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SEN Mafia VI: Mindfuck
Feb 19 2008, 6:54 pm
By: Moose
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Feb 19 2008, 6:54 pm Moose Post #1

We live in a society.

Welcome to the guessing game of murder, mystery, and statistics. ;o


Players are all in a town that is infiltrated by the Mafia. Dead bodies start turning up and everyone becomes a suspect. If the Townspeople manage to lynch all the Mafia, they win. Otherwise, the Mafia kill everyone in the town and claim victory.

--> Player's roles are NOT revealed upon death.
--> There is no listing of the numbers of townspeople, mafia, or special roles in play.

Players will receive roles at the start of the game. There will be some Mafia members, and the majority of players will be Townspeople. Each Mafia member kills one person per night. The Mafia will know who all the other Mafia are.

The game is split into two sections, Day and Night. (Game Time, not according to the real world.) The game may start at either section depending on balance issues.

During the night section, the Mafia strikes. Certain Townspeople may also have actions to perform as part of their special roles as well, which are explained in detail below. There is usually a time-limit imposed on the night phase. If you have powers to use and neglect to do so, too bad, you lose them for that night.
Night ends with a posted report of the killings and various other actions. Killings will include "subtle" clues identifying killers -- or red herrings to throw you off. Clues may be taken from anywhere - anything and everything is fair game. All sorts of information is up for grabs, including usernames, signatures, avatars, profiles, the way the clue is written itself, etc. Clues will vary with the progress of the game - if the Townspeople are doing very well, expect bad clues and red herrings. Likewise, if the Mafia is about to win, expect more obvious and helpful clues. Generally, some or all clues will be revealed at the end of the game.

-- DAY
Democracy rules by day in form of a vote. All players (Mafia included) participate in a "town meeting" to interpret clues and discuss amongst themselves who might be Mafia. Every player (including Mafia) may place a vote to select a player to be lynched and killed off. Players with special roles should be careful in persuading others to vote without revealing themselves.

Voting Regulations
- Votes must be placed for specific individuals only, no variable voting (ie, not "whatever will create a tie" or "biggest bandwagon").
- Votes must be clear ("I vote X" is always good)... if your vote is ambiguous it may not be counted. Putting bold or italics around your vote is a big help.
- You may not vote for yourself, dead players, or people who are not playing.
- You may abstain and I will factor you in for the day's vote total.
- Once the vote is "decided" (either by majority or time up), someone is lynched and their alignment and role revealed. If there are ties between multiple players after deliberation, both (or all) of the suspects are lynched at my discretion.
- In case of a tie, the player with the FIRST vote cast earlier will be lynched.
- If the Mayor role is in play, the vote for a lynch on the first day is replaced by a general election of the Mayor.

The day and night cycles repeat until one side is victorious.

The town wins is considered victorious when all mafia are dead and there are no killings for a night.
The mafia faction wins if they outnumber all other players in the game.

** You are allowed to talk to others through external means. Expect deception, broken trust, and shattered friendships. Outside communication takes place at your own risk. Some well-played impersonations can dramatically alter the outcome of the game. :) **

** Regarding death: Once you are killed, you "MAY" talk, but your posts will be deleted if they violate any of the following...
1. They annoy me.
2. They aren't funny.
3. I find it reasonable that the post will alter the course of the game in any way.
4. They violate any of the other rules existing on SEN, obviously.

Credit: Dimma Davidoff at the Psychological Department of Moscow State University, for creating the game in the spring of 1986
Hajjhowe & Triple 6 @ PWA message board.
DapperDan2006, Toa, and whoever else ran Mafia on SEN or Maplantis.

--> Merrell is helping me to create clues and manage things this round.

If the game has not started, you may sign up by posting, PMing me, or otherwise contacting me and I will add you to the list. Please check to ensure you meet all of the following conditions:
1. A non-default avatar is required to play. If you wish to play, make sure you have chosen an original avatar.
2. If you do not intend on playing if you do not receive a special role, please don't sign up, because useless inactive townies fuck up the balance and ultimately ruin the game.
3. If you plan on being away from the game for more than 3 days at a time during the game, it is best that you do not play.

If the game has already started, you may request to be added to the list for the next game.
When signing up or while playing, you may request automatic sign-up for future games. If you wish to engage in automatic signups, please tell me so when you sign up. I will not assume that you want it.

Fairly simple. I need as many sign-ups as possible. The more people that sign up, the funner the game should be (and more special roles will be created). There is no maximum amount of players.

If you have any questions, PM me.

If the name is struck out, the person is dead. When the game starts, the types and numbers of each special role present in the game will be posted.

