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[12:00 pm]
Arkane -- I'm just going to rip them manually through stereo mix ;~;
[11:59 am]
Devourer -- or something
[11:59 am]
Devourer -- Dataeditor -> sounds
[11:33 am]
Arkane -- how do I go about.. umm.. extracting "Keep your intervals wide, your eyes open and your butts covered. Let's move!"
[11:31 am]
Arkane -- Its not arranged per map QQ
[11:31 am]
Arkane -- awww!
[11:10 am]
Devourer -- Arkane
Arkane shouted: Its melee, WoL dependency
you should already notice new entries in the unitplacement section etc.
[11:10 am]
Devourer -- also: you could create a new map with all dependencies and extract the sounds you need. then create a second map with standard dependencies and import those files to keep the file fast in the editor
[11:08 am]
Arkane -- Its melee, WoL dependency
[11:08 am]
Arkane -- okay, so I made a new map
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