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Brood War Alternate
Jun 16 2018, 6:26 pm
By: UEDCommander
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Apr 28 2019, 1:55 pm UEDCommander Post #41

So, some pretty important issues which involve crashes have forced me to postpone release of voiceacting for Episode 2 by one or two more updates. Still working on adding it, though. Here's an example of voiceacting implemented on mission 2 "Emanations":

And for now, a new patch.
  • Global - Added custom unit voicelines for Duran
  • Global - Added custom unit responses for all Primal units
  • xZerg 1 - String changes
  • xZerg 2 - String changes
  • xZerg 7 - String changes
  • xProtoss 04 - Fixed a crash
  • xProtoss 10 - Fixed a bug with Orange AI having shared vision with the player

There's also an unidentified issue present which causes crash when player uses Corsairs en mass, there are people working on resloving it.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

May 1 2019, 7:05 pm UEDCommander Post #42

All right, here's hotfix for the issue i spoke above. Apparently, it having something to do with Corsairs was just a coinsedence.
  • Global - Fixed a crash when Primal AI attempted certain upgrades

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

May 3 2019, 12:30 pm UEDCommander Post #43

Well, apparently, blizzard won't let me keep my update schedule properly. I wonder what will happen if player with one of their new advisors will try to play Alternate as Zerg, which already have custom advisor?
  • Global - Mod updated for compatibility for last game version.
  • xZerg 5a - Initial Zerg buildings now belong to allied AI, replaced some Zerg sounds with Primal.
  • xZerg 7 - Replaced some Zerg sounds with Primal.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

May 24 2019, 5:48 pm UEDCommander Post #44

No voiceacting yet again, but i have something even better today.
Using an experimental cutting-edge iscript plugin, i have managed to add something which was very much desired, but wasn't possible before - custom graphics for the Primal Zerg, including all units, buildings and various misc animations. The downside is that mod is now almost 400 megabytes, but that's what it takes to play Remastered.

  • Global - Added custom skins for all Primal units
  • Global - Added separate custom teamcolors to all Elite units on all maps
  • Global - Hero units (or most of them, anyway) will now use correct teamcolor on all maps
  • Global - Increased Raszagal's health in both iterations
  • Global - UED Graviton Shield Generator ability is now properly passive
  • Global - Spawn Broodling ability is replaced with Irradiate for Primal Assimilators
  • Global - Fixed a bug with Chitan's attack and death sounds playing incorrectly
  • xProtoss 07 - Fixed a bug with neutral units being present on Blue AI's base
  • xProtoss 08 - Fixed incorrect transition to the next mission
  • xProtoss 10 - Green AI's Wardens will no longer turn off after Bio-reactor's destruction (this mechanic remains unchanged for Yellow AI).

Here's an example of the new skins being used:

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

May 25 2019, 11:58 am UEDCommander Post #45

Experimental plugins - experimental problems - experimental solutions.

  • Global - Fixed a bug with Chitan attack not dealing any damage.
  • Global - Fixed a crash caused by Gatherous attacks.
  • xTerran 4 - Fixed a bug with randomly appearing Protoss units.
  • xProtoss 02 - Primal Pack Leader now uses correct skin.
  • xProtoss 04 - Primal Warships are now replaced with Zerg Behemoths.

Should be working properly now.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

May 26 2019, 12:28 am razorback9423 Post #46

They're mean, green and full of essence.

CIS Conversion Mod discord server:

May 26 2019, 8:17 pm UEDCommander Post #47

And today i have a bonus for those who wanted to be creative but were afraid to ask.
Since recently some Russian guy made a fan map for Alternate (you can check his map out in one of earlier posts by the way), i have decided to publicly release the Alternate Mapping Suite - an .mpq file i'm using in conjunction with SCMDraft 2 editor to create and edit campaign maps. Using this will ensure minimal incompatibility between your map and the main BWA mod.

Download it here.

(Link is now also in the main post, so can get it there too)

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

May 29 2019, 9:14 am DaMnUFo0 Post #48

Keep up the good work, UED Commander.

May 29 2019, 5:08 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #49

The Curious

This is so rad. Another cool modding project in the vein of the UED AI Project and Hydra but with a nice extra twist. :)

A question to the author: have you ever played a two-part adventure map called New Avalon II which was released in the early days of Brood War? It was set in an interesting alternate world where the Protoss (headed by Zeratul) were the evil. The distribution of roles in the "SC Alternate" project is similar. Of course it can be a pure coincidence, as the NA2 map is very old (though it was remarkable for using a pioneering - for the time - level of editing (for a standalone map with no datafile manipulation).

Post has been edited 1 time(s), last time on May 30 2019, 2:42 pm by IlyaSnopchenko.

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Jun 2 2019, 11:08 am UEDCommander Post #50

Well, well, well, welcome to my bug fixes.

  • Global - Updated mapping suite to include unit names, and added support for that in the main mod
  • Global - Fixed a bug with Zerg Behemoth and Feral Guardian weapons
  • xProtoss 03 - Added another custom player color for one of the enemy AIs

Quote from IlyaSnopchenko
A question to the author: have you ever played a two-part adventure map called New Avalon II which was released in the early days of Brood War?
I already answered it elsewhere, but for the record i did not.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

Jun 12 2019, 6:59 pm UEDCommander Post #51

Apparently i forgot to reset Dark Templar unit's stats after buffing Raszagal, and that has been around for 2 updates straight. What a shame.

  • Global - Added a new mechanic for the Primal tech tree - Assimilation. It is represented by set of upgrades, specific to the opponent's race, which provide unique bonuses to the units when they collect enough biomass by killing the enemy minions.
  • Global - Fixed multiple issues with Primal AI failing to research upgrades properly.
  • Global - Fixed a bug with Dark Templar having Raszagal's stats.
  • xZerg 1 - Added a new dialogue line about the Assimilation mechanic.

Humanity first. No matter the cost.

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