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Map Making Resources
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Jul 20 2009, 6:45 pm
By: Kaias  

Jul 20 2009, 6:45 pm Kaias Post #1

Map Making Resources

Information / Where to find answers
SEN Wiki
SEN Tutorials
Maplantis Reference offline
Maplantis Tutorials offline
Doodle's Tutorial Collection offline
Forum search function

Map Utilities
Scmdraft 2 (recommended Map editor)
Other ulilities

Where to find files and maps
SEN Database
SC1 Map Showcase
Nibbits Database
Maplantis Static Database offline
File Request Thread
Starcraft Campaign Scenarios
Farty's Campaign Scenario Extractor

EUD links
Bunch of links for beginners
The complete Guide to EUDs
The Understanding of "EUD"
Wiki entry offline
Tutorial for text detection offline
StarCraft memory map
Using Artmoney to find the memory address of a unit's HP
EUD Database
List of Actions that Desync (when executed due to local EUDs being read)
Allowing Starforge to use EUDs file got deleted apparently - use this description
Detecting Keys Pressed
Extended Player Colors, Player Names, and more
Video Tutorial

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Ultraviolet -- how is mental anguish SEN specific? lol
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