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Jun 21 2008, 10:09 am
By: bajadulce  

Aug 15 2008, 9:28 pm bajadulce Post #21

ARAI Final v3.1

Quote from BeDazed
The Insane AI is slower than human pace now. ME dislikes =/
Since a few ppl are disgusted with the nerfed Insane 3.0 Ai, I have restored it to more of it's original glory. Maybe not quite as furious as the previous 2.2 version, but still a mean little bitch with a quick temper.

Quote from ATG
I've played ARAI (2.0 I think), and the comps owned me the first time, but I was playing insane. On normal, I owned them.
Many ppl complained that the old insane ARAI was just too difficult. I too felt it was a bit too stern for standard 1v1 play. However, Final v3.0 was missing that edge, and so it's fangs were restored once again. I have left the normal Ai alone and most will feel it is very very FAIR. If you're looking for something in between the Normal and Insane mode, simply play 1v2 Normal.

~ Enjoy.


Aug 15 2008, 9:41 pm FlyingHat Post #22

Un-nerfed Insane AI? Perfect timing for mod night tomorrow.

Remember: Tomorrow is ARAI for mod night. ;)


Aug 17 2008, 1:50 am bajadulce Post #23

Quote from FlyingHat
Un-nerfed Insane AI? Perfect timing...
PHAIL! I played 2 6v1 compstomps and we lost every one. Well maybe Polaris was kicking ass in the last game towards the end but then crash. Suspecting nukes may be the cause. Really sucks.

Quote from BeDazed
The Insane AI is slower than human pace now. ME dislikes =/
Good job.. you got your wish. I just added a give_money loop to the old insane Ai. I did nothing else, and now it's a monster once again. .... Too easy.. too hard.. too easy... too hard.. too easy .. too hard.. back and forth we go. :crazy:


Aug 17 2008, 1:59 am A_of-s_t Post #24

aka idmontie

Use a trigger to give the computer a set amount of cash every certain trigger cycle run. It works nicely for my AI :P But, my AI isn't supposed to be easily beatable so... I don't know.

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May 18 2011, 11:18 am pastelmind Post #25

Is there a list/table of unit statistics and guide stuff? I'd like to see how the game balance is managed, what properties each unit have, and what role each unit plays in the game.


May 18 2011, 6:58 pm Voyager7456 Post #26

Responsible for my own happiness? I can't even be responsible for my own breakfast

It's one of my mods, so... uh... game balance isn't managed at all. :awesome:

I'll whip one up for you later though.

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May 19 2011, 5:53 pm pastelmind Post #27

I'd like to say a few things about this mod. First, I applaud how well it is done. The AI was enjoyable, each unit is fun to play with, the graphics are smooth, etc.

Now for the criticism. First, I think this mod needs more micro-intensive units. Not micro-intensive as in High Templar and Science Vessels, but as in Vultures and Mutalisks. There seems to be very few units that rely on surprise and speed, and most battle micro involves attack-move and spellcasting.

Second, I think units and upgrades should be separated into more production/tech buildings. At the moment, most upgrades are stuffed into two buildings per race and the tech tree is too linear. This effectively reduces the need for scouting, since it is usually obvious and irrelevant how far the opponent has advanced in tech. Unit-unlocking buildings, upgrades and technology researches create timing windows that function as risk-reward systems, creating explotiable timing windows. Finally, a well-designed tech tree makes it easier for newbies to understand the game design.

I think this mod is already pretty great. If these problems are addressed, it would be even more awesome.

P. S. Could you please give the healing station (drone?) a healing animation? Maybe it flashes while healing units nearby? It's difficult to see whether my units are being properly healed or not.


Aug 10 2016, 9:24 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #28

I click it but there was some error. 404 not found. :flamer:


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