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[09:58 pm]
Generalpie -- Windows also keeps setting my mic format to 1 channel, Tape Recorder Quality down from 2 channels, DVD quality
[09:58 pm]
Devourer -- I'm so utterly sorry for you =D
[09:57 pm]
Generalpie -- I like Chrome.
[09:57 pm]
Generalpie -- RAM*
[09:57 pm]
Generalpie -- Despite me buying more RA<
[09:57 pm]
Devourer -- smh using chrome
[09:56 pm]
Generalpie -- I got more RAM, but they made Chrome super efficient and now my comp only uses up to 7
[09:56 pm]
Devourer -- CecilSunkure
CecilSunkure shouted: I have the issue where it steals all my RAM for telemetry
[09:56 pm]
Generalpie -- I keep setting it to 4, but I find it going back to 100 at times
[09:56 pm]
CecilSunkure -- I have the issue where it steals all my RAM for telemetry
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