1. NudeRaider (P)*
2. Hynk (P)*
3. Doktor Shotgun (P)*
4. ihjel (P)
5. NerdyTerdy (P)*
6. chui (P)
7. FatalException (P)*
8. JordanN (P)*
9. Dark_Marine (P)*
10. Loveless (P)
11. A_of-s_t (P)*
12. Killer_Kow (P)*
13. Darkling (P)*
14. lil-Inferno (P)*
15. JaFF (P)*
16. EcHo (P)
17. DT_Battlekruser (P)*
18. Crimson Magnum (P)*
19. Heegu (P)*
20. cheeze (P)*
21. EzDay281 (P)*
22. WoAHorde (P)*
23. Zycorax (P)*
24. l)ark_ssj9kevin (P)
25. Doodan (P)*
26. Dapperdan (P)* <--- MAYOR
27. Doodle77 (P)
28. Paravin. (P)*
29. isolatedpurity (P)
30. Vi3t-X (P)
31. Greo (P)*
Signups closed. Sign up next game. :)

* = automatic sign up for future games.

11 of 31 PEOPLE alive.

MAYOR is alive.
BODYGUARD(S) officially exist.

Forced 1-game leave: Killer2121, omginbd, Cnl.Fatso, Twitch, candle12345, Jello-Jigglers
These are people who did not vote, voted once, neglected to use their powers, or broke the rules. I did not look through all the pages of the previous game's topic to see who posted how many times. If you feel you were booted for inactivity but was active through posting, send me a PM linking to your posts in the previous game and I will allow you to play.

Sitting out: Merrell (P)*, frazz (P)*

** ROLES **
(All roles are listed. They may or may not be in use this game.)

TOWNSPERSON - The average, ordinary townsperson. Their limited powers include the power of persuasion, power of intellect (clue interpretation), and power of the vote.

MAFIA - They've invaded the town, and they each kill someone every night. They may or may not know the identity of other mafia, thus they may not all be on the same side.

Each mafia group may collectively use the following abilities once per night:
Overkill: Get an extra kill for the night. May not be used until Night 4, may not be used on consecutive nights.
Powerkill: The mafia selects one hit that will go through regardless of doctor protection, meat shield/regenerator role, etc. Does not override Bodyguard protection. May not be used on consecutive nights.
Protect: One mafia is protected for the night from other special abilities. If he is hit, he is protected. If a detective investigates him, he will show up as a townsperson.
Plant: Plant evidence and clues against a player of their choice. This may not be used until Night 3 and may not be used against the same player on consecutive nights.
Spy: The mafia selects two hits from their hit list. If those hits succeed, they will learn the role of their target.
They are allowed unlimited use of each power.

MAYOR - The mayor is elected at the start of the game to "lead" the town. Any player may be elected mayor, including mafia and other special roles. He gains the following powers:
-Additional voting weight during the day varying on number of voters alive. (his normal 1 vote + 5% of the total potential votes, rounded up)
-May declare two (2) days of "double lynchings".
-Protection of bodyguards (because his role isn't hidden, making him a target). So long as one or more bodyguards are alive, the mayor may not be targetted at night. (However, he can always be lynched.) If not obvious, he gains the benefits of knowing the identities of his bodyguards (less Mafia suspects).
-To make an example of someone and demonstrate his power, the mayor alone chooses who to lynch on Day One.

BODYGUARD - The bodyguard(s) are randomly selected from normal townspersons after a mayor is elected. So long as at least one bodyguard is alive, the mayor may not be targetted at night. They also gain the benefits of knowing who the other bodyguard(s) are (less Mafia suspects).

BOONDOCK SAINT - A vigilante aligned with the town who gets to kill one person each night based on their own personal suspicions. The Boondock Saint may not strike until the second night. If the Boondock Saint targets a Mafia who targets him, only the Mafia dies. In all other cases, Mafia kills are processed first. They may not attack themselves. If they do not wish to kill anyone, they do not have to strike. If there are multiple Boondock Saints, they may or may not know each other's identities.

DETECTIVE - Each and every night, the Detective makes an "investigation" of some sort. He may choose either of the following:
1. Reveal the roles of two dead persons.
2. Learn one person's alignment and role. Their trick is then persuading others to vote the way they should.
3. Ask me how many mafia voted for X on any given day. This power may not be used on a mayoral election.
The Detective must use the first power once per two nights.
4. Reveal a count of how many of any one special role are in play this game. This will be added to the main topic. May not be used on townie/mafia factions.

DIRECTOR - Each night, the Director may redirect someone's power on to a new target. He selects a person and a new target of his choice. If the Director selects someone with an active power that requires a target (ie mafia hit, doctor protection), his new target is used. He may redirect powers to himself.

