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SMLP2--the most powerful BW map protector yet
Jun 29 2014, 9:25 pm
By: twilight_marine  

Jun 29 2014, 9:25 pm twilight_marine Post #1

The program has been released to public just 3 days ago! Enjoy!

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Jun 30 2014, 2:23 am Roy Post #2

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Just as a heads up to anyone thinking about running the executable above: it's pretty sketchy. On one hand, it passes virus scans, but on the other hand, it's making a download request to via TCP.

As of right now, the executable crashes from a runtime exception because it cannot connect to the aforementioned server. The fact that it's trying to talk to a server at all is suspicious when considering what this program is supposed to do. I would avoid running it if you're concerned about having any data on your computer (such as your CD-Key) stolen, if and when the server does come back up.

The program is nice enough to leave an error log, which as you can see is a .NET stacktrace:

Jun 30 2014, 3:59 am twilight_marine Post #3

seems like the program is making download request bc it is auto-updating.
His previous versions were solid against some of the latest map unprotectors so I assumed this one would be too


Jun 30 2014, 1:22 pm Cinolt Post #4

Quote from Roy
I would avoid running it if you're concerned about having any data on your computer (such as your CD-Key ...

Keystrokes, screenshots, passwords, credit card numbers, and all that other minor stuff as well.


Jun 30 2014, 1:28 pm Roy Post #5

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Keylogging would surely trip a virus scan.

After looking at the IL code it seems these server requests are for automatically updating the program. As of now, there's nothing malicious in the code (you're not sending any data to the server), but the auto updater replaces the program with a whole new executable, so you have to have faith in that Korean server to not place a malicious "update" that downloads to your computer by running the program.

So it's probably not malicious.

Jun 30 2014, 10:08 pm Roy Post #6

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Hey, so I spent some time playing around with the IL DASM today and made a hacked version of this protector that doesn't contact the server at all. All external requests and updating features have been stripped out.

A quick note on the "Unprotect" button: this is not an unprotector. The button is always disabled unless the program detects that the selected map has been protected specifically with SMLP2, (in which case, you'll have to enter the password to unprotect the map). I quickly tested this protector on a couple maps and it seems to be doing a great job: the maps don't seem to have been corrupted on SC, the wavs are intact, and editors/unprotectors seem to fail to open it. You could probably stack this protector over TinyMap2.

The password feature does not work on this hacked version: trying to unprotect a map causes the program to crash (some error with the WAV section; I don't think I touched that part of the code, so I don't know why it isn't working). I also (partially?) lost the program icon when recompiling, so... yeah.

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