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2009 Last Stand RPG Challenge
Jan 1 2009, 12:00 am
By: Kaias
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Jan 1 2009, 12:00 am Kaias Post #1

The 2009 RPG Challenge

The 2009 Last Stand RPG Challenge is a mapping event hosted by myself and Lethal_Illusion. Our objective is to fuel and produce quality high-end maps for the Starcraft community in its dying years. We hope to make a competition of unprecedented magnitude, the best the mapping community has to offer- to make one last bang before we go.

Entries must be classified as RPGs, beyond that it must be a story driven map.
There is no specific theme required to adhere to.
There is no regulation on the number of players a map can have.
Maps must meet quality standards (regulated by Lethal_Illusion and I) to merit validation.
RPGs currently in production are valid for submission, so long as the bulk of the work is done in 2009.
Mapping teams are allowed with a maximum of two people per team.
Teams are allowed multiple submissions.
Mod supplemented maps are allowed; all judging, however, should be on the actual RPG aspects of the map, rather than the mod itself.
We encourage all who feel up to the challenge to participate.

The 2009 RPG Challenge is a year long competition, all submissions must be in by 11:59pm December 31st 2009 New deadline: January 14th 2010, 11:59 pm PST in order to qualify. The extensive timeline was set to encourage quality work put into each map, and to appeal to those who only have time at specific times during the year. You can join in on the competition at any time.

The winners will be two-fold, between community vote and judges, with overall-all winners and special awards:

  • NudeRaider
  • Psionic_Storm
  • CecilSunkure
  • qPirateKing
  • TassadarZeratul

Current Teams and Projects
- qPirateKing - Wonder - X
- ForTheSwarm - Fallen
- Falkoner - Mystic Islands RPG
- Echo - Stream
- Samsizzle - Eschebone RPG
- Fullmetal3K / Ei47 - Project Tarasque
- PridefulOne - Witch Hunt: Forgotten Sacrament
- Midget_man_66 - The Sword of Mana
- Epoch - Chainfire
- lil-Inferno - Hobo Quest
- Hugel - Twilight Legacy RPG 2
- FatalException - Squad Tactics - X
- Lord Malvanis - Fading Realm
- Vrael - Tenebrous RPG - X
- Tyr4nT - Retribution RPG - X
- Madroc / TassadarZeratul - Build A Ship Workshop RPG - X
- Anonymous - Descent of Heaven
- BlackWolf99 - Haunted Museum - X
- ClansAreForGays - Left-2-Die
- T-Mastaa - Hvis lyset tar oss
- Lakai - The Last Stride
- Kangjiho - Revelation
- Marine - Destruction - First Contact RPG - X
- TF- - Sphere of No Form - X
- Polkaman - World of Runescape
- xYoshix - Dawn of Destruction: Fallen Memories - X
- Youarenotworthy - Ascension
- Hublo - The Blank
- BloodRed - Project Red
- MobiusOne. / R1D1 - Operation: Battle Station
- FooFighters - Essence of Time
- l3lack-l3ahamut - Null 7
- Killer2121 - Creeper The Haunting - X
- Kaotu - Mirror of a Merciful World
- Muadi - Sirocco RPG
- ProtoTank - Unnamed Project
- KilaByte - AE: After Earth - X
- CecilSunkure - Lost Souls RPG - X
- EpicPhail- - Lost Legacy
- Stickynote - Unnamed Project
- Norm - Hero Sanctuary - X
- Tempz - 7 Deadly Sins RPG X
- EzTerix - Silent Hill: Restless Dreams - X
- Drakiel - Shards of Descension
- SiNiSiN - The Endless Arca
- Kenshin21 - FF - Burden of Gilgamesh X
- Mephisto_Is_God - I Have No Mouth and...I Must Scream
- Ryukenzy - Sisutemu Kurasu RPG
- Lyoko367 - Afterworld
- Jeraziah - Survive the Apocalypse
- DekuNut - The Shadow Experiment II X
- Rantent - Unknown

Current Pot: 5970 Minerals Reset

Last Words
This thing is going to be awesome, so hop on board early on. If you plan to participate just post and, if possible, provide the name of the project you plan to work on. Also, the partnership limit is flexible if there's enough weight behind raising it.


