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How to Creat Custom SC Graphic
Jul 18 2008, 2:10 am
By: NirvanaJung  

Jul 18 2008, 2:10 am NirvanaJung Post #1

Tutorial : How to Creat Custom SC Graphic
i discovered old my tutorials that i posted a long times ago here
so i think it would be helpfull for most peoples especialy when try to creat a something graphics by self

Note : these tutorials written so long times ago so maybe there are another advanced tools and method
and my english not good as English-speaking peoples so it may there are sort of different spelling and grammers

btw, i think it should be pinned thread Since it was pinned before at here :P
Tutorial serialize -How to Creat Custom SC Graphic to Advanced#1


If someone of you are Beginer to editing GRP i'd tell you probably Read Another tutorial
about Editing GRP at this link

Converting to and from GRP graphics <-click it

there are many of good explaintions about editing GRP
I'd highly recommend should Read that first


The first : Tutorial for Photoshop user
- how to make match SC colours into Custom image

Recently, I've been seen many of you who's have an question about SC pallete.
and they are seems wondering that how to load, match pallet (*pal) file into Custom GRP with photoshop

So i decide to give little tips

This tips is about making cumstom BMP and loading pallet with Photoshop
it would be help to many of u who's curious about make custom grp
and images of StarCraft

i'll explain the pallete of Game Graphics (include StarCraft) in this tutorial,
and another subject is the way to use with Photoshop to customizing pallete

1. what is the Pallete
Pallet is the range of colour for painting so many game graphic used pallet
A palette, in computer graphics, is a designated subset of the total range of colours supported by a
computer graphics system. Each colour in the palette is assigned a number, and for each pixel, one of
these numbers is stored. This number determines the colour of the pixel. Palettes allow images comprising
a small number of colours to be stored using a relatively modest amount of graphics memory
so it could a big saving memories

2. 8-bit color (256 colors)
8-bit colour graphics is a method of storing image information in a computer's memory or in an image file,
such that each pixel is represented by one 8-bit byte.
The maximum number of colours that can be displayed at any one time is 256.
we've got it about 2 important part for pallet
then we going to StarCraft grahics part more details.....

main tips.....
in photoshop, i dont know what exactly versions could make this work
Anyway i'd like to say most versions of photoshop are could make it
with this use way[/COLOR]
basically, photoshop has support most colors pallete format
there are *.act , *.aco files for photoshop format which is used mainly
when you set the colors, u can load *.pal file (Microsoft palette)

take look srceenshot now ~!

i'd load one image in photoshop which image for SC unit
that have 256 color-8bit and have an SC pallete color table

There are colors for showed image which is same to SC pallet
but if colors set is different from original SC colors, u should change and match colors as same to SC pallete

look these 2 palletes of picture

Those colour settings are different from each ohter
The left side is SC pallet but Right side is just unspecific colors
when u got some images file from other source that might be have unspecific colors
unless image has created by urself withuse SC colours

if u want change the pallet same as SC colors then you need to replace pixel's value for each colours into changed pallete
Remember, StarCraft doesn't use your colour palette, it uses its own colour palette
the key thing about GRP editing is palettes The key rule is, StarCraft doesn't use
Custom colour palette and when you want change colours on image
you can chage colours of picture by replacing used colour numbers at the palette

Basicly when creating images from new document or other source,
using one of Photoshop's default 256-colour palette.
So when you're displaying an image you created with the default 256 colour
Picture might look fine
but when StarCraft attempts to display picture, colours uses to display each pixel are taken from a different-looking palette

that's key for what I mentioned about replacing used colour numbers at the palette
u should have that to display quite correctly for your GRP
Follow below step to change colour settings

first, you should Follow this operation
1. Change image's mode -> RGB mode , Follow like as below image

this image not 256 index color-mode currently, it's the means that can make to every types as u want
now, change image mode back into -> index colors
and then one of window appears same as below

this dialog is the set options for colours which used in this images

To have operate this step, u must Already got an SC pallete files ( such as *.pal , *.act *.aco Whatever you have, just take anything )

if you got an palette file then goes at dialog, and select pallete -> custom

then showd up this window

now try load an palette file which u want things

in this example, i'll try load *.pal file To have get that do click [ Load.... ] button
and choose format file type as"microsoft pallete (*.pal)"
[/COLOR]in mid of file selecting dialog windows

then now, this image will be changed pallette in the same way as StarCraft colors
and photoshop has process to match the values of colours for relaced pixels
withuse colours from custom pallete
and it's makes the colours for each all pixels to look as most near from prior colours

Remember u need to change mode to RGB before match the colors
if u doesn't use that way, probably that could be mixed up just like
(WTF.... colours aren't show correctly)

alright then let me just show changing some to explain the basis of pallete for u guys
if u done loading an image of the GRP with use pallette and finished matching up colours in the same way as StarCraft colors
now let you try to chnage #1(first color in the mid of 256) to R0/G255/B0 such like maximum amount of Green

if background has painted with #1(first) colour as like this Screen
then background of ur image will change as Green (R:0 G:255 B:0)

Now, someone of guys could be axious to know that why try to change it as like that colour
But think about The key rule StarCraft Game engine uses its own colour palette
whatever GRP maded from which palettes

So it doesn't matter whatever change set of the Background colour and the specific colours

That’s kernel of key about the use Palette ~!

now u guys could figure out about key of the palette
if you change one colour Among current palette,
then Painted area which used by that color will be changed in the sametime

Ok, then I'd tell how you use it for creating GRP

here goes an example to explain why
when get images by rendering in 3dsmax or other 3d create-ware ,
Rendered image could maded with used Background colour on their outer of the object

Also when get images from other 2d images which is other game graphics and etc...
Need to change the palette in common with SC Palette
But As same like above case, when Photoshop or other image editor has process for that operation
they could made up image with use Background colour on their outer of the object

That is First reason why try to change #1(first) colour as like Green (R:0 G:255 B:0)

Then I'd tell wat is Second Reason the why
When creat new one from scratch , probably u guys have to draw from backgroud over
But if u guys paint with nearly Black for some area of the object , that would be indistinguishable from Background colour
which is default Black colour
So if change your Palette settings which background colour as Green or something as u please
and fill with that changed colour into background then u guys could distinguish colours of ur image more

ok now i'll show about Advance setting of the custom color swatches to uguys
it's just option for Photoshop user
if u creat custom Sometime u might need to pick and selet SC colours to painting in during work for SC graphic

if you have to like thatthen go to "replace Swatches.." in swatches window of photoshop swatches window and go options button look like this (▶)"replace Swatches"[/COLOR]
3.and load *.aco or *.act file (that is file what u made from *.pal file)
then load color category window with swatches of custom color
like this

