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[Old] Need testers for experimental {future GPTP} mod
Apr 26 2020, 2:19 pm
By: UndeadStar  

Apr 26 2020, 2:19 pm UndeadStar Post #1


I'm still working on GPTP, but to check how advanced the features are, I started a mod that allowed
me to hook more stuff as I saw it was not possible to do what I wanted with what I had.

Now the mod has advanced, but I have a growing concern that I may be missing some bugs, related to
the code of GPTP itself.
That's why I would like some people to test the mod, and see if they can find some bugs that can
be reproduced (because if they can't be reproduced, I can't figure what trigger them, or if they
got fixed somehow during a change).

Here are the features of this mod:

-For selected units:
    -Display rally points and path to it
    -Display nydus canal exit like a rally point
    -Display attack target and path to it
    -Display queued orders and paths between them
    -Display range for carriers, reavers, medics, bunkers (highest range occupant), armed buildings, siege tanks in siege mode and burrowed lurkers
    -Display enemy detector range if cloaked unit among selected
-Display ally status (what is built, content of transports, others...) as if owned or in replay
-Display full HP and Shields always: when set to very high values in map editor or other, no value cause it to disappear (only display current value if no room for max, use K and M for higher values to save space)
-Display amount of workers queued on selected resource (ideal is 1, or 2 if not possible)
-Allow buildings multi-select in various ways:
    -same id buildings
    -zerg main buildings
    -armed buildings (can be selected with ordinary units)
    -flying terran buildings
    -buildings can be put in a numbered group
    -unit training facilities all try to train 1 unit when doing the order together (not smart behavior)
-When several workers are selected and given a construction order, the next worker not already building execute the order.
-When multiples flying buildings try to land together, the one whose landing decide the position of all others has a dotted line to destination
-When multiples nydus canal try to make an exit together, the only one that will build an exit has a dotted line to the placement box
-Other things I should add to this list?

Note: Many units don't have a wireframe for multi-select, so they are set to use one saying "BLANK".

Thanks in advance

edit: Fixed reported bugs, special thanks to Voyager7456

edit2 (2020/May/11): Update:
Enemy detectors in range of selected friendly cloaked unit now display a dotted ellipse in 2 colors: white and enemy unit color.
The range of detection displayed still has this unreliability due to collision box of cloaked unit not taken in account.

Fixed crash when a medic got into a bunker
Fixed buildings getting selected in priority compared to some units
Lurker now have their range displayed when burrowed

New features:
- multi-selected facilities (and carriers and reavers and their heroes) when multi-selected display the amount of things in queue on their selection icon
- multi-selected buildings with no multi-select wireframe now use an image saying BLANK instead of the Marine wireframe

If I added something else, I forgot.I'm in a deep research process right now (text display on multi-selected items failed to work for a long time, and other
things are still being looked into)

edit3 (2020/June/26) :
New features:
- Workers will start harvesting automatically for human players in non-UMS games
- Rallying is now smart: perform the same action as if the newly built/morphed unit was ordered through a right click to the target unit/location
- Eggs (normal/lurker) and the mutalisk cocoon can now have their rally point changed through a right click (for normal egg, right-clicking on itself will use the rally point from the structure)
- Normal eggs using a defined rally from main structure show a dotted line between the structure and the egg in addition to the normal rally point starting from the egg to destination

edit4 (2020/August/02) :
New features:
- SCV constructing, Ghosts nuking, Archons merging now can have right-click to queue a right-click action for when they're done.
 Those actions can be queued. Right-clicking on the unit itself will clear the queue. Attempts to queue right click on unit will be ignored.
- Fixed the fact multi-selected nuke silos could not display their button to build a nuke

I spent so long trying to understand the mechanisms linked to queuing orders (and getting side-tracked like usual :massimo: ) that I may have
forgotten some other changes/progress I made.

edit5 (2020/October/12) :
- fixed queued order indicator not showing for scb building then going to harvest
- brought base of mod to version 5.931 of GPTP
- added all spells handled by orders_Spell to burrow and siege mode as forcefully queueable (against .dat orders) (I should just overwrite the .dat at game/map startup eventually instead, wasteful as it is :-_-: )
- releasing source

edit6 (2021/October/14):
Didn't do it in purpose to be here almost exactly 1 year later :bleh:
- brought base of mod to version 6.000 of GPTP
- logic to see ongoing infestation progress fixed (though it's still so fast most won't ever see it)
- fixed a bug in create_init_units that crashed multiplayer games with AI

GPTP interface_up
Hits: 0 Size: 533.42kb
Hits: 2 Size: 3121.9kb

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Apr 29 2020, 9:54 pm Voyager7456 Post #2

Responsible for my own happiness? I can't even be responsible for my own breakfast

Pretty cool! Always glad to see more work being done on GPTP.