DOCTOR - Each and every night, the doctor may save one person from death. Should someone attack that person, the doctor will keep them alive. Doctors may protect each other, but may not protect themselves. The mafia may target the same person multiple times to get a kill regardless of a Doctor's protection (ie, kill, save, kill).

ELDER - The Elder wields additional influence on the votes of the town. Elders are otherwise normal townies that get to make a second anonymous vote each day by PMing me. When day ends, the final list of votes will be given with the included Elder votes and the lynching story. Elders may use their powers on mayoral elections.

GUILE - The Guile may rig the votes at the end of any one day against a player of his choice. He may only use his power once. If he kills a mafia, he remains unrevealed, is forgiven, and continues as a normal townie. If he kills a townsperson, he is discovered and lynched. If the Pardoner pardons the Guile's target, nothing happens and the Guile may use his power again. I shouldn't have to say this, but he may not use this power for the mayoral election.

PARDONER - The Pardoner can prevent the lynching of one person after votes are tallied. He may only use this power once per day, and does so anonymously by PMing me. He may send me a list of people he would like pardoned at any point during the day, but not AFTER night starts. He may only use his power three times this game.

PSYCHO - If the Psycho is lynched by the town, he gets to take a player of his choice with him to the grave. If the Psycho is attacked by the mafia, the Psycho dies but also "injures" his killer, who will be unable to attack the next night.

MEAT SHIELD - The Meat Shield has two lives. If he is attacked by a lynched Psycho during Day, he will survive and be revealed. If he is hit and a Doctor is saving him, he has two options: Revealed roles to each other, but lose a life, or the Doctor will save his second life.

<-- Yes, I know these roles have the same color. This is so the mafia can not distinguish which is which. :) -->

REGENERATOR - The Regenerator can only by killed by two hits. Think of it as him having a Doctor protecting him at all times. If Doctor(s) are protecting him, then three or more hits may be needed to take out the Regenerator. If he is attacked by a lynched Psycho during Day, he will survive and be revealed.

RICK ROLE - We're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment's what I'm thinking of, you'll never get this from any other guy. We've know each other for so long. Your heart's been aching, but you're too shy to say it. Inside we both know whats been going on. We know the game and were gonna play it.

SAVIOR - When the Savior is still alive, he may sacrifice himself to revive 3 players of his choice, who will return to the town the next day. If the Savior is killed without his sacrifice, he may save himself. When he saves himself, he loses his sacrifice powers and otherwise functions as a normal townsperson.

SHAPESHIFTER - At the start of each day, the Shapeshifter is assigned one random role and uses their powers as applicable during that day or during the following night. Restrictions, if any are applicable to the role he accquires still. (ex, he cannot save himself if he gets Doctor.)
Powers that Shapeshifters will be able to obtain this game are: Boondock Saint, Detective, Elder, Doctor, Psycho, Regenerator, Shifter's Choice, Zombie.

SPONGE - When this person is killed, he "soaks up" all the hits for that night. That is, every hit placed is automatically redirected to him and he is the only person killed that night. Does not affect other roles.

VILLAGE IDIOT - The Village Idiot is technically town-aligned, but wants to get himself lynched through a vote. Should the village idiot succeeds, he is awarded 100 minerals. (if enabled, otherwise he does it for the lulz.)

ZOMBIE - The night after a Zombie dies (by any method), he may rise from the grave and kill a person of his choice. He may ONLY use this power the night after he dies and may only use it once. The zombie will not be revealed as a zombie until AFTER he uses (or chooses not to use) his power.

** PRIZES **
VILLAGE IDIOT gets himself lynched: 100 minerals.
GUILE lynches a mafia: 75 minerals.
PSYCHO is lynched and kills a mafia: 75 minerals.
BOONDOCK SAINT kills a mafia: 30 minerals.
ZOMBIE returns and kills a mafia: 30 minerals.
MAFIA victory: 50 minerals to each surviving Mafia. 25 to the others.

I fill the role of "God". I decide tie votes and whatever cases will be necessary. Depending on how I have to crunch the numbers, I may be the collective target of the mafia for the first night. Divine intervention via lightning bolts may occur. If you are not monotheistic, you are now. If you have any suggestions when an issue arises, let me know.

Past Games...
Mafia 1 (for the lulz).
Mafia 2 (the one Devilesk shit on.)
Mafia 3 (epic!)
Mafia 4 (whoa, the townies didn't suck!)
Mafia 5 (abandoned due to server move)

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Feb 19 2008, 6:55 pm Moose Post #2

We live in a society.

TOWNSPERSON -> If you want to win, analyze analyze analyze those clues to death. Once multiple sets of clues have been released, I reccomend consolidating all clues into one post for easy reference.

MAFIA -> Know when you jump on bandwagons against fellow Mafia. Suspicious voting patterns can give you away. Technically, you can just disappear the whole game (and might be better off playing under the radar), but make sure your hits don't give you away.

