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[SOLVED] EUD Text Detection
Aug 5 2012, 8:53 pm
By: staxx  

Aug 5 2012, 8:53 pm staxx Post #1

I've been through a few pm's with Roy and jjf and still havent gotten this to work.

Basically i'm trying to detect the text Maphack

I've pasted the text into Roy's EudGen with its character
Ran the triggers for player 1 (which i played as)
Added actions to display text "it's working" to verify if the trigger was/wasnt running

After that not working i tried running cheat engine which gave me the same results without text as it did with text. Tests were ran for decimal (4byte), hex (4byte), and text (string). Not sure if i did these correctly.

After not getting anywhere with cheat engine, i decided to revisit Roy's EUDGen and just detect the display text "hola" without any colour, without oblivion running, under player 1, and with "its working" to verify. Surprisingly this didnt even work.

Below are the triggers i attempted to use for detecting Maphack

Maphack EUD


Aug 5 2012, 9:39 pm jjf28 Post #2

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General string detection guide: Section 7: Text-Based EPDs

see Roy's post

You had "Include Space Padding" checked - with that unchecked Roy's EUDGen seemed to work fine with the text pasted from the chk.

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Aug 5 2012, 10:04 pm Roy Post #3

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Here's what happened with the newest version of Oblivion:

Zynastor must have noticed people making anti-hack EUDs for Oblivion, so he decided to put an end to this. When Oblivion is loaded, no EUD conditions checking for "Maphack:" will return true. This means the text cannot be detected, because Oblivion intercepts it, thereby defeating any EUD measures.

EXCEPT: Since only Oblivion suppresses detection of the "Maphack:" string, you can initially start the game with a display text of "Maphack:" and detect it. If it fails to detect, the user is using Oblivion. This will detect if a user is using Oblivion, even if they aren't toggling Maphack.

Basically, by putting in this little fix, Zynastor gave us a free pass to detect Oblivion users at the beginning of a game.

EDIT: Made the map Mac-friendly.
EDIT: Made the map multi-player friendly.

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Aug 6 2012, 12:38 am staxx Post #4

Awesome, thanks both of you. Topic can be closed if you wish.


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Oh_Man -- a program called mapstats I think it's on here to DL
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GGmano -- so theres a limit on total triggers on around 80k?
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Oh_Man -- mapstats says 80k triggers
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GGmano -- heres link for the new release
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GGmano -- i now released it after deleting triggers 3 times sadly
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