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My current project: When One Domino Falls
May 23 2019, 12:01 pm
By: IlyaSnopchenko  

May 23 2019, 12:01 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #1

The Curious

Hello all,

I thought I might describe the project I'm working on now (on and off), since July '18.

If I have to be concise, it's a faithful (as much as possible) adaptation of a great SC fanfic I found online, called (you guessed it) When One Domino Falls by Peter (Warchief). The fic is ongoing. Long story short, it's an Alternate Universe rendition of the vanilla SC campaign (with the author aiming to eventually cover Brood War too, and probably the later stages of the SC story; as of May '19 the published story goes up to the time of the Shadow Hunters aka mission 9 of the Protoss campaign). Since it's all there for your viewing (reading) pleasure, I see no point in being cryptic, so the story goes like this: someone warned the Magistrate (aka the Player Character of the Rebel Yell campaign) about what was going to happen at New Gettysburg (mission 9 of Rebel Yell), however vaguely, so he makes a contingency plan and (just) manages to rescue Kerrigan from the Zerg. A lot of stuff starts going differently from here - hence the title - and it snowballs into some very interesting situations down the line, although much of the stuff will still be familiar (including - cleverly - some signature dialogue lines from the source, although they may be said at some very different points than in the vanilla. My input is only situational since I'm only adapting the story - I'm adding some dialogue where the gameplay requires it, but not much.

Where do I come in here?

Once I had read most of the fanfic as it was then (a few new chapters had appeared since) I knew it had the potential for some interesting gameplay. Originally I created just one map without any data editing and/or custom AI Scripting (since I chose a slice of the story that was pretty straightforward gameplay-wise). After a few months I bit the bullet and started crafting the custom datafiles and AI Scripts with the invaluable help of Neiv and Nekron (I have to admit that my skills had become rusty in the 13+ years of inactivity wrt modding). I aim to add some custom graphics eventually as well. I've also contacted the fanfic author early on and got his permission, blessing, encouragement and some ideas, though we're not in frequent contact now because of him being busy IRL.

What it's going to look like?

I aim to create about 24 maps, including 19 playable ones, which will replace the stock Terran (Arc 1) and Zerg (Arc 2) campaigns in Brood War - the mechanic is similar to what I did with my old projects. The missions in unused Protoss campaign will be used for cutscene maps placed in between the playable missions; I'm not exactly sure how many will be there, but obviously no more than 8. :) So far (and that number hasn't changed since February) 7 playable maps are completed, and 1 cutscene map as well. Of course these all are subject to further refinement if need be.

The campaign will be mostly a Terran one but you will get to play Protoss a lot as well, and even the Zerg will get some prime time later in the missions.

And now for some visuals...

I've created loads of screenshots, and the older a mission is, the more screenshots I have of it. Therefore it comes as no suprise that I have a boatload of screenies of a Zerg mission I created first (it's now actually mission 6 of Arc 2). I also like it the most because of all the ultra-violence that can be seen (and also received / dished out :)) in that mission which corresponds to mission 7 of the original Zerg campaign, "The Culling". :) Don't mistake it for the campaign being mostly about the Zerg, though.

Houston, we have a little problem here... (early version of the map 2-6)

The "Brood War" has started a little early this time...

A proper defense there. Or so I hope.

Whoever said that the Reavers look a bit like Zerg had a point. They're also very good at crowd control...
(At first I thought that the feral zerg player clustering dozens of troops around the invincible remnants of the loyalist zerg hives they'd just wiped out was annoying. Then it occurred to me that it's a great additional challenge because these hive stubs are actually YOUR mission objectives, so you get a strong additional challenge of having to wade through huge swaths of enemy zerg to safely fulfill each of the objectives.)

Fighting with numbers and guile, not skill or valor - this is how the Zerg do it anyway.

Beating back a mass drop. This map has yielded a number of sick tactics that allow to win without taking huge casualties (except broodlings that are still killed in the hundreds): say, luring packs of enemy mutalisks and scourge into defensive emplacements comprising walls of spore colonies with stimpacked marines adding support fire. :) Spawn Broodling is another big thing.

