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SCMDraft Crashing
Mar 11 2016, 1:50 pm
By: Shyster  

Mar 11 2016, 1:50 pm Shyster Post #1

Hey there, every time I go into the location layer TrigEdit crashes and it didn't used to be this way, so I assume I've done something wrong. I'm really tired of going into Xtra Edit, I had to copy all my sprites to another map so I could paste them back in after booting up Scmdraft again.

I could post the crash log if it would be useful.

Also, really off topic simple question - in a single player game (one human only, rest are AI) is there a way to detect single player so that a map must still be played in the multiplayer menus only?


Mar 11 2016, 2:15 pm Roy Post #2

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Try a different version of SCMD. There are like five different 0.8.0b versions out there because SI stopped updating it after a while, but the latest can be found here:

As for the single player detection, see this topic:

The center view method is the most stable and probably easier to understand. In essence, the behavior of Center View is instantaneous in multiplayer, but not in single player, so you just need to detect that there is a time difference in the "Center View" action.

Single Player Test

  • All Players
  • Conditions

  • Always
  • Actions

  • Set Switch 1
  • Center view on 'Location 0'.
  • Clear Switch 1

  • This trigger in multiplayer will complete in a single cycle, and it will be as though Switch 1 was never set. In Single Player, however, "Center view" does a panning effect, so "Clear Switch 1" is blocked by it and other triggers are allowed to run. At this point, a second trigger will detect that Switch 1 is set. You can use this to do something that only happens on single player games:

    Single Player Detected

  • All Players
  • Conditions

  • Switch 1 is set
  • Actions

  • Display text message for the current player: "You must play this map on multiplayer."
  • End scenario in defeat for the current player.

  • Note that this is different from requiring two people to be playing the game: one player could play by herself on just fine.

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    Mar 11 2016, 5:25 pm Shyster Post #3

    Wow that's neat, had no idea you could do that with center view. Very cool. Also thanks for the quick reply and the information - that's exactly what I needed. I did try searching beforehand but as you are no doubt aware the search can be slow and I didn't find anything. Thank you! <3


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