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Merry Christmas 2017!   Dec 25 2017, 8:10 pm  
Merry Christmas!

On behalf of all of the staff members here at SEN, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and in a week from today, a Happy New Year. I didn't have a chance to interview the staff for 2017, so instead, enjoy the best shouts I could find for each of them! Now, context is important, so I've edited the messages to disambiguate what was trying to be conveyed.

Quote from DevliN

DevliN -- I've been doing little more than paying [Roy] for a [job well done] now, so [making him an admin is] fine with me. :)
Quote from NudeRaider

NudeRaider -- It depends. I guess we can agree on that people that just consume [Vespene gas] are more likely to be [Protoss tryhards] (I'm oversimplifying here to make a point) which are more likely to be depressed as opposed to people that like to [cannon rush] and thus also communicate more when [stomping their foes]. But if you excessively use [cheese], I can see it actually changing you / your mood, simply because you're doing nothing but spending time [winning] on the Internet.
Quote from Devourer

[Devourer] -- I like how in a normal raffle, the 50% or whatever that doesn't go to the jackpot goes to some cause or charity, but in our raffle the other 50% of the ticket prices just gets lost into [my pocket].
Quote from O)FaRTy1billion[MM]

O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- if you don't need [video game consoles] then it's fine, they are just generally more versatile ([Nintendo] switches, [Xbones], general use [smartphones]) and predictable (no [BSODs]) than just [PCs] when using [cards that should be mining cryptocurrencies] so people often use them for everything even if they're not really necessary
Quote from Excalibur

Excalibur -- This is what I'm trying to get at: Who I am, what I've done in the past, or what I personally think is not relevant no matter how much your feelings say they are. The only relevant thing is my [ribeye steak]. And since you can't [eat] that, you can only tell me about your [hunger] and about what you feel is [an adequate companion beverage], then you aren't presenting a case of [wine to go with the steak]. You're presenting a case [of light beer]. And if you're looking for the [approval of pairing a slab of cow meat with cheap, unsophisticated swill] you've come to the wrong place.
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Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from SEN!   Nov 23 2017, 4:28 pm  

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members on behalf of the staff here at SEN.
We hope you all have a safe and wonderful binge in celebration of the harvest.

What is a turkey? A miserable little pile of protein.

Posted by: Roy

Thanks to Alzarath for bringing the video to my attention! Rough transcription of the video for those who prefer to read or otherwise can't watch the video:
Hey guys, Grant here from Classic Games. Just wanna give you a real quick update on some of the features that we're working on right now on StarCraft: Remastered, but before I do that I wanna thank you guys for all the feedback that you've been giving us in the forums—telling us about the things that you like and what you don't like, and the issues we need to fix: that really helps us know what's going on in the community. So, please keep it up, and we're definitely listening to everything that you're saying.

So, matchmaking 1v1: it's awesome to see so many people that have jumped in and given matchmaking a go. We've had millions of matches made already in just over 6 weeks of StarCraft: Remastered being live. So it's awesome to see so many people playing the global matchmaker. The nature of the global matchmaker does mean we're seeing some issues of latency, and we've been doing a lot of work on that over the last few weeks to try and reduce that as much as possible. Just recently we doubled the number of proxy servers that we're using in Korea and we're already seeing some improvements based on that. We've made a number of other server-side improvements, and very recently you guys all participated in a turn rate experiment which we did which helped us nail down what was a pretty good happy medium turn rate of 10. That said, we want to run in the best—in the fastest—turn rate we can for the connection, so to that end we'll be rolling out a dynamic turn rate system (coming soon). And that will mean that the game will run in the highest possible turn rate that it can for a connection and if the connection has too much latency, it'll keep dropping down to a turn rate that makes sense for that connection. So that's something to look forward to coming soon, and we think that will alleviate a lot of the issues that we're seeing in the global matchmaker as far as latency is concerned.

One thing I want to talk about really quickly is the disconnecting that we saw happening, which it seems like it's no longer happening, or certainly a lot less. People were disconnecting before the end of the game when it looked like they were going to lose in order to not take the loss, and it was also unfortunately preventing the winner from getting a win. That's now been fixed about a week ago and the winner is getting their win, the guy who disconnects gets the loss AND the disconnect stat, so it's a pretty powerful disincentive for people to do this disconnect drop thing before they lose. So as I said, we've seen a lot less of that, and I would expect that to be the case in future.

