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Brood War Alternate
Jun 16 2018, 6:26 pm
By: UEDCommander  

Jun 16 2018, 6:26 pm UEDCommander Post #1


Brood War Alternate

In the Char decade since the end of Feral Guards Conflict, the Zerg Swarm has been controlling most of the known Koprulu sector territories, being uncontested in it's position as the
most powerful Zerg faction at this part of the galaxy.
All of that changed four Char days ago, when a large fleet of unknown alien vessels, not organic in nature, emerged from warp-space and decimated all primary hive clusters on Zerg
world of Chau'Sara. No survivors were reported.
The Overmind, suspecting that next target of alien ships will be Mar'Sara, has sent you - one of his youngest Cerebrates - to intervene. It will be up to you to prepare small Brood of
this world to protect them and the Swarm itself from the mysterious enemy.

Project History
Project history

  • Remastered-compatible: Explore the campaign in wide or square resolution, in HD or SD graphics, with or without customized hotkeys - any tool Starcraft Remastered has to offer is at your disposal, thanks to mod being specifically designed to work on SCR.
  • Play with or without modding: While launching the mod file will provide much better gameplay and story consistency, the campaign is still fully playable even without it.
  • A new look at the same maps: Re-experience classic missions we all know, but under angle of different races, different characters and, as such, different gameplay.
  • Customized AI: The AI is customized and improved to represent personalities and tactics of various Executors, Cerebrates, Captains and other commanders player can face throughout the story
  • A long story: Being based on Blizzard campaigns, Alternate covers almost the same amount of episodes as original does, suggesting the player 46 (and more in future) missions to overcome.

Updates history
Updates history

Development status
Development status


Video Playthroughs
Video Playthroughs

Download link:
Public release (last version)

  • StarCraft Alternate creator: StratosTygo.
  • Developer: UEDCommander.
  • Terrain design assistance: Pr0nogo.
  • AI design assistance: Nekron.
  • Testing assistance: Nekron, don_svetlio, Sailory.
  • Software support: Neiv.
  • Special assistance: TheShambler.


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Humanity first. No matter the cost.

Jun 22 2018, 5:21 pm UEDCommander Post #2

Updated the mod file to work with new version of SCR. Also small changes in how The Union looks like.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

Jul 27 2018, 11:05 am UEDCommander Post #3

Today's update brings in new campaign, as well as several new features on pervious missions, listed below:
  • Brood War Zerg Campaign "The Steel Claw": added.
  • Zerg 10: Spore Cannon now can fire upon air targets with unlimited range. Changed several dialogue lines for consistency.
  • xTerran 5: Enemy forces color changed to fit with The Steel Claw.
  • xTerran 6: Fixed Heavy Scout stats.
  • xTerran 7: Major changes to gameplay:
    - UED now can produce Vultures, cannot produce Ghosts and Nuclear Silos
    - Rebels central town now sends much bigger attack waves with a long delay between them.
    - Rebels launch a small air attack at start of mission for showcase of Valkyrie's powers.
  • Mod updated to work with 1.22 SCR patch.

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Jul 28 2018, 3:04 am Sie_Sayoka Post #4

The screenshots are broken.


Jul 28 2018, 12:47 pm UEDCommander Post #5

Quote from Sie_Sayoka
The screenshots are broken.
No, they are not.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

Jul 28 2018, 2:36 pm Sie_Sayoka Post #6

Weird they were broken when I checked earlier. They work now though. It looks good.


Aug 9 2018, 5:28 pm UEDCommander Post #7

Today's update brings several fixes for Renegade Roar mission AI's, listed below:
  • Zerg 09: Terran AI uses more frequient attack waves, improved consistency with other Blue Confederate scripts. Ending cutscene improved.
  • Zerg 10: Red Zerg AI now uses much bigger attack waves, improved consistency with other Red Swarm scripts.
  • Fixed issue with Spore Cannon not being able to fire unless hit directly.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

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