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Jul 18 2008, 2:12 am NirvanaJung Post #2

The Second : creat a color pallet for RetroGrp to use in Photoshop

1. get palette file from your image in Photoshop
Now someone of u could want use palette for RetroGRP

If you had follow the first tutorial at above, you have to export as Palette file which is colours informations of ur image
notice this, if u wanna get *.pal - microsoft palletethen image mode should Indexed mode currently
if present mode isn't that Color Table command will grayed out
ok then go to menu as Image -> mode -> Color Table command in Photoshop

and then choose save button and type name and select file type as *.pal - microsoft pallete
as like below image ( I use Load operation image just refer from it )

ok then you got an Palette file but u should know what is the issue to use in RetroGRP
you make sure convert your palette file to StarCraft Palette format
(it's own palette format it has different fomat from microsoft pallete *.pal )
ecuzz RetroGRP doesn't support [COLOR=orange]microsoft pallete *.palformat
if try to load that in RetroGRP that will Crash Down

u guys should use PALEDIT which is editor to convert Palette format between serveral Palette fomats for RetroGrp to use

]2. how to use Paledit to convert for RetroGRP
PALEDIT is palette converting Tool to use palette for many image editors and Modding tools
it's so Simple to use

First , load any Palette format then colours table filled as same Colours of the Palette
and then Check save file fomat to set which u'd want fomat

To convert for Retro, make sure check on JASC(Paintshop) or SC (Animation) at the near center of bottom
and Save as *.Pal extension


Jul 18 2008, 2:17 am NirvanaJung Post #3

How to apply SC Palette as to Custom image in the GIMP
alright~! here is Another tutorial for Advanced modder is
i found out how to load / matching image with pallet while using GIMP just moment ago
as uguys know, GIMP is very good editor to make pixelbased image

what is better that's Powerfull and Totally Freeware
and smany people try use
so this tutorial will very useful for someone who's want make SC gfx with GIMP


Jul 18 2008, 2:18 am NirvanaJung Post #4

Main Contents of Tutorial
The first requirement conditions
1. install GIMP
2. get original BMP of SC from GRP file
Adding SC pallet in pallet list of GIMP

1. run GIMP at first

2. first all, you make sure adding Palette in the Palette list of GIMP
3. file- open an image file which is contained SC Palette information then u can add pallete label in list
4. then appear new window and u can see many menus at top side if it's first time what u open the file in GIMP
5. go to "Dialogs" in menu and select Pallete (hotkey is Ctrl+P)

6. now u can see pallete list windows , point over at center of blank

7. and right click then appear popup menu... select "import Pallette..."

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Jul 18 2008, 2:20 am NirvanaJung Post #5

8. in Import Pallette window... seclect radio bt "Image file..." in Select source option
9. then you'll see changing Preview
if that Preview has show all right , type an name for Palette list at the Palette name box
and click [Import] btn then u can see added pallete label in list like below

ok done, now u can use this pallette for image anytimes

Set the present palette to listed SC palette

When u'd like to creat image from scratch in gimp, set palette to SC palette
cause if u does paint without non-SC colours , Probably image doesn't looks same like as your mind in game
So it is important pre-set for the starting of your work

1. Before u have save file, make sure change image mode to index mode in GIMP
Follow below step to do it
make new document or open an completed image file

go to menu[COLOR=#8b0000] - Image -> Mode -> and select [COLOR=#8b0000]indexed .. for changing mode

if present image is already index mode, then turn to RGB

and change back to index

you'll see "indexed color conversion" window
check "Use custom palette" in the colormap option and click on thumbnail image
then appears Palette list which dropdown list
Choose one as u'll use SC palette

now~! you must do uncheck "Remove unused colors from final pallette"

it's done, current image changed colours in the same to SC pallette
if u want see how it setted colors of the present image,
goto Dialogs menu -> Colormap

then u can see present colors what kind image have the colours
how does colours look in the pallete preview ? is that same as SC colors now?

if it does, it's the say ok u save the file

notice : that could be show different count of row and line but if see number that same to palette set
just look propertice of indexed number

and u can edit color for each indexed number
double click color and appear edit color window then u can change color as u please
"" " style="max-width:500px; max-height:500px;" onclick="javascript:show_image(811064307)" id="image_clickable_811064307" class="image_clickable">

///// Remeber that the BMP's for StarDraft SE's GRP Converter are normal
256-color bmp's, RetroGRP uses RLE encoding. //////

So when u have save file make sure set the format for BMP

Bonus Tip
when u'd painting with color u need to pick only assigned colour in palette
u can pick colour with colormap window after change mode to Indexed color
try use the colormap window like as color picker

ok, u can make and match image to SC grp with use GIMP
Also, GIMP is Freeware,there is no problem to use for make SC grpahics
it's really Good for Free user, try this then uguys will love this :beer:

i'd like to post links of GIMP tutorials a little bit to this thread
there are many tutorials in world wide web
so u could make find GIMP tutorials by searching with GooGle


[ Download able GIMP Links ]
The GIMP for Windows (version 2.2.13, fixed installer)
If this is the first time you're installing The GIMP, you will also need GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment below

[U]GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment [COLOR=red][U]( for Windows 2000 and newer)
This package is required to run The GIMP on Windows 2000 and newer. If you have older version of Windows, install [U][COLOR=#800080]GTK+ 2.6 instead.
[U]GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment [U](for Windows 98/ME and NT4)
This package is required if you want to run The GIMP on Windows 98, ME or NT4. It is recommended to use [U][COLOR=#800080]GTK+ 2.10 on Windows 2000 and newer. Download

GIMP Tutorial of offical site

VIDEO tutorial of GIMP

Grokking the GIMP

Getting Started with The GIMP

Searched GIMP Tutorials of

Have fun ~! ^_^


Jul 18 2008, 2:25 am NirvanaJung Post #6

hey guys i found one of good solutions of GIMP while i tired to search the use of GIMP script

Basicly i use Photoshop for my work but sometime
i use GIMP either to show GIMP users the ways to make SC graphics and somethings

Introduction of Gimpshop

The GIMP is the most popular free alternative to Photoshop - available for alot of platforms. Photoshop users have big problems switching because they have a hard time locating Photoshop's features in The GIMP.
These Photoshop users get some help now by Scott Moschella's GIMPshop (Announcing GIMPshop).
Basically it is just a hack of the current GIMP-sourcecode changing the menustructure, naming and key-bindings to be more like Photoshop.

