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[06:35 pm]
zsnakezz -- once i get these first 3 buildings cycling correctly, im going to choose 3 more
[06:35 pm]
zsnakezz -- and yeah thats it
[06:34 pm]
zsnakezz -- and multiply that by player timing and skill
[06:34 pm]
zsnakezz -- i ran the math in my head, implementing this function would give the player roughly 100 different possible play experiences
[06:33 pm]
zsnakezz -- right now starting positions are randomized, and people start with the groups they picked, just wanted an extra layer of rng
[06:32 pm]
zsnakezz -- you choose which group you go in with, and I want a number of the buildings to change from game to game
[06:32 pm]
zsnakezz -- to demon, the buildings in your area don't effect the other buildings, or what you start with
[06:31 pm]
zsnakezz -- it may or may not work, but ill test it out today at some point
[06:30 pm]
zsnakezz -- i thought of a simple fix, and that is, to not let the starting units get chosen, unless there is no building in the displacement slot.
[05:56 pm]
Dem0n -- how are they so good
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