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Central Independent Systems Conversion Mod
Mar 11 2019, 1:29 am
By: razorback9423  

Mar 11 2019, 1:29 am razorback9423 Post #1

A mod by CIS_Razorback, alias razorback9999able, XZrazorbackX, razorback9425 and razorback9423.

Years after the events of End War, a new sentient robotic race called the Central Independent Systems (C.I.S.) entered and invaded the Korprulu Sector to strip mine the system's resources. With the Protoss being defenseless and assimilated by these cybernetic war machines, the Terrans and the Zerg must react quickly to a new threat. Which side will prevail?

Central Independent Systems Conversion Mod is a mod that replaces the Protoss race with the Cybernetic Powerhouse faction called the C.I.S. including new units for the existing Terran and Zerg races. This mod was made to help revive the Mod Night tradition that SEN started back then.



If there are any problems, feel free to post your issues here, the Moddb page or the mod's Discord server. One of the known issues I cannot resolve (because I am not an AI programmer) is that the AI cannot build or attack using Spectres, Pulverizer Tanks, Banshees, Scorpalisks, Tritions and Silencers.

#SCCIS #MakeModnightGreatAgain

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CIS Conversion Mod discord server:

Mar 24 2019, 9:45 am razorback9423 Post #2

UPDATE: The number of downloads were utterly a disappointment :(, as it only reached 95 downloads in almost two months, which is below average than other StarCraft mod.

The reasons why it didn't gain much popularity and downloads was #1. The SC Modding community wasn't interested in making SC mods anymore, and #2. Competition of popularity and downloads against another mod, recently StarCraft Burning Ground version 2.0.

Despite these reasons, the mod will still continue to be supported and maintained by the creator, despite this mod being made by a single person.

This mod was made to help the Mod Night tradition live longer. Thanks for reading!

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CIS Conversion Mod discord server:

Mar 25 2019, 1:11 am Kolokol Post #3

I've played the mod for a couple minutes and two things stood out to me at once.
The first is the build time for the CIS units. CIS units and buildings, especially late ones, take forever to make. It seems to me as if they take longer than anything in the standard game. The buldtimes for the other races seem to be the same.
The second thing is balance. For instance, the spider droids can go toe-to-toe against Anacondas despite being cheaper and the Anaconda being what seems to be a ground attack craft and being more expensive and taking longer to build.
I'll add more things to what I see as a list of flaws as I continue to play the game.


Mar 26 2019, 4:00 am razorback9423 Post #4

The first reason why is because the CIS is a Powerhouse faction that is balanced with long build times but compensated for a very powerful force. The second reason is why Anacondas are expensive is primarily because they serve a dual role purpose as a transport and a ground attack craft, that might cause CIS drops to be devastating compared to the other races, especially the Bastion drop which is almost near unstoppable. Your feedback is clear, Kolokol. I'll be fixing these problems in a new version very soon.

Also, have you tried the Tempest-Bastion combo? It is the scariest army composition right now.

CIS Conversion Mod discord server:

Mar 28 2019, 2:33 am razorback9423 Post #5

Version 1.2.2 is out! Here are a list of changes:
Warning: Can't load saved games or watch replays of previous versions
CIS Building rubble is now gray
Warhead Depot build time decreased to 37.5 seconds
Warhead Depot gas cost increased to 200
Bastion leaves building rubble when destroyed
Bastion build time decreased to 83.33 seconds
Bastion armor decreased to 5
Cruiser Droid health and shields reduced to 50/75
Phantom health and shields reduced to 60/120
Silencer build time reduced to 37.5 seconds
Anaconda ground weapon damage increased to 12x2
Anaconda health and shields increased to 125/90
Lockdown energy cost decreased to 50 to compensate the supply increase
Spectre range decreased to 12
Banshee build time decreased to 43.75 seconds
Pulverizer Tank build time decreased to 50 seconds

Mar 31 2019, 11:37 pm razorback9423 Post #6

(April Fools) Version 4.1 is out! Here are a list of changes:
Warning: You may have to require the StarCraft source code file to work or else a Unicorn Wizard will do it for you
Mutalisk health changed to 150.
Mutalisk Glave Wurm damage increased to 12.
Mutalisk name changed to Sockolisk.
New CIS Unit: Mega Bastion
Health: 1000/1000
Cost: 100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 1 Supply
Scarabs are infinite, deal up to 500 damage each scarab
New CIS Superweapon: Vortex Architect
Use the Tempest Droid to summon a Vortex that deals up to 1000 damage but with less radius with a nuke. Arming it costs 200 minerals, 200 gas and 8 supply.
New Hero: Ultra Instinct Shaggy
Health/Shields: Over 9000!!!!!
Cost: It does not matter!
Weapon: 0.00000001% True Power - Deals 10000 damage to all units and structures around Shaggy
Other aesthetic changes:
Zergling graphic changed to Carbot Zergling.
All races music changed to All Star - Smash Mouth.

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Apr 1 2019, 11:24 pm razorback9423 Post #7

Version 4.1 is not happening! You just got April Fooled!

Apr 8 2019, 7:52 am razorback9423 Post #8

Version 1.2.3 Changes:
These changes are aesthetic, so replays of Version 1.2.2 are compatible
New music for the C.I.S. Faction.
Music Credits:
Protoss1: Seamless - Antecoder (Razorback Extended Mix)
Protoss2: World Beyond - The Rescue (ft. Nicholas Standing)
Protoss3: Galaga Destination Earth OST - Stage 3 Theme

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