A couple things I noticed:

- The displaying of detector ranges didn't seem to work. I never saw them regardless of whether I had a cloaked unit in my selection group.
- If you place a building in a numbered control group and then kill it, pressing the number for that control group again will crash the game.

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but i'm crazy for you
i watched you cradling a tissue box
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Apr 30 2020, 6:21 pm UndeadStar Post #3

Thanks for feedback.

I have confirmed the issue with detectors ranges.Not sure I will keep that feature.I was testing it on first Brood War mission, and realized the way it is, there are 2 issues after some fixes:
-If there are several allied enemies, they don't share detection, so seeing the range for the unit belonging to the wrong owner (purple zerg while attacking the orange in aforementioned mission) is just a bother.
-Not sure a circle based on sight range display the proper range of detection.

I have confirmed the crash, the good news is that it could not affect GPTP, only that mod, but I'm looking into it.

edit: report on bugfix:
-Detector range is now displayed.But besides the previous mentioned issue of not knowing the owner of detection, another issue is that the player may not realize how Starcraft work with bounds, resulting in an unit being detected despite being seemingly out of range (because the hitbox (if it's a box) is bigger than expected).
-Fixed the crash on recalling selection, was actually really a bug in underlying GPTP code, good thing it got fixed.

Thanks again.

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May 1 2020, 7:33 pm KYSXD Post #4

Nice! Very happy to see that this project is still alive. :D

May 5 2020, 9:21 pm Lagi Post #5

I put your mod test on my todo list, I should check it this week and I give you feedback.

Im very glad you work on this!

I have so many "wishes" back then, when i was tinkering with my mod. :D

bug CTD:
when you put Medic into bunker

Cunit.cpp line 117 weaponId<Weapon_type_unit

SCV is prioritize lower than buildings for selection.
when i draw selection square, the supply depot is selected instead scv f.ex

selecting buildings have higher priority than army

you cannot select turrets with bunkers

there is no rally point - auto harvest (probably not part of this test, since its obvious addon now)

Protoss probe could have queue of building orders

Zerg Lurker - could have order to not attack until the enemy is very close.
Lurker could have range display when he is burried.

Nydus rally point doesnt seem to work

orders to multiple scv to build multiple is greatest invention since a light bulb!

training from multiple building is awesome

zerg selecting multiple hatcheries on single number is just awesome QoL

now I dont like vanilla Starcraft even more :D


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May 9 2020, 12:52 pm UndeadStar Post #6

Thanks for report.

I found the crash related to the bunker, will be fixed on next version (this was a mod specific crash).

I confirmed the scv/supply depot selection priority thing, never realized it was happening.
It is specific to the mod rather than GPTP, but I will try to fix the mod and add a comment
about it wherever the fix will be (for when I release the mod source).
For now, it's still possible to select what is wanted by ~aiming better~ with the box.

It is normal to not being able to select bunkers with turrets, as bunkers don't have weapons
and attack orders (but they have their own "guard" order).

Regarding action on rally point, I plan to eventually add something, using the "right click action" so
that every unit get the best order depending on their id, and the target id if targeting an unit (it
will be great when units rallying an enemy unit won't move close for a hug instead of attacking lol)

Queued build orders is something I want too.I'm studying tons of functions to figure how queue work,
and queued construction may require a special trick (as there's no value to store the fact you're
asking for the build order to be queued, but maybe it's possible to slip it into the order parameter).
But based on code, "siege mode" order should be queuable, and it's not, so it's tricky to figure what
work and how.

Good point about the Lurker, it is similar to the siege tank, so it should have its range visible.
Will be added on next version.

"Lurker don't attack until enemy is very close" would be more than interface tampering, so it's not for
this mod.
I don't know if GPTP will already have all that is necessary to add such a feature, or if it would
require other things hooked.

Nydus use a display identical to rally point to show the linked other nydus canal, but it doesn't have
an actual rally point feature.

For the features you ask, many are probably already possible with existing GPTP, but that's beyond
the scope of this topic and the mod it's about.
For "bind multiple units into single icon", I'm already in pain over multi-selected buildings having
the marine wireframe, and having failed to make factories show their amount of production, so it's
not an easy matter.

Regarding past things, I will add "2 colors" dotted ellipse and line drawing, could be a fix for
my issue with detectors range and the need to know who the detector belong to, and maybe will find
other uses.

