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Raccoon City Remastered
Dec 19 2021, 6:02 pm
By: Oh_Man  

Dec 19 2021, 6:02 pm Oh_Man Post #1

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Before I begin, let me first pay my respects to the legendary Panzer_Kavalier, who made this great map. Every LAN, it became almost a TFE ritual to play this map, and after one session in 2020, RustyPlastic said to me, "You know, it's really annoying how my guys keep accidentally walking into the hospital." ~1500 modifications later and here we are.

The Grave Digger's telegraphed attack.

Great care was taken to pay respect to the original map, both in terms of its gruelling difficulty and in terms of its old school aesthetic. I strove to add new features, rather than modifying or deleting existing elements. The end result should feel, I hope, like a map from Panzer, but made in the modern era.

In creating new missions and bosses, I took inspiration from two primary sources: (1) the Resident Evil franchise and (2) Panzer himself. Though I could not speak to him directly, I spoke to those who knew him (Excalibur) and looked over the renamed units that he never implemented, and built upon these ideas.

You can acquire powerful team-wide upgrades at the Research Lab.

  • New Missions - rescue the survivors of a downed Cargo Plane, defuse a bomb planted by the UBCS, reclaim lost checkpoints, and investigate the disturbance at the clocktower...
  • New Bosses - defend against new threats, such as the Grave Digger, a swarm of Infected Crows, and more...
  • The Research Lab - completing side objectives rewards gas, a unique shared resource which can be spent on powerful upgrades which benefits all players.
  • Quality of Life Changes - each player now has their own armoury. No more kicking each other out! Green Herbs now heal everyone in a radius, not just a single unit. Many more changes detailed in full in the patch notes below.
  • Single Player Support and Dynamic Difficulty Scaling - the game now adjusts the difficulty based on the number of players and their ability. That being said, if players fail too many missions or suffer too many casualties they will eventually be overwhelmed.

Players work to contain the outbreak before the zombies become too powerful.


  • Panzer_Kavalier for creating this great map.
  • Cloud[TFE], Blaze[TFE], RustyPlastic, Jabbers[TFE], PicklePete, for testing.
  • Excalibur for allowing me to use his Crashed Helicopter mission idea from his version of Raccoon City, and for teaching me about some of Panzer's unrealised plans for the map such as the Spider Nest mission.
  • Ultraviolet for testing and contributing great ideas and solutions to game design challenges I faced.
  • SEN community and Korean members who have joined recently for teaching me EUDs (I still have a lot to learn XD).

Power scaling ensures a relentless experience.

I fully intend to return to this map next year to continue to tweak balance, fix bugs and add a couple more things I ran out of time to add this year. After that, I will continue to work on my 1v1 PVP map Duel, a demo of which you can try here.

The Architect RPG - a 1-3 player ARPG.
One Piercing Note - a fully voice acted murder mystery.

Thank you for playing, and good luck... you're going to need it!

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Dec 19 2021, 6:29 pm GGmano Post #2


looks like you made some good stuff here ohh man.. might try this i recall trying racoon city long ago

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Dec 19 2021, 8:04 pm Sato Post #3

Epic. Glad you've released another great project! Quality over quantity with you.

Quite the chonky filesize so I'm definitely going to have to just get a couple friends and take advantage of the difficulty scaling, but man I want to experience this with a full house, as the old map always required.

Hats off!


Dec 27 2021, 7:05 am Ultraviolet Post #4

:clap: Glad to see this released, lots of good changes here :)

Quote from Sato
Quite the chonky filesize so I'm definitely going to have to just get a couple friends and take advantage of the difficulty scaling, but man I want to experience this with a full house, as the old map always required.

Filesize is no longer the issue it used to be, people should pre-download it before joining the lobby and it only takes a few seconds, the filesize is no reason to avoid playing publicly.

Jan 2 2022, 6:35 pm zzt Post #5

Beat this map with a 6 people party. It was an amazing map, and the difficulty was brutal but also well designed - each playthrough gave the team a good experience and feedback, and we were able to go much further each time.

These are some of my opinions:
  • Great map, overall! Even though the map is about "stop these endless zombie waves for one hour", there were many various events that made the play not boring. It was a little bit difficult to read the descriptions in the middle of everything, though.
  • The birds were very very impressive. Great idea and implementation!
  • The EUD armory was really convenient.

  • For some missions, failures are just too costly. I can understand this snowball design, but still, it's frustrating to realize much later in the game that we can't just keep up with the difficulty increase anymore. For example, imagine losing the garbage truck - then there are no sniper rifles, which makes killing elite zombies or spider nests much much more difficult.
  • I like the zombies getting progressively stronger, but I think they're getting a bit too strong, especially compared to us. Later in the game armor upgrade can't keep up with Hunter Killers (forgot the name) and Crimson Heads, and weapon upgrade becomes too costly with diminishing returns. We eventually settled down to building a wall of empty bunkers and medics to exploit SC AIs, because fighting fair was not really an option anymore.
  • Collision and pathfinding are miserable - had too many occasions where APCs and trucks get stuck or take a wrong path because other white units were in the middle of their way. Also, the locker room is cramped like hell, and having 6 players replacing their ghosts with hero ghosts is a total nightmare.
  • The idea of bomb-defusing was remarkable. Please just inform the player that each step can be actually clicked - Until the last attempt where we beat the game we were trying to find 'isolate the fuse' in the buttons and clicked 'isolate the detonator' instead.


Jan 3 2022, 10:00 am Oh_Man Post #6

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

Thanks for the feedback.

It's funny what you say about the snipers because the game I played before release we never even did the sewer mission and didn't have to bunker wall either. :P I think balance is gonna be different for everyone because there's so many different permutations that can play out. I do agree failing some missions are more crippling than others.

Like if you lose Garbage truck as you said, but losing Hospital (Medics) is pretty bad for marines, and if you lose warehouse you also lose access to the checkpoint mission which gets you recruitment reduction, and of course all the gas you miss out on from failing missions.

The most important thing that will determine your success is minimising casualties. The less casualties you have, the more minerals you can spend on upgrades instead. A strat we also prefer is one or two people are marines down at the chokepoint, prioritising armour. The rest are ghosts on the walls, prioritising damage. Marine groups can stim to rush and complete missions quickly. Zombie damage is meaningless if they don't actually get into melee range to hit you, that is another important thing. They could have 1000 damage and it wouldn't matter if they don't get to attack.

I will make bomb defusal guide more clear for sure. Can't do much about SCBW pathfinding but I did put those tanks on constant order so they will never get permanently stuck only temporarily stuck.

I will continue to tweak balance and also with player scaling, the bosses don't scale at the moment, so I think it's still too hard with missing players. I might work on difficulty setting at game start for people who want to play eaz mode also.


Korean version is now out. Thanks to Fenton for translating and Armo for helping with some technical issues.

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Sep 26 2022, 8:29 pm FirePrometheus Post #7

Just got to try this map after being a long time player of Raccoon City and I love it! Great work mate, would love to learn EUDs as well as you implemented them here :)

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Dec 10 2022, 3:36 pm ClansAreForGays Post #8

Holy shit dude this felt like a masterpiece. Loved every bit of this! Good job man!

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