7EF]

For Menteria!

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da real donwano -- I realize I contradicted myself there. Quit making maps after 9ine failed, officially retired during EUD's.
[01:26 am]
da real donwano -- Very quickly, however, the map was deemed a failure due to people exploiting the SCV repair ability & I just quit making maps after that.
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da real donwano -- It was a huge success overnight. 10's of people played it multiple (2) times.
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da real donwano -- "9ine" ... It was a FFA style map on classic BGH. The goal was to be the first one to accumulate EXACTLY 9 minerals.
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da real donwano -- Luckily, I finished one map & one map only to completion.
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da real donwano -- Then EUD's showed up & I wasn't smart enough to figure them out. So my map making days ended.
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da real donwano -- I first started SC back in like 1999. IDK when I first started making UMS myself. But for many, many years I kept trying. I got pretty decent with triggers.
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Ultraviolet -- don't threaten me with a good time
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Vrael -- you know, that sounds like fun
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Oh_Man -- threaten me with completing tenebrous, that would really scare me straight i promise
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