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Problems with Current Modding Tools
Mar 4 2015, 3:49 am
By: Sand Wraith
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Today, 3:20 pm Voyager7456 Post #301

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I haven't been having any issues using PyTBL's search function. Does it only occur under certain circumstances?

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Today, 3:23 pm poiuy_qwert Post #302

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Quote from Pr0nogo
Quote from poiuy_qwert
The issue is you have chosen a Doodad # that is already in use. You should find the highest Doodad # in use (should be the last doodad in the palette) and pick the next number.
That's... bizarre. I assumed the number was tiletype-dependent; 38 is the last vanilla high dirt doodad, so I chose 39 to sort it afterwards. I should be choosing a number higher than the highest dirt doodad, then?
Its not dependant on the type of doodad (high dirt, dirt, etc.), you have to use a unique Doodad # across the tileset you are editing.

Quote from Pr0nogo
I tried hooking the overlay to the doodad in PyTILE, using a jungle doodad as reference:

I use the same overlay flag, set it to ID 5, and replace the appropriate graphic in the mpq.

However, it doesn't place a sprite anywhere when I place the doodad in SCMDraft. I'm able to manually place it using the pure sprites feature, and it looks as desired:

...until you put a unit where it should be obscured, and it isn't. Also pictured are units underneath other sprites that behave as appropriately, with their sprites/selection circles/health bars hidden underneath the doodad's overlay.

Any ideas on how to fix either of these issues?
I'm not exactly sure about how the overlay works at the moment, I'll have to look into it when I get home. I assume the stacking order of the sprite is based on something from a .dat setting, or possibly the iscript, but I'll look into it.

Quote from Pr0nogo
Has the hard freeze whenever using PyTBL's search function still not been fixed?
It has not been fixed, I was never able to reproduce it. I plan to just re-write it because its old code (github issue) but I have not had time yet.

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