Mission 2-5. A xenophile's workday: probes and SCVs mining into a Zerg Hive.

Finest insect exterminators for hire, using only certified artillery and armor.

A Starcraft 2 character appears slightly before due time.

On a distant shadowed world...

Well, you guessed it. It's "In Utter Darkness" in SC1 (mission 2-2).


And the end result is going to be the same.

The base is whittled down little by little until...

...there's only one Protoss remaining, and he won't have that distinction for much longer.

Mission 1-2. Dropping the hammer on the Zerg at New Gettysburg.

Mission 1-3. The Ion Cannon is familiar, the rest... not so much.

EXTRA: training a custom combat AI.

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May 23 2019, 10:11 pm Nekron Post #2

Good luck with the project! Always nice to see some more custom stuff =)

May 29 2019, 11:24 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #3

The Curious

Thanks. I've slightly updated the description above.
Speaking of progress: I'm now bogged down with large amounts of work but I'm trying various sick ideas for the commando mission (1-7) that is next up.

A few more screenshots:

You find yourself on a map with no enemy presence and with an objective to harvest minerals. What could possibly go wrong?..

Missions done so far:
1-1 "NEW GETTYSBURG" (part 1 of New Gettysburg; it's now a Badlands mission in line with the new canon that states the battle took place on the surface of Tarsonis, not on an orbital platform).
1-2 "NEW GETTYSBURG II" (part 2 of New Gettysburg; here is where the stuff starts deviating from the original).
1-3 "THE HAMMER FALLS" (indeed an expy of The Hammer Falls; you have to destroy the Ion Cannon to escape as in the original, and even the scripts the enemy is using are very similar to the original Nuke Town and Phoenix Town, but there's a long commando phase before that).
1-6B "PORTENTS" (a cutscene)
1-9 "THE BLOOD BETWEEN THE LINES" (a quaint resource gathering mission that goes horribly awry at one point).

2-2 "ONE WITH THE VOID" (the In Utter Darkness expy shown above)
2-5 "RUSHING THE ENEMY" (shown above)
2-6 "COUNTERSTRIKE" (shown above; the mission that started it all. All in all the gameplay in that map's main phase was inspired by the TVTropes description of the Zerg Rush in real life: "Ant-termite wars are the epitome of this trope, as endless numbers of ants charge matching waves of termites. Every bit as epic as human battles, and casualties are predictably enormous.")

Slightly annoying is the fact that most of the second arc is happening on Char so I have to use the Ash tileset I hate so much. Besides, it's deathly boring from the visual standpoint. But I guess the Zerg campaign in the vanilla was suffering from the same flaw. In an odd parallel to that one, the last three missions are going to happen on Aiur. Most of the "Overmind" and "The Fall" campaigns, however, happen off-screen and a lot of the latter is the same as in the Canon (with a few unexpected twists - unexpected even for me as I was reading the new chapters, as I'm neither privy to the writing process nor engaged as a beta tester for the story itself).

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Jun 6 2019, 2:36 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #4

New Custom Campaign?! Say when will this campaign will released?

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Jun 10 2019, 3:21 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #5

The Curious

Not earlier than when it's done. I hope to be done by year's end although I've learned not to set deadlines on anything "creative". :)

There's also an additional issue of source material, obviously I cannot speed up the author's progress. Right now the source fic is 1,5 missions short of the campaign end (it's done up to P9: Shadow Hunters).

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Jul 12 2019, 10:18 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #6

The Curious

After a rather long hiatus (a couple of months at the very least) I've returned to the work. Today I wrote a bunch of new AI Scripts including two combat ones meant to replace the (rather listless) ones I borrowed from the Brood War Protoss campaign - frankly most scripts there have the attack power of wet toilet paper anyway. I'm yet to test how the scalability features work but the new scripts are able to work together decently and give an Insane opponent a run for its money (thank you Blizzard for the help_iftrouble and guard_all opcodes). :) If I thought mission 2-6 would be ultra-violent then I hadn't seen anything before today...

Who am I, and why should I care?

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