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Brood War Alternate
Jun 16 2018, 6:26 pm
By: UEDCommander
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Jun 16 2018, 6:26 pm UEDCommander Post #1


Brood War Alternate

In the Char decade since the end of Feral Guards Conflict, the Garm Swarm has been controlling most of the known Koprulu sector territories, being uncontested in it's position as the
most powerful Zerg faction at this part of the galaxy.
All of that changed four Char days ago, when a large fleet of unknown alien vessels, not organic in nature, emerged from warp-space and decimated all primary hive clusters on Zerg
world of Chau'Sara. No survivors were reported.
The Overmind, suspecting that next target of alien ships will be Mar'Sara, has sent you - one of his youngest Cerebrates - to intervene. It will be up to you to prepare small Brood of
this world to protect themselves, as well as the entire Swarm, from the mysterious enemy.

Why Alternate?
Project conception

  • Remastered-compatible: Explore the campaign in wide or square resolution, in HD or SD graphics, with or without customized hotkeys - any tool Starcraft Remastered has to offer is at your disposal, thanks to mod being specifically designed to work on SCR.
  • Revised lore: As familiar as it may be with green text interludes and such, this story is far from exact copy of Blizzard's one. To the better, hopefully.
  • A new look at the old maps: Re-experience classic missions we all know, but under angle of different races, different characters and, as such, different gameplay.
  • Know your enemy: The AI is customized and improved to represent personalities and tactics of various Executors, Cerebrates, Captains and other commanders player can face throughout the story
  • A long story: Being based on Blizzard campaigns, Alternate covers almost the same amount of episodes as original does, suggesting the player 57 (and more in future) missions to overcome.
  • Four races: With their own tech tree and rules of engagement, the Primal Zerg enter the field of battle as a new separate playable faction. Face Terrans, Zerg and Protoss and destroy them with the mighty Primal units, or fight against this new power as one of three more familiar races.

Development status
Development status


Video Playthroughs
Video Playthroughs

Download link:

Public release (last version)

Additional materials:
Korean translation (by Error404)
Russian translation (by C@HeK)
SCMDraft Mapping Suite

For live updates, teasers and discusssion join the Discord server.

  • StarCraft Alternate creator: StratosTygo.
  • Developer: UEDCommander.
  • Custom graphics contribution: robear.
  • Terrain design assistance: Pr0nogo.
  • AI design assistance: Nekron, Pr0nogo.
  • Testing assistance: Nekron, don_svetlio, Sailory, Connor5620.
  • Software support: Neiv.
  • Special assistance: TheShambler, miazmatic, Max734734, kuuls, Axis.
  • Voiceacting: UEDCommander, Pr0nogo, Nekron, Whiplash, TheRegister.



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Jun 22 2018, 5:21 pm UEDCommander Post #2

Updated the mod file to work with new version of SCR. Also small changes in how The Union looks like.

Jul 27 2018, 11:05 am UEDCommander Post #3

Today's update brings in new campaign, as well as several new features on pervious missions, listed below:
  • Brood War Zerg Campaign "The Steel Claw": added.
  • Zerg 10: Spore Cannon now can fire upon air targets with unlimited range. Changed several dialogue lines for consistency.
  • xTerran 5: Enemy forces color changed to fit with The Steel Claw.
  • xTerran 6: Fixed Heavy Scout stats.
  • xTerran 7: Major changes to gameplay:
    - UED now can produce Vultures, cannot produce Ghosts and Nuclear Silos
    - Rebels central town now sends much bigger attack waves with a long delay between them.
    - Rebels launch a small air attack at start of mission for showcase of Valkyrie's powers.
  • Mod updated to work with 1.22 SCR patch.

Jul 28 2018, 3:04 am Sie_Sayoka Post #4

The screenshots are broken.


Jul 28 2018, 12:47 pm UEDCommander Post #5

Quote from Sie_Sayoka
The screenshots are broken.
No, they are not.

Jul 28 2018, 2:36 pm Sie_Sayoka Post #6

Weird they were broken when I checked earlier. They work now though. It looks good.