Scott did this for Max OS X, but there are already packages for several linux flavours. Since win32 ports don't really work, I took what I found in the comments of Scott's article and created an installer for Windows (tested on WinXP and Win2k) which should make the installation easy and should work for everyone.

Also it is just 7.9MB small (thanks to LZMA compression).
It is all you need. GTK is included and all unnecessary files have been removed. These are the gimp-gtk docs, the inlude files and all localization files. The latter don't make any sense, since Scott did the port in English only. Additionally I included the GIMP Deweirdifier Plugin which puts all GIMP windows in a single parent window to keep your Windows taskbar clean.

Comparison Screenshots
Adobe Photoshop Edit menu:

GIMPshop Edit menu:

Adobe Photoshop Image - Adjustments

GIMPshop Edit menu:

Adobe Photoshop Image - Rotate Canvas

GIMPshop Image - Rotate Canvas

Here a command that functions just like Photoshop’s Auto Levels is hidden
in Gimp’s Layers menu and is named Normalize.

Download GIMPshop 2.2.4 for Windows

WinXP port of GIMPshop which includes the Dewierdifyer plugin and a Windows GTK theme for that Windows feel. Weighs in at only 8 Megs. Thanks dakira and Hybr1s!

if u wanna see more detail then visit official Gimpshop page of here

have fun with it~!


Jul 18 2008, 2:31 am NirvanaJung Post #7

Another Free image editor
- a good enough to use for ur custom image

hey guys, i have a good infomation for urs who's want a good free image editor
to creat and edit for starcraft gfx

this time i'd like to introduce the PictBear which is free software and having Strong functions and Features of paint

Today, The Adobe Photoshop is one of widely used image solution
Photoshop really have Strong functions and full Features for creating art
but it's quite costly much

Fortunately, there is one of free software which stand comparison with Photoshop

that is the PictBear

when i use the picbear at first, i felt it's so analogous to Photoshop interface and Features

And i can say that is really equal to Photoshop for the most part

Also the why that i suggest it
is so Easy to use management of palette
that's one of reason what i highly recommend the PictBear for ur custom starcraft gfx

Introduction of PictBear Second Edition [/U]
Feature of paint software PictBear SE

- It is a free software.

- Having Powerful toolset

- Strong customizing function.
- Real layer function.

- The reading and writing of GI
F/PNG/JPEG is supported.
- A variety of image types are supported.
- The filter is extensible in the filter plug-in.
- The correspondence format is extensible in the plug-in.
- Script function to automate processing.
- Easy-to-use palette management.

- It is possible to use it easily with UI without the habit

if u want visit official website go through here

but i uploaded my Pictbear installer files since someone said it doesn't work for changing language japanes to english
there are 2 installer versions with rc3 and rc5, if it does work with english try to install RC3 at first
and upgrade to RC5 then it could be works ( i tried it serveral times and i made it work for changing to english )

My Pictbears link : ( you have to wait a sec to see download button at the link )

The PictBear made by janpanese so basicly most website writen with japanese text

Notice :
if u try install it, when installing it will show error msg window at last,
that why is installer try install script file with janpanese text
Probably if ur windows not installed japanese language system
that will appears with that message
Anyways when it shows you with error msg or not just click ignore and pass that step
that is not big deal just click to ignore every times
and when u try run it first time should choose used language to english

How to make matching palette for custom image
1. first off u need to get palette information from SC image or Act file(kinda a palette format)

2. To get palette information
open custom image which have palette information of StarCraft unit

Notice :
when u try open BMP file which exported BMP by Retro GRP
that would be can't load BMP into PictBear interface
i don't know why that can't Retro GRP's BMP file , what i can think the reason that maybe Retro GRP decompiler dump out the BMP with something different format with other

So if want load what exported from RetroGRP u should resave by other Tools
such as MS-Paint or sometihng

if don't want resave with anyother tools then u should get BMP file from StarDraft-GRP editor or SF's GRPeditor or CV5 tool[/U]

3. Anyway if load image done, go to menu into image - Palette - Edit palette....

4. then u can see the image of palette information in Edit Palette window
if u want make palette file with current propertice, click Save.. button

and give the name as u please such as Sc_unit_default and i suggest palette format to ACT format

5. now u can use that Act file when u need load palette for ur any images

7. To replace colors with SC palette,
now open any custom image on Pictbear,

and go to menu into image - Image Type and select Index color...
then appear a index color dialog , select custom in palette list then
u can see the image of palette information in Edit Palette window

8. click Open.. button and choose Act file, which palette for each kind of image

9. if ur palette load done, click ok button
if u want replace palette in during anytime then go to menu to image - - Palette - Edit palette....

and as same above, click Open.. button and choose Act file, which palette for each kind of image

10. if u want use layer funtion for creat easily and effectively u should change image mode to Full color...

11. To Paint from scratch with SC colours,
select menu to File - New , and appear new image dialog
set image size to fit ur custom unit and set type to index color
(if u want use layer funtion then change image mode to Full color...)
Background color just set as u please (i suggest black background but white is fine )

11 . if change image mode to index color...
u should load StarCraft palette and pick color to paint color with brush
but if u set Full Color ... that unable use specific palette
So u should open another SC cutsom image which haved a StarCraft palette
and in both opened images , activate an SC cutsom image and select color in the palette pannel

and activate ur working image and paint color

and save as BMP file finally

Aight, we had find out what is PictBear and what we can do with it for Starcraft custom image

i think if uguys don't have Photoshop or Paintshop and anyother commercial use softwares
I highly recommend it, it's really good enough to use for creating custom image

if u want have it , get from links
Official link :

i uploaded my Pictbear installer files since someone said it doesn't work for changing language japanes to english
there are 2 installer versions with rc3 and rc5, if it does work with english try to install RC3 at first
and upgrade to RC5 then it could be works ( i tried it serveral times and i made it work for changing to english )

My Pictbears link : ( you have to wait a sec to see download button at the link )

