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[07:54 am]
Sacrieur -- Maybe if you actually focused for an extended period of time for once in your life you'd find that yes, you can do all of those things, you just don't want to, because you'd rather surf reddit, play video games, hang out with friends, go out and party, or whatever the hell else you do. So yeah, the only reason it's impossible is because you're too lazy.
[07:53 am]
Sacrieur -- Frankly I find the whole attitude of "The professor gave us a twenty page paper to write in two days! This is impossible!" exceptionally annoying. It's one of my pet peeves to hear people give me bullshit excuses about why they can't do something.
[07:51 am]
Sacrieur -- I did it in 30 minutes and without the cheat sheet. Not because I'm some super genius, but actually because the test was pretty easy. Everyone else was just too dumb or unmotivated to study.
[07:50 am]
Sacrieur -- He even made one of the questions extra credit because so many people did so awful.
[07:48 am]
Sacrieur -- On my last midterm for my hardest class the professor gave us a a free cheat sheet, and still somehow over half the class got below a 70%.
[07:47 am]
Sacrieur -- The only thing that's going on here is your professor weeding out the crap.
[07:43 am]
Sacrieur -- That's the very definition of impossible.
[07:42 am]
Sacrieur -- Yeah I guess it is impossible, I mean how are you supposed to do it when you've got plans this weekend to party?
[07:01 am]
lil-Inferno -- ok
[06:22 am]
TiKels -- Preparation from the teacher like "you won't be able to do this"
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