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Jan 1 2009, 12:21 am Kaias Post #2

Potentially Helpful Concepts:

- Direct Damage
- Direct Damage Health Detection
- Waypoint Casting
- Unit Death Position Detection
- Inverted Locations
- Grid Systems
- Virtual Hit Points (vHP)
- Selection Systems wiki

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Jan 1 2009, 12:23 am ForTheSwarm Post #3

I will join.

The name of my map is Twilit RPG. It's only 5% done, so I think it's OK.


Jan 1 2009, 12:28 am Biophysicist Post #4

I'm making an RPG called Archmagic. DeVouReR is helping with terrain (I think).


Jan 1 2009, 12:30 am Demented Shaman Post #5

I'll be sure to start my map on Dec 30th.


Jan 1 2009, 12:30 am The Great Yam Post #6

If I enter, I have one request: Distribute any minerals to me to other members. I do not have any and they do not have any bearing on me.


Jan 1 2009, 12:41 am Moogle Post #7

Predator of Bed Chambers

@Kaias, thought this was an underground battle? Or did you and lethal change it?

I may think about entering.. >_<

If all else fails, crowbar the fucker

Jan 1 2009, 12:42 am Kaias Post #8

Quote from Moogle
@Kaias, thought this was an underground battle? Or did you and lethal change it?
Yes it was and yes we did

Quote from Moogle
I may think about entering.. >_<
That'd be awesome, I hope you do.


Jan 1 2009, 1:01 am samsizzle Post #9

I'm going to join, my map is Psychedelic Stone RPG


Jan 1 2009, 1:03 am Falkoner Post #10

Falkoner is in, with Mystic Islands RPG, yes, fear and tremble!


Jan 1 2009, 1:11 am Echo Post #11

I'm in.
Untitled Project. Although, I probably won't start until the end of Feb.


Jan 1 2009, 1:14 am RISKED911 Post #12

Let me join!

RISKED-911 -=(RPG)=-

And another!

Girdspire -=(RPG)=-

Girdspire RPG is the prequal to RISKED-911 RPG that takes place before the destruction of Girdspire.

Both coming soon!


Jan 1 2009, 1:16 am ToA Post #13

Que Sera, Sera.

im in with an untitled project please.

Jan 1 2009, 1:17 am hinoatashi Post #14

If I can get someone to do terrain, I'm in!

Jan 1 2009, 1:21 am Morphling Post #15

You require me to post it even though you know i'm in \:D


Jan 1 2009, 1:23 am Kaias Post #16

Quote from Echo
RISKED, you have to make the map from 2009. Your RISKED-911 -=(RPG)=- was from 2008.
Nope, the majority of the work has to be done in 2009. I'm putting it up for now but if it doesn't end up that way I'll take it down.

Quote from RISKED911
Let me join!
RISKED-911 -=(RPG)=-
And another!
Girdspire -=(RPG)=-
Girdspire RPG is the prequal to RISKED-911 RPG that takes place before the destruction of Girdspire.
Both coming soon!
I'll put RISKED-911 RPG up for now- we'll see if you get around to Girdspire.


Jan 1 2009, 1:23 am New-Guy Post #17

I'll try and enter this one. I hope my pathetic map will actually make some standing with all of you guys.
So far, it's got no title though, and just the terrain has been done.


Jan 1 2009, 1:24 am RISKED911 Post #18

fine, i will still submit RISKED-911 RPG anyway.


Jan 1 2009, 1:24 am Kaias Post #19

Quote from Morphling
You require me to post it even though you know i'm in \:D
Just like everyone else \^\^

Do you have a project name?


Jan 1 2009, 1:25 am Kaias Post #20

Quote from New-Guy
I'll try and enter this one. I hope my pathetic map will actually make some standing with all of you guys.
So far, it's got no title though, and just the terrain has been done.
It's not so much a contest as it is a challenge. We want as many successful submissions as possible. Good luck on your map, I hope you go through with it.


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