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Mafia City (EUD - PvP)
Feb 3 2019, 10:55 pm
By: MTiger156  

Feb 3 2019, 10:55 pm MTiger156 Post #1

(New) Download Link:

Mafia City - Competivive EUD PvP
(AKA: How I Turned This Meme Into Something Cool)

Firstly, what made the original Mafia City interesting? It was the gang wars, conquering areas, and getting rich.
The next question is how to put these elements in a map without it being boring and without direction...

Take a look at Phantom, something everyone is familiar with. Despite the rules being very simple, it generates a suspenseful mystery because no one knows when the powerful Phantom will strike, nor his identity. It was a great template for me, in terms of basic gameplay.

-Badlands 256x256
-Players: 2-7
-561 KB
-Duration: 10-40 minutes

In this map, there are lots of hideouts around a large city. Any of these can act as a "base" for your gang. Each hideout generates cash and EXP over time. You can only own up to 4 hideouts though.
Hideouts are classified into "Tiers" (1, 2, 3). A higher tier means that it has a larger size and produces more resources. Tiers 2 and 3 unlock more powerful units for recruitment.

Hideout Control
To claim a hideout, you must clear it of enemies, then move to its Beacon.
Although you can keep owning hideout without having any units there, it would easily get reclaimed by another player. Protecting all of your hideouts is important! It is your income!

By owning hideouts and killing enemies, you earn EXP points. With each gained level, your gang receives improved offensive/defensive stats, as well as an increased supply max.
Although the EXP points themselves aren't displayed on the scoreboard, a player's level is.

The "Undercover Agent"
In traditional Phantom style, players are assigned a random role. Either they are a standard Mafia gang, or an Undercover Agent assigned to defeat all gangs. The Agent gains a trickle of cash and EXP independent of hideout ownership. That extra EXP right from the start can make the Agent's forces very powerful in late-game.

The CPU Gang
Here's another twist! There's a CPU gang that also roams in the city, attacking other players at random. Its impossible to kill off because of its slow and steady stream of units.

-Allow a player to discreetly choose self as the Undercover Agent, skipping the randomizer.
-Improve CPU Gang AI
-Considering giving the Agent the power to "Reveal self as Undercover Agent" to immediately gain large amounts of cash and EXP. This ability would also make the CPU Gang an ally to the Agent.
-One possibly annoying issue is the massive 256x256 map size sometimes making it hard to find un-visioned players. A majority of the terrain was taken from "RP - City Awesome" because it just seemed so perfect. I can make an effort to shrink the map down in the future.



(Raiding an enemy hideout)

(Sophisticated EUDs allow all gang recuitment to be inside a single barracks!)

(CPU gang raid)

(Also note that the Mafia Boss gains armor when protected by allies)

(Once you get rich, you can make powerful defenses for your hideouts)

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Feb 15 2019, 3:40 am Rawflesh0615 Post #2

"That's how Mafia works."-Mafia City Meme


Feb 16 2019, 1:22 am MTiger156 Post #3

2/15/19 Update:
  • Fixed a title string
  • Fixed being able to reach level 34 (max 30)
  • Disabled "Hideout Alerts" if you have no units at that hideout
  • Increased the cost/HP/attack of Trained Bears and Armored Trucks by ~10%
  • Reduced income of hideouts by ~20%
  • Decreased CPU gang attack frequency by ~15%, increased size of late attacks
(NEW) Tier 2: Rocket Launcher guy (fires a slow, destructive missile. Hard to hit moving targets. Takes ~10 seconds to reload)

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