So still on the topic of matchmaking, I wanna talk about 2v2 and group matchmaking, which is certainly something that a few of you guys are really interested in, and that is certainly been something that's been on our radar from the very beginning of Remastered. We do need to think a bit more about group matchmaking though for a couple of reasons, one of which is the pool size: do we have a large enough pool size to sustain a 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 matchmaking experience? Or is the small pool size going to devalue the experience a little bit? And probably more importantly are the latency issues that we're seeing in 1v1: they're only gonna be exacerbated in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 due to the nature of the turn-locked client-host networking infrastructure that StarCraft has. So I think we need to come up with a bit of a better solution for that before we start tackling matchmaking 2v2; so for that reason I would see 2v2/3v3/4v4 as more of a long-term feature rather than anything that we're going to get to in the short term.

Dynamic lighting (real-time lighting): one of the aspects of dynamic lighting is that it does take a lot of VRAM, and particularly when in a high-res 2D game like StarCraft: Remastered. That naturally requires a lot of VRAM, and dynamic lighting requires a whole bunch more VRAM. So one thing that we've been working really hard on is trying to bring that down as much as possible, and I don't make any promises here about what we can do, but that's something we're investigating and if we CAN do something, then I will hope to see that roll out in a patch very soon. Again, no promises, but we're trying to bring that down to 2 gigs so the people that have 2 gigs of VRAM will hopefully be able to experience the real-time lighting as well.

CCMU, sprite limit, bullet limit: I posted about this in the forums recently and I got a bunch of feedback. This is certainly something we want to do; we just wanted to make sure that you guys were okay with it, that you didn't think it was going to break anything in terms of gameplay, because we're certainly committed to not breaking gameplay. So I put that out there to see if you guys thought there were any problems with that, and it seems like overwhelmingly the feedback has been: look, it's fine to raise or eliminate the limits as far as the bullets and the sprites and the CCMU goes. So I see no reason why we shouldn't move forward with that probably in the mid-term future. But if anyone does have a problem with this in terms of gameplay, now's the time to jump in that thread and give us your feedback.

The final thing I want to talk about today is EUD. In 1.18 we kinda left EUD behind, and that's because we introduced some strong anti-cheat and tamper-proof measures to prevent people from cheating in games of StarCraft, and obviously this is the right thing to do: we want to protect the integrity of the game and make sure it's a fun experience for everyone. We don't want people cheating. But it did kinda leave behind EUD, and that made us a little sad because we like the idea that people can experience StarCraft in whatever way they want to, and if that's playing EUD maps, well, that's fine. Unfortunately we cannot release a game into the public with a security hole in it, so these are the reasons why we've continually patched out EUD over the years. Supporting every EUD offset would be a mountain of work and so it's probably not something that's ever going to be possible. But what we have been doing—we've had a very talented engineer here at Blzzard working on enabling SOME of the EUD offsets again—and right now in Remastered, we have a very popular tower defense map working, 100% complete. So that is kind of the start of EUD for us, and again in the mid-term future you can expect to see this map rolling out—this mapping being whitelisted and us saying it's now okay to play this map. And I would love to hear from you guys as to what maps you're playing and what maps are popular, and we'll see what we can do—once we make sure there's no security holes and seeing if we can actually emulate them successfully—we'll see if we can whitelist those maps going forward. So again, we'll never do every EUD offset and support every EUD map, but this is certainly the start of us bring back some measure of EUD, and I know there's gonna be a whole bunch of folks out there that are gonna be very excited about that.

So that's all I got time for today. Keep talking to us in the forums; we're definitely listening. We don't have time to respond to every comment or every question, but we are certainly listening to you guys, and we plan to do more of these video updates in the future. So, thanks for listening, and I'll see you soon!

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New Release - ScmDraft 2 Version 0.9.0   Aug 17 2017, 8:26 pm  

ScmDraft 2 Version 0.9.0

Most mapmakers are familiar with ScmDraft, a feature-rich map editor created by Suicidal Insanity.
Now, the most popular editor returns, packed with a wide variety of enhancements.

