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Starting School
Aug 28 2007, 11:40 pm
By: Kusion
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Aug 29 2007, 4:39 pm Zycorax Post #21

Grand Moderator of the Games Forum

Already into the second week of school. Expected the worst as it's the third year at my school that's the worst when it comes to homework etc. The two first was just slack :P Haven't been so bad so far.

Aug 29 2007, 6:31 pm Matt Burch Post #22

I did not do any homework at all in Pre-Calc last year. I got a final grade of 73.7 and a final exam mark of 80 something. :D Maybe I should study this year.


Aug 29 2007, 6:36 pm UnholyUrine Post #23

You should.. Considering you got grounded, matt.

Hahahaha :P
Mine start at Sept 04 ... but wow starting at August... what the heck? I think they are making Summer Break shorter....
Mine start at sept 4 probably because i'm in U.. .. U of Toronto starts at sept 8 <___<


Aug 29 2007, 6:42 pm Xx.Doom.xX Post #24

Get over it. We started 8 days ago.


Aug 29 2007, 7:51 pm Matt Burch Post #25

That was in History class. I got 47% before spring break, but had a final exam mark of 86%. Final mark was in the 70's somewhere..


Aug 30 2007, 7:20 pm MNeox Post #26

I got my schedule for my classes...
and they didn't give me a english class
MAN... now i have to wait inline with those other people who just want to change classes to get a easier teacher or just be with their friends x.x


Aug 31 2007, 11:58 am marxel Post #27

I've been in school since June. It's kinda different. You know. Halfway around the world.


Aug 31 2007, 5:12 pm Kow Post #28

Also, those 15-18 pages of work were for only two classes.

I got an early release this year, I get home around 1ish. Gotta get up and leave by 7-7:05, usually awake before 6:40, at if I'm pressing time.


Sep 1 2007, 2:51 am NeoNightmareX Post #29

I leave like 7:10-7:15 and get out at around ~~2-ish


Sep 1 2007, 3:25 am l)ark_ssj9kevin Post #30

Just here for the activity

My back is in a eternal spine misplacement..

guy lifting weight (animated smiley):


"Oh, I see it"

Sep 2 2007, 1:51 am FatalException Post #31

Quit your complaining. I start on the 10th but I already have homework, and a lot of it. And I'm going to be at school from ~6:30 AM to 3:00 PM. :/

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Sep 2 2007, 2:22 am jetfusion Post #32

so am suxs.....are they trying to kill me last year it started at 8:00 now it starts at 6:45

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Sep 2 2007, 3:33 am Pyro-Fire Post #33

mwahahaha >=D


Sep 2 2007, 4:40 am MrrLL Post #34

I'm a week into my senior year already. Our school district has added this weird ass 'guided study' and removed home room.. which is basically a homeroom but after first period. I don't get it..


Sep 2 2007, 5:48 am Freedawk Post #35

I start my first year of 4 years at a college prep school on Sept 4. ALL BOYS. :(


Sep 2 2007, 5:29 pm jetfusion Post #36

ROFL that kinda sux (just kinda) :P


Sep 2 2007, 6:07 pm Sael Post #37

Lol I started a week ago. Bitches! :lol:


Sep 2 2007, 9:27 pm Ultraviolet Post #38

Quote from jetfusion
so am suxs.....are they trying to kill me last year it started at 8:00 now it starts at 6:45

Holy shit, that's fucking early :|.

Sep 3 2007, 12:42 am blacklight28 Post #39

school sucks except for seeing ur friends. period.


Sep 3 2007, 1:39 am DT_Battlekruser Post #40

Quote from blacklight28
school sucks except for seeing ur friends. period.

That's a pretty big 'except'.

And no, my programming class is awesome :D


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