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[EUD] All-in and The Reckoning
Jul 8 2024, 12:52 am
By: TheHappy115  

Jul 8 2024, 12:52 am TheHappy115 Post #1

All-In and The Reckoning

Link to Both Maps:

A recreation of the Finale map from "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty" called "All-in." I consider it not completely faithful because
the terrain and some features are different and changed. However the overall concept is the same.

(This means victory will still resort into a defeat screen and there is no saving. Downloading SCA may fix this issue)

2 Difficulties

Path Choice

Custom Upgrades and Research

Kerrigan - Queen of Blades



The Reckoning:
The finale of "Heart of the Swarm" expansion.
Objective: Destroy Mengsk's Palace and Raynor must survive.
Difficulty: Nightmare. This is harder than the original version as it has added strong defense and Royal Guard elites.




Mengsk's Royal Guards

Kerrigan - Queen of Blades and Other Bonus Stuff

YouTube Showcase

Additional Notes:
- All-in "No nydus Canals" has a chance to cause of the AI Zergs to sometimes freeze (only the top right Zerg). Because of this, the most difficult mission combination would be Brutal with Nydus Worms (No Broodwar Units). It is unknown why the AI Zerg freezes
- Description of Brutal where enemy units get upgrades faster is false (it is same rate regardless).
- It is unlikely the maps will receive any more updates in the future.

Known Issues: (These shouldn't cause any significant gameplay issues)
- Top-Right Zerg AI in "All-In" sometimes freezes when fighting against Broodwar units (No Nydus Canals). Attacking the AI will sometimes fix this.
- On rare occasion, 'Kerrigan - Queen of Blades' will become stuck on enemy AI attacks that gather in "All-In". (This is just the Zerg AI randomly preparing an attack and just so happening to block Kerrigan. Kerrigan will sometimes force the units to attack but this doesn't always happens).
- On very rare occasions, Nydus Worms will receive an "Unplacable" warning and not spawn in the proper location. It is unknown why this happens, but is it more likely to happen when there are more Nydus Worms on the map.
- Infesting a Command Center with the Queen in "The Reckoning" may cause a crash at the victory screen
- If an SCV is killed while building an Infested Command Center, a new one will NOT be able to continue finishing the Infested Comamnd Center. Canceling the Infested Command Center will also result in a drone appear. This is intentional as the structure is labeled as a Zerg building which enables it to be built on creep and Terran SCVs cannot continue building Zerg structures (however, they can apparently start building them).
- Vision is NOT shared with allies in either missions. This is due to custom AI scripts for whatever reason breaking the triggers that enable and disable player vision to other players/computers. As such, the mission "The Reckoning" will instead have revealing spots that will grant vision of an area once an area has been cleared.
- The construction on the Infested Command Center will be replaced with the "beating heart" animation temporarily while it is around 70% complete. This is due to certain limiting image-script issues.
- Swarmlisk description contains a typo. It does not have reduced collision as this had caused a potential bug.
- Building an Infested Command Center with Jim Raynor (If you force a player in multiplayer into the Raynor Slot) will crash the game (Note: The AI Jim Raynor won't build an infested command center).

Purpose Of this Map:
- To have a Finale map available (My two favorite SC2 missions on SC1 which is my favorite RTS)
- Learn how to use EUD editor for first time implemented into a map.

I hope you guys enjoy this map.

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Jul 11 2024, 1:31 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #2

The Curious

Cool, I was always wanting to create an expy of The Reckoning (HOTS) in SC1, but I was beaten to it. Fine by me. :)

Trial and error... mostly error.

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