DETECTIVE -> If you find someone who is Mafia and should be killed, or people are voting for someone you shouldn't be killed, try to swing the vote. However, try not to reveal yourself.
If there is one mafia left and you know who it is, you may want to reveal yourself and get him killed, resulting in epic lulz and win.

DOCTOR -> If there are multiple doctors alive and you find out the identities of other doctor(s), slow the mafia's progress by protecting each other. It will divert one or more of their kill attempts to get rid of you.

PSYCHO -> Keep in mind your powers when the town is voting. If you are absolutely certain someone is a mafia, you may want to get yourself lynched in order to use your suicide power upon them, also resulting in epic lulz and win.

GENERAL -> Remember that the Boondock Saint's kills are mixed in with the rest. This means Mafia can figure which killer he is by process of elimination and use his kill for clues on who he is. This also means the town can figure out who he is and not vote to lynch him.

-> This is from the rules, and is something you may have overlooked.
** Talking to others about the game outside of the game is NOT prohibited. Expect deception, broken trust, and shattered friendships. Outside communication takes place at your own risk. Some well-played impersonations can dramatically alter the outcome of the game. :) **

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Feb 19 2008, 6:59 pm Forsaken Archer Post #3

I want in :)


Feb 19 2008, 7:07 pm FatalException Post #4

Get your lube, everyone, sore brainuses all around. :O


Feb 19 2008, 7:13 pm Symmetry Post #5

Dungeon Master


:voy: :jaff: :voy: :jaff:

Feb 19 2008, 7:23 pm Dapperdan Post #6

More roles!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 19 2008, 7:46 pm Moose Post #7

We live in a society.

Oh yeah, I have some roles I want to put in. Hold on. :P

Feb 19 2008, 8:08 pm Forsaken Archer Post #8

The "prizes" will definitely be real as mineral system will be in play in a day or two.[/hype]


Feb 19 2008, 8:09 pm FatalException Post #9

Quote from isolatedpurity
The "prizes" will definitely be real as mineral system will be in play in a day or two.[/hype]


Feb 19 2008, 8:25 pm The Starport Post #10

Quote from FatalException
Get your lube, everyone, sore brainuses all around. :O
This is a game specifically engineered to drive me nuts. ><

Well, if at least one detective is playing, I could probably pull of strats n' shit, yo...

All after AG, though. :P


Feb 19 2008, 8:26 pm The Starport Post #11

Quote from isolatedpurity
I want in :)
But uh... don't you have the power to see PMs?


Feb 19 2008, 8:29 pm Forsaken Archer Post #12

lol... yeah... but i could do something much easier than that...
but i wouldn't cheat... ;o


Feb 19 2008, 8:42 pm Vi3t-X Post #13

Im In.

And I'll get this super awesome role entitled: Snorlax. I am protected from everything and regenerate 99999 times because I can run back to my pokeball!

Can I have a cool role this time though?


Feb 19 2008, 8:52 pm Paravin. Post #14

You forgot to auto-sign me up! :*(

Lemme in!

And get ready, for!!!!!!!!1

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Feb 19 2008, 9:02 pm Forsaken Archer Post #15

Viet, I do believe roles are random.
So hope that Moose clicks the button to give you your role at the specific time all the numbers that give you your pseudo-random role are aligned.


Feb 19 2008, 9:09 pm The Starport Post #16

Quote from isolatedpurity
lol... yeah... but i could do something much easier than that...
but i wouldn't cheat... ;o
I dunno about you, but I probably wouldn't count on myself to not peak in the DB or something in the heat of a mind fuck game. :lol: Never underestimate the power of mafia towards even the most fortified sanity.

It's for that reason that you and moose are pretty much relegated to playing only Maplantis' mafia. And visa versa for Dapper.

Though I could set up a mafia game too, if anyone's interested.


Feb 19 2008, 9:39 pm Forsaken Archer Post #17

I could possibly agree there might be temptation...
But it's just a game and there's no real reason to cheat. And I'll probably die first anyways ;o
I'll leave it up to Moose + the general will of the other players whether I should play or not.


Feb 19 2008, 9:42 pm Ultraviolet Post #18

I'm guessing this will mainly be played based on friendships :P

Feb 19 2008, 9:44 pm EzDay281 Post #19

Tuxy-mafia would be great win, by my predictions.

Damnit, need to go work on my avatar now. >.> <.<
Felt like making something new a while ago, I guess SEN's reset was just my sign, and mafia my motivation. :.O

edit: BITE ME [edit]AGAIN[/edit], EMOTICON.

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Feb 19 2008, 9:51 pm Greo Post #20

Greo.Signup = 1
Greo.Autosignup = 1


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