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Desert Strike Nightmare 2020
Sep 20 2019, 7:33 pm
By: MidNighTime  

Nov 16 2020, 12:12 pm GGmano Post #21


Theres a problem with tanks ai in this.. they are not sieging well if made late game. If you want some help on fixing this you can ask me i know a way to fix it

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Nov 20 2020, 7:34 pm MidNighTime Post #22

Hello Everybody,

It's that time again for another Desert Strike Nightmare 2020 update.

I'm aiming to release 1.6 by today or before Monday. Here's what to expect below:

- Added "Game Information" to help players understand what certain things do in game.
- All demolished buildings are refunded at 25% (excluding pylons) and rounded to the nearest percent.
- All demolished add-ons are refunded at 50% and rounded to the nearest percent.
- All maximum limit reached buildings are refunded at 100%.
- Added "Inactive Ban" which is basically self explanatory. (Moderate Threshold)
- Added special "DarkVision" which let you see all enemy's gas silhouette. (Has Requirements)
- Added additional unit and structure wire frame modifications.
- Added "Savings" leader board which shows bank savings but, not the total value.

- Improved path-finding for tanks. The "Smart tanks" will still be present as intended.
~ This means less tanks on the corner's of the battle field waiting there being smart ~

- Added "Bank" system which will let players deposit and withdraw income savings.
~ You cannot deposit or withdrawal funds that of which you don't have. ~
~ Early deposit transactions are queue to a maximum of 1 and will deposit on condition. ~
~ Notifications regarding deposit's or withdrawal's will not be shown ~
~ Interest is not earned on savings investment.. maybe soon. ~
~ You cannot make money orders to other players on your team.. maybe soon ~

- Added "Income Suspension" system which stops your income indefinitely prevents long games.
~ Periodic notifications will happen every 15 minutes to maximum of 60 minutes ~
~ You can still use your current income and bank savings after suspension ~

Currently things (odds and ends) are being reviewed before live testing. Changes are subject to change (hehe) at anytime.

As always leave comments (good or bad) here. I may or may not respond but, know your comment is seen with a smile.

I'm known as MidNighTime. I enjoy making maps for Starcraft sometimes. Much of my inspiration came from Vanished.

Nov 20 2020, 8:11 pm GGmano Post #23


looks like your goin same route as i whent for past a year ago.. that refund on demolish buildings is good for strategy xd i got that idea from a guy called bertro maybe this guy told you to try go this way.. and well for the investment idk how you make it if its like in dsa (desert strike angel) or more like in my ds both ways have pros and cons. The investment i added a year ago to my ds map adds good strategy.. and an end timer on income lots of ds classic players like too.. looks like your goin in the right direction here xd.. from playing your ds map what you need work on is a map max trigger increasing the time in between spawns to prevent mass to max out so easy bugging the map.. also you could redo the spawn systems on the map so that units all spawn instant instead of spawning in chunks as they do now, and make units spawning in two lanes instead of 1 gives mass fight a great look. The most important thing about a ds is that units ai dosent bug like tank and lurkers and balance in general of all units in a way that you can show any unit building would be good against some spawn setups from the other team. ive heard some negatives about your goliaths stats in the map.

If you want i can show you a replay of the tank not beeing smart at all cause they dont siege...

heres a link to the smart tanks in 263 smart tanks

later ill put up a replay of smart tanks ds nightmare

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Trust is everything

Today, 12:36 am MidNighTime Post #24

Hello Everybody,

There has been a massive bug that corrupted the entire 1.6 release. This was due to big addition that was being added that requires none GUI script inputting.

It's rare for this to happen using notepad++ or external scripting sources then ScmDraft but, it does. Everything was working in v1.6 fine then " :massimo: ".

I'm not very happy about it :curse: . This leave me with 3 options:

A - I locate and try to resolve it but, not all corruption can be and release v1.7

B - I rebuild v1.6 again from v1.5 base and release under v1.7. (less desired)

C - Let v1.6 fall into obscurity an let v1.5 thrive until v1.7. (far less desired)

There are few v1.6 release copy's in circulation that are playable however one group of releases are not optimum. I didn't advertise them as much so that's good news.

Good news! I was able to recover backup just before the corruption. This saved me hours. Everything is back on track now besides the few circulating. :oops:

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I'm known as MidNighTime. I enjoy making maps for Starcraft sometimes. Much of my inspiration came from Vanished.

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