Aug 9 2018, 5:28 pm UEDCommander Post #7

Today's update brings several fixes for Renegade Roar mission AI's, listed below:
  • Zerg 09: Terran AI uses more frequient attack waves, improved consistency with other Blue Confederate scripts. Ending cutscene improved.
  • Zerg 10: Red Zerg AI now uses much bigger attack waves, improved consistency with other Red Swarm scripts.
  • Fixed issue with Spore Cannon not being able to fire unless hit directly.

Aug 18 2018, 4:10 pm UEDCommander Post #8

Today's update brings fix for an issue which caused crash on Zerg 04 and - in theory - even more improves Spore Cannon behaviour. There are also several AI updates, which are listed below:
  • Protoss 02: Terran AI now behaves consistently with it's usual tactics
  • Protoss 03: Zerg AI now behaves more consistently with it's tactics from Zerg 05.
  • Protoss 04: Zerg AI now poses more threat to player and has additional base defenses.
  • Protoss 05: Zerg now possess more detection measures.
  • Protoss 06: Terran AI now uses more T2 units on early stages and has additional base defenses.

Aug 25 2018, 2:21 am SkyTechRTS Post #9

I really should do a recording for this, for some reason I never did that when I made the original vanilla campaign.

For some reason to Exe file doesn't want to launch. I haven't played any mods for the remaster so, maybe i'm doing something wrong?

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Aug 27 2018, 12:20 pm UEDCommander Post #10

Quote from SkyTechRTS
For some reason to Exe file doesn't want to launch. I haven't played any mods for the remaster so, maybe i'm doing something wrong?

I will look into it this night, in the meantime u can try putting exe closer to R install, ensure R is last version and check if R launches w/o mod (if it does, may help to log into bnet accout from within the game).

Sep 3 2018, 7:48 am UEDCommander Post #11

Today's update brings... Quite various things, actually. Not as lot as "The Lord of Fire" yet, but the "released" doesn't mean "perfect". Changes are listed below:
  • Zerg 02: Added short cutscene when the Purpule base is approached.
  • Zerg 09: Fixed a bug when player could have been defeated during victory cinematic.
  • Zerg 10: Another and final fix for Spore Cannon behaviour.
  • Protoss 07: AI difficulty decreased.
  • xTerran 07: AI cities now have different coloring (consistent with Confederate color scheme).
  • xZerg 01: Starting units replaced with faction-specific counterparts.
  • xZerg 03: Starting Zerglings replaced with faction-specific counterparts.
  • xZerg 04: Starting Zerglings replaced with faction-specific counterparts.
  • xZerg 07: Improved behaviour of second part invasion waves.
  • xZerg 08: Part of starting Zerglings replaced with faction-specific counterparts.

Sep 6 2018, 10:10 pm UEDCommander Post #12

That is a bit quick for today's update - usually i would wait for more changes to come into my mind - but it has one very important addition. It, along with the rest of update, is listed below:
  • Protoss 07: Secondary Orange bases now activate earlier.
  • Protoss 09: Yellow bases will now activate by themselves after some time. West Yellow base color altered (Confederate color table is appliable). Fixed bug with transmission having non-existant sound file.
  • Protoss 10: East Teal base color altered (Confederate color table is appliable).
  • xTerran 01: Final cutscene improved, fixed Raynor unit stats.
  • Global: Raszagal now will not identify player as "Executor" or "faithful servant".
  • Global: Elite Wraith squadrons now can be identified by custom visual appearance.

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Sep 16 2018, 8:06 pm UEDCommander Post #13

More visual stuff and more AI altering in today's update. Also, slowly but surely, moving to The Lord of Fire - only 3 (and half) maps left to develop. This campaign will be the place where i deviated from Blizzard designs the most, but then again, anything which makes stuff better is good.
At any rate, here is the list of changes:
  • Global: Immortals renamed and can now be identified by custom visual appearance.
  • Global: Allied forces colors altered in The Steel Claw.
  • Terran 01: Improved AI difficulty
  • Terran 03: Improved AI difficulty
  • xZerg 02: Fixed bug with transmissions about reinfocements not being played in a correct order.
  • xZerg 03: Improved AI difficulty (as if there wasn't enough already...)
  • xZerg 05B: Improved AI difficulty, fixed bug with red AI rebuilding units from intro.