Have fun with this

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Jul 18 2008, 2:35 am NirvanaJung Post #8

Get realized out the colours of SC-Special Palette/colors :D


`hey guys~! i have an Good news for urs in here !
especialy this thread good for graphic modders who's want know
about use the Special palette for creating Custom Graphics

what is good news?... alright~! listen .....
May many of you have been wondering that about using colours of SC special pallette, right? and ditto here

Basically... when have decompiling the thingy/*.GRP to BMP
there are many of another colours Which GRP are explosion / special effect
/ particle / flames / lights effects ....etc.. mainly
when you've got decompiled BMP's , u couldn't see colours correctly on image
Also some of images are looks very weird like as inversed colours
cause they containes just an Default SC colors So thay doesn't look as like in game gfx

i had to find out their correct colors and i used other way,
that way is Reverse thinking of pictorial pallete
what is that mean?... here going's really an funy way

if u read my thread about pallette , u know about principle of pallette already
ok.. then what i had use which way?...
i just made GRP with the picture which looks same as SC pallette
just like this... take look

Right~! its the image there is an pictured object which does look same of pallette colours
and this image compiled into GRP
so then if that used for Terran's Command center or anothers ...whatever...
that GRP will Displayed as the picture like as pallette

that's an kernel of my method what i how to found out the special pallette ~!

in images.dat properties of Datedit/Asnall3,Zero, there is settings about pallete
i used special image unit\thingy\TbangX.grp and another explorsion GRP too
and I had set that images uses Special pallete and uses speical colors of palatte propertices

uguys can see that in DatEdit/ Arsenal3,Zero...

as like above reference image, uguys try to set image has use special palette for owns and give an special color
saved images.dat file into MPQ After change the settings like that

so then that Command center will Displayed colors with used palette and colors
like this.... i just ran SC-Map editor cause that is best way to see as same in game

it's kinda Reverse the preview if someone have been know about the palette rule ,
everyones could get that way already
StarCraft has process previewing colour with another palettes so it could got these Special palette pictures

Bascially... Special palettes and each palettes are used for specific thingy effection gfx
in the with quote from the settings name of Datedit, Actualy, most thingy images are uses types as 9-use special and EMP Shockwave
(Atcually EMP is no necessity to know , thats much enough to get know by use Basic palette)

and there are colours types
1. orange 2.Green 3.Blue1 4.Blue2 that's all need things
most thingy\*.grp are uses 9 - Special palette and each own colors

1. orange is used most Terran's explosion / glow / flame / etc...
2. Green is used most Zerg's explosion / weapons, magic effect / etc...
3. Blue1 is used deffensive Matrix and Protoss's glow / etc...
4. Blue2 is used most Protoss's explosion / flame / etc...

so i had refer to Displayed images which shows up GRP image in the Map editor
I was edit all colours value of the palette as nearly to each Special palettes
here is special palettes which had dig out near Special palette
take look~!





but uguys realised out which coulours are different a bit from Disaplyed GRP
in comparison with this

it is yellow colors

what could u see the different ? there is a few differece colors from Referenced palettes

Take a look the colors of the first horizontal line
I had change from #1 till #14 colors cause those indexed numbers are applied to opacity from Background
and 4th line, #32~#36 color is opacity too So palettes dirve for see the opacity as good and easy

if someone would like to creat or edit Explsion gfx as different appearanced looks

but make sure notice most colours has own opacity rate against to Background colour a little bit in game SC
that's the special feature of Palette property

for example, here are images which are applied as Default/Default and special / yellow
just take comparative look


How they does looks ? As ugus Seen, yellow is nearly correct to essential colors

Baically... that reference images are makes understand to which about rate of opacity
cause I had use background tranceparence color as R0 G255 B0
and opacity colors is more darkness than backgrond
the Opacity colours are more darkness and opacity rate is getting down from each other

so in a yellow palette, that shows gradient darkness with Green and on 4th line too
greenness set is my color set for understand to rate of opacity

But Remember about this issue,
Special palette has use Only 36colors with 4 lines of the palette
im not sure why they are use like that but when i had use all colors for the reference picture
Game does Crashed
i guess the special palettes are just used colors as that limit

Note: This maded palettes are not correct as Game Screenshot to totally
but Colours are nearly correct Original colors which showed in game SC
and notice about opacity colors, make sure handle that for making gfx as well as artlessly

alright~! that is a general idea of Special Palette and other speical palettes are same
I'd like to show urs which replaced colours like as Actual Special colours of the Effect graphics


Jul 18 2008, 2:39 am NirvanaJung Post #9

Looking for around 3d Grahpic tools

Welcome, here is a tutorials to dealing solutions with the 3d Grahpic tools for creat custom units/buildings and Animations(not iscript.bin)

These tutorials would enable you to understand
around in the creation of 3d grahics to convert as StarCraft GRP
Before begining... are uguys like creating own custom unit sprite ?
and r uguys creating all images with inconvenience ?

then u guys should work with use 3d tools,
cuz most unit are divided with 17 turned images
and their figure of angles are defferent each other by difference viewpoints
u guys might draw and paint ur units if u work in just 2d image editor
but u could make works each all 17 angles by just creat at once with use 3d tools
aight then, let's look around 3d editors

Professional Solutions


3dsmax is Professional Media & Entertainment Solutions for Game Graphics,3d Animations,
creative and media professionals
productive feature set designed to accelerate workflow,
3ds Max is the leader in 3D animation for game development,
design visualization, visual effects, and education.
Also, that is most popular software of 3d creative


Maya Complete integrates the world's foremost Create superior digital content,
modeling, animation, visual effects and advanced rendering technologies
into one complete workflow solution. It's the world’s most comprehensive 3D software
especally Maya most popular in film industry
film King Kong,The Da Vinci Code created sepcial visual by Maya
that's rock in the 3d creative

the character production software.
Featuring completely non-destructive workflow,
XSI makes life easier by enabling changes on rigged & animated characters
and Creating High-Quality Characters
especally, Half-Life2 is created all contents by used XSI-Softimage

but u guys have to know this, 3dsmax and Maya so expensive price to buy

so many of u wanna low cost or free,opensource 3d edit tools
and besides, have to got Very good functions and capability
but don't worry about that, there are many Free 3d creat tools
and Also they got so many good functions and friendly UI

