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[10:43 am]
Apos -- Jack
Jack shouted: if I understand correctly I can just make a greasemonkey script that will replace main_out.js
I wish it was that simple.
[10:42 am]
Apos -- Jack
Jack shouted: apos bro I've already de-obfuscated much of the code if you want to collaborate with me and a mate
I've 100% figured out what the code does already.
[10:35 am]
Apos -- Best day of my life
[10:35 am]
Apos -- Now just need to level the account up to 30
[10:35 am]
Apos -- I'm such a boss
[10:35 am]
Apos -- No fucking way, I just got the username "Apos" on League of Legends
[09:10 am]
Sacrieur -- and winning them!
[09:10 am]
Sacrieur -- Jack
Jack shouted: pretty much since the UK, the USA has been the greatest country for economy and war; I daresay within my lifetime it will no longer be either
we've been great at making war since 1776, son
[07:44 am]
Devourer -- FaRTy1billion
FaRTy1billion shouted: I lost my kitty today :(
omg noo, farty :( im sorry
[06:52 am]
Sacrieur -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: Anyone else fed up with the notion whenever USA gets mentioned immediately everyone is like FREEDOM motherfucker, when really it should be OPPRESSING other countries and the wealthy preying on the poor in an oligarchy?
every first world country does it
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