Sep 18 2018, 1:37 pm UEDCommander Post #14

Hotfix for lastest update just uploaded:
  • Gloabl: Fixed Immortal's rude behaviour
  • Protoss 02: Slightly changed start conditions for player

Oct 3 2018, 3:37 pm UEDCommander Post #15

Today's small update is primarally to provide mod with compatibility for newest SCR version. Hovewer, there are several additional changes to pervious campaign.
  • Global: Mod updated for compatibility for last game version.
  • Terran 9: Improved White AI.
  • Protoss 08: Transmission from attack squad now pings it's launch position.
There is a known issue with first usage of Spawn Broodling causing game to freeze for several seconds - it is a vanilla problem and cannot be fixed with my resources. There might be additional issues caused by lastest update's changes, which are in reality much more interesting than pathnote mentiones. Reports on such issues, if you encounter them, would be much appreciated.
No Lord of Fire just yet, but here's small teaser for you:

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Oct 15 2018, 7:33 pm UEDCommander Post #16

It is time for another update, and today it brings another set of different alterations to pervious campaign, pretty major this time:
  • Zerg 03 - AI difficutly increased. Added a secondary victory option (destroy all hostile factories).
  • Zerg 06 - AI personality altered for Blue.
  • Terran 03 - Player now starts with several Elite units.
  • Terran 09 - AI personality altered for Brown.
  • xTerran 04 - Added two new hostile AI's. Added several new lines of dialogues.
  • xTerran 05 - Briefing dialogue lines changed.
  • xTerran 08 - AI personality altered for Brown. Increased AI difficulty.
  • xZerg 01 - Added new option to trigger contact with local forces (must penetrate frontline defense without making contact earlier). Briefing dialogue lines changed.
  • xZerg 06 - AI personality altered for Brown and Orange.
  • xZerg 08 - AI personality altered for Brown.
  • Global - Added readme.txt file, which explains basics of Remastered mod launching and provides additional useful info.

Nov 22 2018, 4:24 pm UEDCommander Post #17

Today a new update, after pretty long time of active development, brings some very big changes to already released campaigns - to a point that, for instance, The Steel Claw is now a purely new and different experience. The entire list of changes is below:
  • Global - Added custom loading screen.
  • Global - Added separate and custom tech tree for the Primal Zerg. Primals forces may appear weak at first, but large amount of various upgrades allow them to overcome disavantages. They rely on expensive, but powerful units, who punch through the enemy's defenses with brutal force.
  • Global - Davis hero unit changes.
  • Zerg 05 - Increased AI difficulty. Improved consistency of behaviour.
  • Protoss 03 - Increased AI difficulty. Improved consistency of behaviour.
  • Protoss 08 - Changed attack squad transmission sounds.
  • Protoss 09 - Increased AI difficulty. Improved consistency of behaviour.
  • Protoss 10 - Increased AI difficulty. Improved consistency of behaviour.
  • Terran 03 - Briefing dialogue lines changed.
  • xTerran 05 - Player now starts with additional Elite units.
  • xZerg 01 - AI difficulty decreased.
  • xZerg 02 - Secondary enemy color changed to White.
  • xZerg 04 - Blue player is changed to White.
  • xZerg 05 - Red player is changed to White. Blue player is changed to Red.

Dec 2 2018, 2:41 pm Tolias Post #18

Yo UEDCommander.

I've just downloaded this, installed as described in the readme, and I'm getting this message when trying to start SCAlternate.exe:

"The procedure entry point SymIinitializeW could not be located in the dynamic link library dbghelp.dll"

I'm using non-remastered version, with the latest patch (

Any ideas?


Dec 2 2018, 6:07 pm Pr0nogo Post #19

Find and delete dbghelp.dll in your starcraft install directory.

Dec 3 2018, 8:17 pm Tolias Post #20

Cheers m8, that worked.


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