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Hyperion's Sanctum
Feb 1 2024, 5:07 pm
By: MetalGear  

Feb 1 2024, 5:07 pm MetalGear Post #1


You have been deployed to assist a Commander in taking back
a Capital City from a Terran army. In this highly tactical setting,
you will be forced to make choices before and after each battle,
as you and your team (4 players) take back key territories. You
must reach Hyperion before he is found and executed.


Tileset: Badlands
Dimensions: 256x256
Players: 4

~~~Tactical Gameplay~~~

~ Choose from 1 of 4 unique Heroes
~ Build defensive structures before battles
~ Cast spells to protect allies
~ Invest in team economy
~ Receive a score after each battle that improves Status
~ Buy special upgrades with high Status and Battle Points
~ Choose what spells to upgrade (total of 18 for each hero)

~~~Enemy Tactics~~~

Kill Workers: The enemy will try to destroy your economy
by going straight for your workers.

Destroy Buildings: The enemy will sometimes prioritize taking
down structures.

Collapse Army: A straightforward assault against your army.
Tactical Siege: An exact order in which the enemy attempts to
kill you.

Steal Crystal: Crystals provide magic restoration for Heroes.
The enemy will try to steal them.

Blackout: Using Technicians, the enemy will try to stall your
defensive structures and disarm your Heroes.


The game will have a very simple layout. After every battle,
you will receive
Battle Points. These points allow you to
purchase all different kinds of upgrades:
1) base upgrades
(for example, troop production);
2) Hero upgrades (spells,
statistics, weapons);
3) special upgrades.

Casting Spells will be accomplished through a Robotics
Facility (basic spells) and Stargate (advanced spells). For
aesthetics, I will secretly add each building required for the
particular unit (Reaver, Observer, Carrier, Arbiter) when the
player manually adds the spell.

Adding Spells is as simple as moving a Scout during the
selection phase 1 of 4 directions (text on screen). There will
be no complicated Overlord menu system like my previous
games. This system of moving a Scout will work the same
for all upgrade types.

~~~Base Defence~~~

Pylon: Provides armor for nearby units and buildings
Photon Cannon: Expensive and powerful defensive structure
Gateway: Builds Zealots (automatically)
Cybernetics Core: Increases armor for Zealots
Shield Battery: Provides magic restoration
Citadel of Adun: Increases troop production

~~~Direct Damage System~~~

The game uses a new type of direct damage system. An
explosion will cast over a target area. This gives me about
3-4 trigger cycles to move a target unit to another part of
the map where it will take immediate splash damage from
Lurkers or Firebats already attacking the location. I will
then move the target unit back (replacing a duplicate unit
to maintain the original location) and the effect will be so
that the explosion (Carrier or Battlecruiser) will mask the
area for long enough so the player will not see the transition,
but the damage will be dealt upon immediate effect.



Dark Templar


High Templar


Hero select

Direct damage system

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Feb 5 2024, 12:20 pm MetalGear Post #2

Does anybody give a damn?


Feb 5 2024, 11:21 pm ManCubuS Post #3

Oldschool Purist

Where's your map lol, on top of that not even single screenshot.

Feb 6 2024, 9:34 am MetalGear Post #4

I'm happy to post images, but every time I link an image with Mediafire, it copies and pastes the download link rather than showing the image.


Feb 6 2024, 4:30 pm lil-Inferno Post #5

Just here for the pie

Use and just drag/drop your images there

Feb 7 2024, 4:54 pm MetalGear Post #6

Says "Failed to get image size" when I post and then just writes the link...


Feb 7 2024, 7:32 pm Ultraviolet Post #7

You have to make sure you have the direct link to the image (rather than whatever link they give you that shows it on their website). I have to right click and select open image in new tab and I usually have to do it twice before it will give me the one with with the .png (or whatever image extension). Then on SEN you do:

[img]Link you copy paste from imgur[/img]

Make sure the link ends in .png, .jpg or whatever or it won't work right.

Apr 18 2024, 3:35 am Ultraviolet Post #8

Hey, are you still working on this? Any chance you might consider adding EUD enhancements to this project?

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