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Welcome to the Staredit Network Wiki

Staredit Network Wiki is a collaborative project at creating a comprehensive knowledge base for StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War map making and mod making with the emphasis on the description of fundamental game mechanics and common map making methods and practices. This wiki is supported by Staredit Network (SEN) community, feel free to visit our website.

Reference Tutorials
This category contains subcategories and pages describing either the behavior of the StarCraft engine or its building bricks, these articles answer questions "How it works?" or "What happens?" and contain only reference and descriptive information This category contains articles describing StarCraft common map making practices, techniques and concepts, they answer questions "How is it done?". Tutorials are a step by step descriptions explaining how to achieve a certain goal.

Mapmaking Tips Complete List of Articles
These are your basic tips to help with map-making and working with the editor. This is a list of all the articles on this wiki. Some may still be incomplete or outdated as things change with the editor or game, so if you find something that needs to be updated, by all means update it.