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Joined: Jun 10 2004, 5:10 am
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[05:57 am]
zsnakezz -- HI!
[05:53 am]
Devourer -- Hi SEN
[05:35 am]
zsnakezz -- who the crap is nini
[05:27 am]
Sand Wraith -- sucks*
[05:27 am]
Sand Wraith -- nini. I hear you, that ducks.
[05:10 am]
zsnakezz -- well, im off now, to a different tab.
[05:09 am]
zsnakezz -- so is "The Undead V.2"
[05:09 am]
zsnakezz -- genetics are fun
[05:08 am]
zsnakezz -- "you once had potential, but then you born in an age where your mind set is known as ADHD, you will not hold any job for longer than 3 months for the rest of your life, because you were too distracted to get an education"
[05:07 am]
zsnakezz -- im sure mine would be slightly more disappointing
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