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Why are you here?
Apr 4 2019, 5:33 am
By: Oh_Man  

Apr 13 2019, 5:00 am Tassaar930 Post #21

I'm not really a regular SEN member (and actually only joined in 2011), so I guess I'll comment briefly instead on why I've stuck beside this damn game for so long.

It's just... something I grew up on. The sprite art, and the sound effects – it almost sounds silly to say this – in fact it might actually be some modicum of silly but – they were very alluring. They were real. They were atmospheric. They just sort of drew you to the game. This combined with the fact that I had a lot of people growing up that were willing to play this game with me – it ended up becoming a part of my childhood. When I wasn't playing with my friends on LAN, I was on (once I found out what that was anyways), and to me, I think at the time, it was something of some degree of being a kid in a candy shop. I could find a lobby or a map of just about anything – LotR, historical diplo, RPGs, minigames, you name it, SC had it. I, in fact, will admit with some form of sheepishness that I didn't even know what LotR was at first when I first started playing those maps and only knew that I really liked the maps, only later finding out that the map was based off actual movies and books. SC was like that for me. I learned and discovered a lot of things through it. Something as ordinary and mundane as typing; I wanted to learn how to type really fast because (no joke, lol) as a kid, I wanted to be able to type the cheat codes into the game really quickly in single player. The end result as far as I can make of it was that I always seemed to type faster than the others at my age.

Fast forward a couple years and there was SC2, and I briefly hopped ship for that over 1. SC2 taught me some lessons too, ones that I connected broadly to life, but I don't think I'll go into too much detail there about that now. Fast forward another couple of years and I hear that SC1 is getting remastered. Not surprisingly I get a little bit hyped about it. It releases. And then I make the thought that I could start trying my hand at making SC maps now. I did before but not seriously (and was never really particularly any good at it).

I always had a thing for StarEdit. Something about the spinning globe in the main menu and the tile that gets zoomed in on the HUD that it displays you. I always liked building and making stuff and so for a long time actually SC maps were always something sort of special to me: The notion that you could create a custom level, on a distant world, almost like you were painting your own world in your head, but you get to see it come to life in front of you. And then others got to play it with you too if they wanted. It was so cool, and to this day in some way shape or form I still harbour that notion or thought.

So basically what ended up happening was I started working with trigger preprocessors and text-based trigger editing and, well, I'll cut it short as this also happens to be the last part of my (somewhat long?) post: I learned some programming. I don't know when and if this would have happened if there weren't SC maps to work on, so I suppose in a way the final thing (so far) that SC has gifted me is a basic know-how of how to program. So I guess that's that. I guess that that's me and my little story about why I've stuck around this game for so long and what it actually means to me.

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Apr 13 2019, 6:24 am MasterJohnny Post #22

Because I have nothing else better to do.

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Apr 14 2019, 12:47 am O)FaRTy1billion[MM] Post #23

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Because, even after all this time, it's still fun to poke and play with and find new little quirks and tricks, even if I don't ever actually make any maps or mods. Mainly, though, I would say it is the community. Everyone here is people I have talked to and gotten to know since I was like 14, so it's hard to break that connection.

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Because 15 year old habits are hard to kick.

but mostly:
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Apr 28 2019, 1:57 pm Zycorax Post #24

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Quote from lil-Inferno
Because 15 year old habits are hard to kick.

And maybe one day I'll be able to afford something cool in the store. *Checks mineral count.* Or maybe not.

Apr 30 2019, 9:16 am TF- Post #25


Well, other than a general inability to stop updating my old map from 2011, I've also got a general fascination with old gaming communities that just keep on trucking.

I don't know if you've ever realised but just about every single decent game out there has its own strong community of content creators, reviewers, mappers, modders, engine source code hackers and funky personalities, and they all work and share and stick together on forums much like this one, and for many the forum is actually their main internet hangout.
The thought that you could have been attached to any one of those communities as your "main internet thing" is quite mind boggling.

I've never been attached to just a single one as my absolute primary thing but the concept is interesting enough to me that I can't help but regularly check out how things are going in the several couple of spots I'm interested in, including, and sometimes poke out my antennae out of the comfort zone to amuse myself with observing how even obscure games like Descent or Creatures have their own bustling communities of modders and players.


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