Free 3d creat tools
1.Gmax - i want to highly recommend this tool for begining 3d software

it's called small 3dsmax cuz if u wanna more capacity tools like 3dsmax
then get G-max it's totally same tool with 3dsmax and also that's all free
Also Gmax buited by 3dsmax developer of staff
but if u when rendering images to files u have to get renderer plugin
that's different of function from 3dsmax
follow this url then u could get that
offical Gmax offer site :
Gmax free renderer Script :


Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering,
post-production, interactive creation and playback.
Available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.
it's quite capacity tools for ur creation of 3d Art
especally it's features available Render to images and Animations as any format
but that didn't got friendly UI so u guys might be confuse in UI and configurations
that's just ur job what need to figure out
offical site :

3.xsi modtool

The SOFTIMAGE|XSI Mod Tool gives you full access to all of the professional character creation
features available in the industry's only completely
non-destructive character workflow?SOFTIMAGE|XSI.
This free game modification utility guides 3D professionals,
as well as experienced modders and novices,
through all of the features and functionality for building
and texturing artwork in XSI and for creating and rigging characters,
props, and environmental elements.
Use the Mod Tool to mix and blend animations or render interactively
and then simply export the models to your game.
but XSI Mod Tool features unailable Render to images and Animations as any format
that just available export the models as each 3d format with use exporter plugin,script
so may got some screen capture program
offical site :

[COLOR=#000000]4. Anim8or
Anim8or is a 3D modeling and character animation program that is not as a commercial endeavor While it is far from a complete professional level application like 3DStudio MAX or Lightwave, it has enough capability to be of use to others[/FONT]

3D Modeler - Create and modify 3D models. Built-in primitives such as spheres, cylinders, platonic solids, etc.; mesh-edit and subdivision; splines, extrusion, lathing, modifiers, bevel and warps,
TrueType font support - 2D and 3D extruded text for any TrueType font.
OpenGL based real time operation,
Import and modify .3DS (3D Studio), .LWO (Lightwave), and .OBJ (Wavefront) object files,
Export .3DS files,
Built in 3D Object browser,
Jointed character editor,
Morph targets,
Anti-aliased software renderer for high quality, production quality images,
Create 3D scenes and animations and output .AVI movie files, .JPG and .BMP images,
Supports textures, bump maps, soft shadows, spotlights, fog, and much more,
Texture support for .BMP, .GIF, and .JPG format files,
Print images of scenes and models.
OpenGL shaders for realistic previews.
Scripting language.
Plig-ins for parameteric shape and object export

what is the merit of it.. it's able to render image as image file for your works
mostly free-professional level 3d softwares aresn't support rendering feature
but it's give u chance to have rendering throgh there
offical site :

accessory tools
1.CamStudio (Free opensource)

CamStudio records screen activity from your Windows Desktop into standard AVI movie files.
It is an ideal tool for developing videos to demonstrate features of a new software
or any other task that requires the capture of desktop activity.
The program is easy to use, and you can select an area or full desktop for recording.
You can adjust the video quality settings to reduce file size,
use custom cursors and add a soundtrack through your microphone or speakers.
Furthermore, you can add screen captions to your desktop while recording.
These captions are anti-aliased, high quality images that support text display in multiple languages.
What is better.. this totally Free~!
offical site :
aight~! we had look around 3d Grahpic tools and Free opend solutions

Next time, i'd explain around more information of Free stuffs

Cya~! and enjoy it !

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Jul 18 2008, 2:54 am NirvanaJung Post #10

1. the Using of GMAX to proceed ur custom graphics rapidly


Welcome to Modding with GMAX .
You'd be reached the largest collection of 3d sftuff tutorials out there.
I've written these links of tutorials from as remember
Hopefully this will makes useful for make 3d grahpics look more advanced.
especllay Aircraft and all turned around units what contained 17 each degrees in GRP file

Note :
basically Gmax unailable Rendering ur 3d model into 2d image files such as bmp,jpg,gif,pcx,tga etc...
so u have to get other third party redner utility
i'll Explain about that this GMAX section

first off, To download gmax, visit the
and to start gmax,u should register gmax

if Registration code not working or didn't arrived then visit here

and have any question of GMAX just visit here

GMAX Tutorials [/COLOR

if u coudn't follow steps to get Running GMAX
then just follow this Flash video tutorials

note: u guys have to Remember this
Basically gmax and 3dmax is same tools both give u same layout and configurations
So probably u guys would make figrue out by practice just 3dsmax tutorials

Guide to starting with gMax

Gmax Rolling Stock Tutorial

Gmax Tutorial Introduction document file

Tutorials: GMax Basic SC4 Wall Creation,
GMax Curved Wall, Curved Window, Roof,
Trim and Texture, Creating Arched Windows,
Modifying Solid Objects, Texturing - a step by step guide, and more.

News and Announcements, Essential Gmax Tools,
Using Gmax with UnrealEd 3.0, Maxscripts,
Tips and Tricks, Tutorial Bank, Gmax to 3D Explorer, and much more!

modelling and texturing(paint ur modell)

Couchspud's Freeland 3D Stuff

GMax Tutorial based on MaxisBrian's tutorial

DarkMatter's Simtropolis gmax Tutorials

DarkMatter's Simtropolis Guide to House-Building in gmax

Lord_Quillian's Simtropolis Tutorial on Night Lighting and Night Windows

Deadwood's Simtropolis B.A.T. Texturing Tutorial for Photoshop Users

JoshuaC's Simtropolis EZ Skyscraper

Gmax - Texturing Part 1

Let's make train 3d with gmax

Gmax and 3dmax Video tutorial

Modeling a P-38 Lightning Fighter$=main/howto/gmax.htm

GMAX Tutorial - Texturing

UVWmapping and 2d art work ('skinning')

Gmax Essential Tools

Gmax scripts search listed site

total 3d graphics informations and community
3dgame resource site

custom 3d Game models

Most FPS 3d game custom models

WarCraft3 custom models and modding tutorials

Rendering Gmax 3dmodel to images
if want images of ur model in Gmax, other one third party renderer is here
u might read attentions and pick one's steps if haven't experience of GMAX and
third party redering softwares

* Update : 2006/09/07
JKA: Simple Sword Modelling Tutorial- FileFreak Forums

Modeling a P-38 Lightning Fighter

- How to creat GENERIC models

note: this tutorials are written for Milkshape3d(not Gmax and 3dsmax)
but all 3d software same from eachother almost close
they are have most silmilar toolset and funtions and same use way
So just refer this tuto then u could make like that with use GMAX and 3dsmax

