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Temple Siege Tournament #6
May 28 2010, 11:36 pm
By: ClansAreForGays
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Jun 30 2010, 12:58 am DoLLe Post #101

Quote from BlackParade
The gameplay was pretty sloppy in my opinion, really doesn't deserve "popcorn". :blush:

The south team could have been easily beaten if North had chosen a stunner. :-_-:

Too bad, I guess South got pretty lucky this time. :omfg:

Yes, the bat surviving more than three L4's from mech solo is totally sloppy.

Or the mech surviving 3v1 ganks is totally sloppy.

Or muta manualing L4 from Hydra is totally sloppy in the middle of battle.

To top it off, its coming from some random that nobody knows, :)

Coming from a random I do not expect you to see it. You realize that if RecoN wasn't so horrible as LM that team would have been unstoppable endgame. As endgame LM had no hard counters that match. Without LM they could never siege the temple properly. Too bad our "sloppy" play won us the game.

Yes Choose a stunner northside, who? The hard countered Bat,Volt,war by our Hydra + bat combo? Clown.

Know your role. Get your mind right. Stop hating on the sideline.

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O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- ya, give clears orders
[03:20 am]
MTiger156 -- or, you could have multiple spawn boxes near eachother, then it would be easy
[03:19 am]
MTiger156 -- each cycle would start when there are no Player Y units in the spawn
[03:18 am]
MTiger156 -- then the closest you can get would be to give X units to player Y, order player Y units to one of the destinations. When those X units leave the spawn, then repeat with a new destination
[02:48 am]
Swampfox -- well thats not effective because the order command cant specify single units
[02:19 am]
MTiger156 -- what about giving before moving?
[01:43 am]
Swampfox -- i have a stack of units that i want to order to move all at the same time to several different locations... i cant manage it lol
[01:41 am]
Swampfox -- agh you cant give a a unit an order and give that unit to another player in the same trigger cycle and expect it to move huh?
[01:25 am]
MTiger156 -- New patch for Mafia City! I will be heavily supporting this map for a while. Play it and give lots of feedback!
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jjf28 -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: How does "flingy" even work
describes movement properties of a unit and links to the units sprite
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