Note: the mod above is not updated yet with the fixes mentioned in this reply (until I remove this

Mod updated :)

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May 12 2020, 4:12 pm UndeadStar Post #7

In the past, I've seen weird stuff like a scv stopping in front of a vespene geyser without starting construction of the refinery, a barrack that never got built (I went to look elsewhere, so I'm not sure of which scv did what), and finally, in a map I found a scv wandering randomly, probably trying to reach the coordinates 0,0 (that were unreachable for ground units on this map configuration, hence why the scv looked like it was wandering).
Now there's a possibility I have (accidentally) fixed that already, but it was something I failed to reproduce at will, so it's unconfirmed if it work now.

Now more recently, and should not be fixed, I tried to build a hydralisk den on my test map, but I found it stuck with low hp not building and gaining hp anymore.
After I canceled the construction, I retried to build, and it worked this time, and I could not reproduce this bug, yet once again, I don't think I've touched something that would have fixed it.

If you test my mod, I hope you can figure when this sort of thing happen, or better, how to reproduce it.It may take some luck rather than effort to run into those things.
I tried to check and recheck the build orders, but something escape my understanding, maybe I'm looking at the wrong place, or worst, I'm seeing a native bug of the game @_@

Jun 26 2020, 11:41 am UndeadStar Post #8

New rally point related stuff, good especially for zergs (see edit3 in main post)
I haven't tried to add an actual rally button for eggs, because it's a 2 times (or worst) action, unless I use a completely different order from the start as a basis.
I've uncovered what prevented right click on various units (scv building, ghost nuking, archon merging, paralyzed units), but those don't naturally summon rally order, so it's not exactly the same thing.
More research underway, for possibly enabling right click on those, and other queuing order stuff.

Aug 2 2020, 12:54 pm UndeadStar Post #9

Another upgrade.
The GPTP code was recently updated with all the things I actually used.
I should probably plan to release the actual source for this mode in particular in one way or another soon.

Aug 2 2020, 1:11 pm Voyager7456 Post #10

Responsible for my own happiness? I can't even be responsible for my own breakfast

Awesome work, thank you! I'm especially loving all the new interface hooks! :wub:

all i am is a contrary canary
but i'm crazy for you
i watched you cradling a tissue box
sneezing and sniffling, you were still a fox

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Oct 12 2020, 12:46 pm UndeadStar Post #11

Was planning on just updating the mod to GPTP 5.930 before giving the source, instead ended up find bugs in the interface mod AND in GPTP (thus version 5.930), and I also somehow ended up adding a last minute addition (more spells queuable/queueable/??? (how do you write this?)).

Anyway, source (and new exe too) available, may not be the best way to do things, nor always using the best practices, but it's quite experimental after all.

Oct 10 2021, 8:15 pm Lagi Post #12

i was trying to check the new version from 1st post, the test.exe file
but i get following error:

its when i launch the game in lobby (selected races and map and click ok)


Oct 11 2021, 2:31 pm UndeadStar Post #13

There have been lots of bugfixes in GPTP since the release of that mod.
Fixes that haven't been applied to those files.
Maybe I will try to rerelease it sometimes (after updating it), and hopefully, it will work better at that time.

Oct 11 2021, 4:57 pm Lagi Post #14



Oct 14 2021, 9:55 am UndeadStar Post #15

Quote from Lagi
i was trying to check the new version from 1st post, the test.exe file
but i get following error:

its when i launch the game in lobby (selected races and map and click ok)
Took me some times to update to GPTP v6.000, but it was finally done.
Did a little fix based on a bugfix of the main GPTP, then looked into your issue.
Found it: in create_init_units, the code was trying to set a rally point between the AI main building and the nearest mineral field, but the nearest mineral field was searched only for human players.
This is now fixed.

Oct 14 2021, 10:40 pm Lagi Post #16

thanks man! works well.

selecting multiple scv to quickly rebuild destroyed base or create multipse supply depots is a magic.
and having multiple barracks under one number.

is expanded stats part of your interface scope of this mod? would be nice to have info about size and range and attack type (i know it by heart now for all units i think, but it still helps - and whats the structure damage and armor?

I know it take effort and all that. But i think the range displays are detrimental to the gaming experience. Those artificial lines feel like stealing parts of gameplay charm, with range guesssing. Still they are very usufull.

idle worker indicator would be good. again its probably not the purpose of this TEST. same like auto repair for scv ;)

if you select mixed unit composition, would it be possible to include one group orders? f.ex marines + medics, stil haver stimpacks available to click. Siege tanks have button for on off. Or zergs have 2x button for burrow up & down, if you select dig down and on ground units.

any way thanks for the igniting the spark of joy playing brood war again.


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