Authour is

for Creat Game Art

Modelling Video Tutorial

note : To get these Videos should sign in [COLOR=#yellow] Account
and login at first

I. Modelling
modelling the pink DOOM demon
modelling a head from photo reference
modelling a head
modelling another head part 1
modelling another head part 2
modelling another head part 3
modelling another head part 4
Modelling a low-poly head in 3ds max 5 - Indeo Video
Completely modeling and uving a male model
modelling a rocket launcher
modelling Brom's dumb looking warrior part 1

II. Skinning
skinning an ogre head
skinning Magdalena's head
skinning the Cacodemon part 1
skinning the Cacodemon part 2
skinning the Cacodemon part 3
skinning the Cacodemon part 4
skinning the Cacodemon part 5
skinning a male head
skinning Mole's boots
skinning the terminator chick's head part 0
skinning the terminator chick's head part 1
skinning the terminator chick's head part 2
skinning the terminator chick's head part 3
skinning a greyscale head
sharpening a head skin part 1sharpening a head skin part 2
skinning a male head with a pony tail
shading a head skin part 1
shading a head skin part 2
shading a head skin part 3
shading a head skin part 4
skinning a metal panel part 1
skinning a metal panel part 2skinning a metal panel part 3skinning dragonito

III. Painting
painting a head
painting a face
shading a metal button
speed painting

UVW Video Tutorial 1 of 3 -3DSMax ( but GMAX is apply same ways mostly)
3DSMax UVW Video Tutorial 1 of 3

Video training for 3D Studio Max ( GMAX is apply same ways mostly)

Ceating a character from start to finish and some other written tutorials

Rigging in 3dsmax (only first section is free)

]Unwrapping UVW Textures for model

3dsmax tutorials page of ( GMAX is apply same ways mostly)

poop's tutorials
who's Character artist on Game industry
- it's really great tutorials resource


i'd like write about how to use this renderer as step by step for Beginers
when i free

Anyway.... have fun this~!


Jul 18 2008, 2:57 am NirvanaJung Post #11

NJ's GMAX Additional Files and Tools

I. Wat is NJ's GMAX Additional Files and Tools ?
- As i said before it's my collected and modified Setting files and Tools

Basically Default Settings are inconvenience a little
For examplem many Game modders are farmilar with keyboad controling which similar
to Game playing control
And repeatedly hotkey are would be better to collected as close from eachother
and in my experience, layout colors are would be better to dark as possible for ur eye

here goes to introduce detail

1. GMAX's hotkeys are changed to collected as close from eachother
uguys probably use hotkeys and there are repeatedly funtions and menus
during work in GMAX

(eg. Selecting object, Select and move object, Rotate, Uniform Scale
Zoom viewport, Panning viewport, Rotate Viewport, Maximizing viewport)

those funtions are used repeatedly very much during work
and those funtions are most important and frequent funtions

So i change hotkey settings to those hotkeys are collected as close from eachother
look this image it's manual

Basically i had change hotkeys as same as collection from GMAX's icon Settings

here is changed hotkyes set
Q : Select mode / W : select and move mode /E : Rotate mode / R : Uniform Scale mode
A : Resion Zoom / S : Pan mode / D : Rotate View / F : Maxmize View / Mininize View
Z : Zoom mode

1 : select vertex mode / 2: Edge mode / 3: Polygon mode / 4: Eleme mode
i belive this setting is most close to user's repeatedly using keys collection
and it's most easy to understatnd from GMAX's icons collection

2. Added very good modelling extende tools which is MeshTools 2.5 and JJtools
Gmax supported third party tools and plugins very much from Gmax developers and
Third party programers and Scriptors (but curretly most they are no updates anymore)
in many of third Utilities for GMAX , i had collect some good tools for using GMAX

What is the Mesh tools ?

- Excellent poly modelling toolset built around the concept of using edgeloops as a modelling aid.
if use it, ur modelling environment would be more quickly and ur modelling skill would be more raised up

Includes the following selection tools:

- Convert selection to vert/edge/poly
- Select shared verts/edges/polys
- Sub object selection grow/shrink
- Edge selection tools - edgeloop, edgering, outline

ShowCase Meshtools

Note : image is 3dsmax working image but same to GMAX working)

Powerful Selectiontools enhance your workflow a lot!

Selection will be divided via Connect...

if uguy get skilled in modelling as well then u guys hope have more extended tools for Free
that's Mesh Tools ~! it's Excellent poly modelling toolset

Alight have ur mouth waters from this ? if interested in this Toolset

Get this File form here :[/wysi_size">

II. How to install NJ's GMAX file
just copy to GMAX installed path (eg. C:Gmax)
and run Gmax, go to Customize menu on top menus
select Customizie User Interface

and load nj_* files for each Categories of Interface taps
(eg. load nj_hotkey for Keyboard Setting)

As like that, should load my setting files on all Categories (eg.Keyboad / Toolbar / Quads / Menus / Colors )

and when u load setting file on Colors set, should click Apply Colors now

then u will see changed Interface colors

And that's not all my gift~!
i had collect many of Script files which support importing and exporting many of 3d model format

(eg. MDX importer exporter / 3ds file Importer /DXF file importer/ Half-life SMD file importer exporter
World of Warcraft M2 file importer / Return to Wolfensitne MDC file importer / Quake3 MD3 file Exporter / OBJ file Exporter)

u guys could load many other 3d format into GMAX and exporting to other 3d formats either

Have fun this~!

if uguys will have practice Creating 3D Art with GMAX as much as well uguys would really like them

But i really not sugguest GMAX for get BMP files which Animate models
if uguys wanna get pictures of ur models as animate frames
Choose other Soloution bcuzz GMAX hasn't multiple rendering funtions
there is just one renderer which able to just one images with peace by peace

OtherWise, if do Video Caturing for ur models and animating in GMAX
u could get all frames to BMP files which images to all animation frames

