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Star Allegiance
Jun 9 2024, 9:58 am
By: MetalGear  

Jun 9 2024, 9:58 am MetalGear Post #1

____________________STAR ALLEGIANCE

_____What is Star Allegiance?

_____This game is a 6v6 MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). The original concept
_____will be developed in Starcraft BW.


_____Terran..........................Infantry, Goliaths, Tanks
_____Orc................................Grunts, Berserkers
_____Xel'Naga_________Ethereal creatures
_____EusidianW..................Dark Templars, High Templars, Machines
_____ProtossWWO..............Zealots, Dragoons

_____What makes this game stands out from other MOBAs?

_____Controlled Communications
_____Players will be forced to undergo communication training as a means of reducing
_____toxic and negative chat.

_____Rating Lists
_____Player accounts have the ability to make scores on other players, allowing them
_____to either: team up with friendly players, or; oppose unliked players. This makes
_____retaliation an art built into the game.

_____AFK Options
_____Bases have Rest & Meditation Chambers, allowing players to go AFK for up to
_____5 minutes. During this time, the player slowly gains XP.

_____The game accurately scores each player throughout the game according to their
_____role. These scores will aim to stop players from arguing.

_____Critical Rank
_____At the end of each game, the most valued player will receive extra Rank Points,
_____allowing good players to quickly climb the ladder.

_____Game Leaders & Objectives
_____It is possible for games to assign a Leader on each team. Leaders provide their
_____teams many benefits. They can assign manual objectives, like rallying a siege
_____against a rival Tower. Completing them earns rewards.

_____Every aspect of the game is realistic and has a dark ambience. From the character
_____models to the actual weapon systems and possibilities regarding physical science,
_____the game could in effect come to life.

_____Unique Weapons
_____Every single weapon is unique, varying in Attack Range, Damage, Visual effect,
_____Base Attack Time, Sound effect, and all guns have different Reload Speeds and
_____unique Attack Modifiers.

_____Hero Attributes

_____Vitality........................HP, Regen, Magic Def
_____DexterityO.................Damage % (base), Attack Speed, Precision (counters evasion)
_____SpiritWO......................MP, Restoration, Magic Damage
_____GuardWWW................Phy Def, Heal % (from spells), Stun Resistance
_____MobilityO..................Footspeed, Evasion, Slow Resistance

_____Example Characters




_____What is the end goal of this map?

_____I am going to build Star Allegiance in Unity eventually. It may take me 2-3 years
_____or perhaps longer. After this, I will begin production on Starcore (Starcraft III).

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Jun 9 2024, 7:15 pm Ultraviolet Post #2

Nice to see you're back. Cool plan to start developing in Unity, I've been looking into that myself. Seems like a good starter platform for video game development.

For your SC:BW version, obviously 6v6 is not possible, so what's your plan? The standard Temple Siege 3v3 model with a computer player on each side? What is your goal in producing this as a map first as opposed to just diving straight into production in Unity? Seems like you will need to dive into EUDs to get even close to having the features you want in map format.

Jun 10 2024, 5:33 am MetalGear Post #3

Yes, I'm going to have to learn EUDs. I suppose this map was the motivation I needed for it. Hopefully I can learn relatively fast. I'm going to try to release this in 3-4 months.

Some extra characters:

Jim Raynor


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