This contains many many changes compared to the previous 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 versions. While the full set of changes is too large to list, here is an overview of the major features:

  • Vastly expanded visual overlay abilities. (Terrain properties, unit ranges, transparent creep among others)
  • New unit, unit sprite, pure sprite palette windows.
  • Completely redone doodad, user-defined brush, and terrain palettes
  • Completely redone map properties window, including string filtering.
  • Overhaul of the entire UI to support HiDPI / font scaling, nicer looking controls, better resizing, etc.
  • Expanded terrain symmetry options, to support rotational symmetry with various parameters.
  • Added support for the vorbis OGG sound file format in triggers.
  • Preview of the in-game pathfinder regions
  • Lots and lots of performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Much nicer code, and cleaner error handling
  • Enhanced logging, available via -console command line or in the debug menu.

You can find more information for this project on SEN, and the more adventurous
can try out nightly builds for the most bleeding-edge developments.

Official Announcement and Download Link

SEN is proud to present projects created by members of our community. If you have a project you would like to be featured on the site, or if you know of another member's work that you feel should receive more recognition, feel free to contact the staff with your suggestion.
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New Release - The Architect RPG   Aug 7 2017, 9:27 pm  

Creation is the providence of man.

Adventure through The Architect, a brand new role-playing game for StarCraft: Brood War!

Created by Oh_Man, this medieval-fantasy world follows a trio of heroes trying to capture
Seneras, a powerful sorcerer and former member of the Order. Join Verius, Iredite, and Rionna
as they explore a perilous world and attempt to discover the truth behind Seneras' betrayal.

The Architect has been in development for over seven years, and features three unique
classes complete with their own set of spells and skills, an attribute-driven level-up system,
an open world full of quests and hidden treasures, a crafting system, gambling, and more!

Official Thread and Download Link

SEN is proud to present projects created by members of our community. If you have a project you would like to be featured on the site, or if you know of another member's work that you feel should receive more recognition, feel free to contact the staff with your suggestion.
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New Release - StarCraft: Inconsummate   Jun 11 2017, 10:18 pm  

Consume the firstborn. Conquer the Terrans. Leave nothing of the Protoss homeworld untouched.
Aiur must fall.

Experience Inconsummate, a brand new custom campaign for StarCraft: Brood War!
Crafted by Pr0nogo, this Zerg-centered campaign is set during the fall of Aiur, amidst the Overmind's quest to
unite the creations of the Xel'naga. Designed to augment the existing story of StarCraft, Inconsummate
features a diverse voice cast, custom terrain, new heroes and abilities, and much more!

Official Thread and Download Link

SEN is proud to present projects created by members of our community. If you have a project you would like to be featured on the site, or if you know of another member's work that you feel should receive more recognition, feel free to contact the staff with your recommendation.
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[08:22 pm]
lil-Inferno -- mad
[08:03 pm]
thekian -- Aw man, Hydra is only compatible with 1.20 or higher.
[2018-2-19. : 10:08 pm]
jjf28 -- Neiver
[2018-2-19. : 10:08 am]
Pr0nogo -- meant to be a whisper but w/e
[2018-2-19. : 10:08 am]
Pr0nogo -- yeah there's never enough hours in the day
[2018-2-19. : 4:21 am]
jjf28 --
[2018-2-19. : 1:47 am]
RIVE -- C'mon! What's your shtoyle?
[2018-2-19. : 1:45 am]
RIVE -- KrayZee
KrayZee shouted: RIVE The Dark Knight trilogy is critically acclaimed though. I actually like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. I'd rather form my opinion than be influenced by a popular opinion that is likely affected with brainwashing techniques.
[2018-2-19. : 1:38 am]
KrayZee -- Dem0n
Dem0n shouted: Just their whole timeline feels like it's copying Marvel. Have origin stories for one or two heroes, then make a collective movie, then have origin stories for the rest of the heroes...
They don't have to do that. There's far too many forgettable Marvel movies with disposable villains.
[2018-2-19. : 12:31 am]
Suicidal Insanity -- KrayZee
KrayZee shouted: I'm only asking if there are any out of place cheesy jokes from typical Marvel movies. If there is, then I'll pass.
Like all of iron man 3?
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