Next time i'll introduce about that

Keep ur eyes here

Oh~! here is another Tips of MY settings file

if uguys will change Backgruond color for GMAX viewport to Black(R:0 G:0 B:0)
or Green (R:0 G:255 B:0)

then go to Customize-Custom User interface and go to Colors tap
and load nj_color_BG000(it's black) and BG02550(it's green) as u want

then should change Background colors as u load colors

like this

NJ's Settings file Updeates~!
here is my updated files for GMAX User interface

i mainly use 3dsmax i have been use that for great years Acutally i'm not use GMAX mostly
but 3dsmax and GMAX are almost same .... no i can say both are totally same
Software execpt rendering engine

anyways So i update GMAX settings file from earlier introduced files

update contents is as follows quadmenus of Meshtools
if uguys have seen Meshtools Showcase image from above
there are showed Quad menus for Meshtools which arranged as funtionaly
i think that would be more good for general user than my first Quad menu settings
So i made one as same like that

if uguys like that introduced image for meshtools Quad menu
update ur files with it

take look these images

in Quadmenu there are two Meshtools options
1. MeshtoolsSEL - it's set which Sorted seleting operations of Meshtools

2. MeshtoolsMOD - it's set which Sorted Modfiy operations of Meshtools

note: those images are not 2.5 menus image but almost same to it

And someone of u maybe would wonderring why the menu colurs settings are
different from Defaultl settings of GMAX

i made custom Quad menus's color settings file as same like 3dsmax which Quad menus's colors settings

So if u wanna make Quad menu's color settings as like to 3dsmax
then update colors set in menu of Customize userinterface

How to change Quadmenu's color settings
1. go to menu of Customize->Customize UserInterface
2. click Advanced Options in Quads tap
3. then appear that options window and click [load] button and load NJ_QuadMenus.qmo file which loacated in Gmaxui folder
4. Save as Startup and select ok then ur Quadmenu color settings are be change
as same like 3dsmax's colors

like this which seen menu's colurs

and i just add hotkey set in hotkey settings file
(eg. vertex mode, edge mode, Border mode, polygon mode, element mode
and some of modifier operations for modelling )

added hotkeys are as follows
u guys should note this if active this modes u should creat one object and
turn to editable polygon so u guys could do this modes

hotkey : [1] vertex mode [2] edge mode [3] Border mode [4] polygon mode
[5] element mode

Ctrl+T : Target weld ( if u do modelling, u probably use Target welding operate very frequently)

Ctrl+W : Weld ( it's either above )

Shift + C : Connect selected edges / vertices / polys ( It goes without saying )

aight that's it

next time if i have free times i would give some example GMAX model files
which included texture or animations and bone settings to refering for ur practice
with GMAX

if wanna get update file take it from here:


Jul 18 2008, 3:08 am NirvanaJung Post #12

here are goes to GMAX/3DSMAX and other software tutorials
it's will going stay here to add link

GMAX tutorials for CnC General model

note : basicly it is made for CnC General modding but it's not quite apply to only there
thinking about 3d making... most 3d works are usual way with same technique
so if u read it, probably could apply to ur work

Modding Tutorials [LIST]
[*]Infantry Modelling and Animation
Author: Jaymioz
This in-depth tutorial explains how to model and animate infantry for the SAGE engine. A must-read for any modder looking to learn how to model and animate infantry!
[*]Skinning 3D Models in RenX/Gmax
Author: Luckie
This Flash tutorial explains how to skin 3D Models in Gmax (with RenX) for beginners. The visual references provided by this Flash tutorial serve as a great starting point for those looking to learn how to skin models.

Modeling Joan of Arc written by Michel Roger


Jul 18 2008, 3:12 am NirvanaJung Post #13

How to could get render to image for GMAX

- Introduction

if u trying to get work with 3d model then i want to highly recommend GMAX for begining 3d software with freeware

First off, that is freeware and it's called small 3dsmax cuz if u wanna more capacity tools like 3dsmax
then get G-max it's totally same tool with 3dsmax and also that's all free
Also Gmax buited by 3dsmax developers

but there is weak points, Gmax unailable Rendering ur 3d model into 2d image files such as bmp,jpg,gif,pcx,tga etc...
so u have to get other third party utility to get rednering

i'd like to tell here a bit solutions to get rednering for 3d model of GMAX

1.Capture screen

- it's most essential method to get images for ur work
i won't tell specific steps, just capture screen and paste into image editor
and have change image size to fit Standard size of SC grp file

2. GMAX to Yafray exporter script
- u can get rendering from GMAX script which third party script
to get a know about that try read the introductions and tutorials from here

3.render from other Free 3d tools
- if u annoying to Capturing and using Yafray exporter script or something
try to use another 3d tools to just rendering to image for ur model
there is one of good free ware which able to render as image file for your works

i recommend Anim8or to another tool to use for just rendering

offical site :

mostly free 3d softwares of capabilited tools aresn't support rendering feature
but Anim8or give u chance to have rendering throgh there
and u can get rendering so easy and intuitively

To getting render on Anim8or
first, u should convert 3d model as *.3ds file through GMAX
and import converted 3ds file to Anim8or workspace
then u can render ur model through Anim8or

that's general steps to get rendering for ur model

if u wanna know to more detail then try get tutorials from anim8or website

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Jul 18 2008, 3:19 am NirvanaJung Post #14

StarCraft 3d model Collection for WarCraft3 MDX format


first, its not tutorial post, i'd like to just give some of utile stuff to here

This SC 3d collection is collected from WC3-SC conversion pack
its made for WC3 mod, however it could import model into GMAX,3dsmax,Milkshape3d and etc....

so if u wanna have Starcraft units for 3d model then try get use this collection

but remember
its collected from
it's not mine
uguys should notice that make sure use custom WC3model source for only reference of ur work
if u wanna use those models without any editing as different aspect for ur adapt
then probably u should get allow Permits are required for use that from own producer

if u wanna know how to import those model file into GMAX / 3dsmax
then take read above of this thread

then have fun with it, try make ur custom SC unit with this collection

Download link :
Starcraft 3D Conversion unit MDX-Pack

Starcraft 3D Conversion unit MDX-Pack 1/2 splitted file
Starcraft 3D Conversion unit MDX-Pack 2/2 splitted file

Note : the file format is 7z it's another zip file so if u dont have any able extacting tools for 7.z file
get this 7zip to use from

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Jul 18 2008, 3:26 am NirvanaJung Post #15

The small tutorial to have recoluring with colour mode

it's written for who want know technique to give a tip about change colour to image
and i decided to write this after seen the thread Request for GRP's
but this usage apply to Adobe-photoshop cause i have working with there right now
sorry~! :P but it could be apply to other editors since most image editors are have a similar features and menus to working for each purpose
if u get the hang of ur editor then probably should work with this example
becuzz this working isn't totally different principle, it's uses with quite common principle of most image Manipulation

aight then here we go~!

[showcase image]

1. open original image

2. now i'd change background colour as green to distinguish colors more easily
to have change bg go to image in the menus and select - mode - Colour table
then appears colour table and pick first colour in the table
and change colour to R:0 G:255 B:0

3. u can see changed background colour, it's very useful way to start editing
cause if bg is black type colour then it could be uncomfortable to distinguish colors
aight then now we need to select only non-team colours to except from changing colours
becuzz when u try change colours for unit/building need to notice that team-colur
shouldn't change to other colours
if changed them unit doen't show team-colours in the game

to except team-colours in image,
change image mode to RGB colour mode and u need such a advance menu
then now go to Select menu - colour range
preferably u guys better to zoom in to see working image as more bigger

and u can notice there is eyedropper icon over image when colour range window show on
pick one of most used team-colour like this

and set fuzziness value to about 100~150 then team-colours are selected with selection area

now u need to add selection with background
pick magic wand tool in the toolbar

and keep pressing Shift key and pick background in image menwhile shift key pressed
then bg added into selection group

now u need to inverse selection to select only object colours
use hotkey with Ctrl+Shift+ i then u can inverse selection
now the selection has apply to only guadian's body

to change colours for body, now copy and paste that selected body to new layer
use hotkey with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V then u can add newlayer with only body

go to Image menu and select Adjustment - Curves...
there is channel dropdown list in Curves window
select red channel and move down curve to diminish red colours in picture

the reason why i had change colour, i want turn colours to blue

now select blue channel and move up curve

then colours are turned as blue

it is just litte part of example
just refering it to get the knack of image editing

here are some of example which are turn colours to different

How to apply specific operate to bunch of image files to automatic batch
without doing one by one

now, i'd tell about Automated way to apply ur infrequently working
this usage apply to Adobe-photoshop either
However, u may could find Automated way in ur image editor

Instructions for running a batch process in Photoshop. Useful for resizing and
infrequently used editing a folder of images for the GRP file
Can also be combined with the recolouring and many other process

aight then just follow this steps
1. now open ur image or new document
2. when u go to infrequently used editing which same options for image
Choose Windows > Show Actions and Click on the folder icon
on the bottom bar of the Action window New Set the new set window opens

3. i'd like to Name the set as for GRP and Save the Action Set in a folder from
where it can be retrived later, If an Action is not saved
it will work only on a single machine.
4. Click on Create New Action under for GRP set
5. The New Action window opens then Specify a new action name Recolouring

6. click Record. By clicking on the record command all the steps gets recorded under the action name Recolouring

7. now Automated recording is ready then now do editing for image same as above tutorial which about recolouring
8. make sure stop the action recording when ur all operating finished for image
9. All the steps to be recorded in Actions is completed
In the Action window in the bottom bar, click on Stop
10. The action steps in the action window will appear as shown in the below image

Steps run Automate Batch
1. The Action is ready, to run this action in the folder which there are image files,
Automate > Batch has to be used.
2. Close all the images open on the stage, then Choose File > Automate > Batch
then The Batch window opens
3. In Set > Select the for GRP set from the drop down.
In Action Select the action name Recolouring and In Source select folder from the drop down

Click Choose and select the Folder

The folder path is displayed as D:/GRP/guadian (path will be dependent as per the users choice of saving folder)
To specify a Folder name where the finished files will be saved.
choose Folder In Destination
Click Choose and select the folder path where the files has to be saved

4. The folder path is displayed as D:/GRP/guadian (path will be dependent as per the users choice of saving folder)

5. At the bottom of the window in Errors choose Stop For Errors, in case of any errors the process will be stopped and notified.

6. After all the settings as shown in the below image. Click OK

The images from the D:/GRP/guadian folder will automaticaly open
the action will run and get saved in Destination folder named finalimages

This method becomes very easy when there are many images and a common effect has to be applied to all the images

Have fun with it

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Jul 18 2008, 6:54 am ShadowFlare Post #16

As far as those special palettes, the number of colors you are allowed to use is only limited by the size of the pcx file used for the translation table for the palette. If you extend the image, more colors can be added to it and SC will use them.

And for .grp converters, other newer ones are much more reliable than RetroGRP. There's my converter, SFGRPConv, and there's also pyGRP, which also works and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac (among others).


Jul 18 2008, 5:32 pm A_of-s_t Post #17

aka idmontie

You forgot to mention lighting and camera angles for 3D modeling

Everything is pretty much at a 45 degree and the lighting comes from the right of the model. Take off perspective (or whatever your editor uses that makes models appear closer and such) and use ortho.

Personal GitHub
Starcraft GitHub Organization - Feel free to request member status!

Jul 18 2008, 6:05 pm Corbo Post #18


uh.. light comes from left...
And there's two lights, the global one that iluminates the ambient and there's an indirect light that gives volume to solids.
The principles of basic photography.
Second light would be at -120, -45, -30

fuck you all

Jul 18 2008, 7:55 pm O)FaRTy1billion[MM] Post #19

👻 👾 👽 💪

For things about palette, I have assembled PalPack. I havn't made all the special palette colors unique (yet ;)), though, so right now the ofire, gfire, bfire, bexp, trans50, and shift are only useful for viewing.

Also, stickied.

TinyMap2 - Latest in map compression! ( 7/09/14 - New build! )
EUD Action Enabler - Lightweight EUD/EPD support! (ChaosLauncher/MPQDraft support!)
EUDDB - topic - Help out by adding your EUDs! Or Submit reference files in the References tab!
MapSketch - New image->map generator!
EUDTrig - topic - Quickly and easily convert offsets to EUDs! (extended players supported)
SC2 Map Texture Mask Importer/Exporter - Edit texture placement in an image editor!
\:farty\: This page has been viewed [img][/img] times!

Jul 18 2008, 10:08 pm A_of-s_t Post #20

aka idmontie

Quote from Corbo
uh.. light comes from left...
And there's two lights, the global one that iluminates the ambient and there's an indirect light that gives volume to solids.
The principles of basic photography.
Second light would be at -120, -45, -30
Light comes from the right since the shadows appear on the left...

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