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StarCraft: Interbellum Mission Pack 3
Filename: Interbellum Mission Pack
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Uploaded on:Oct 13 2018, 2:48 am
Uploaded by:Juxtapose

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StarCraft: Interbellum Mission Pack 3

Continuing where Mission Pack 2 left off, the Dominion has rebuilt its strength, and Emperor Arcturus Mengsk I seeks to create a weapon that will leave his power uncontested. With the aid of a brilliant scientist, Mengsk will unfold a plan that will usher in the Second Great War, and change the galaxy forever!

"Interbellum" is my first Starcraft Custom Campaign. The Campaign intends to answer various questions and plot points not properly explained or shown in the retail games, such as how Kerrigan came to find out about Ulaan, Raynor's shift in attitude towards Kerrigan, and the beginning of Mengsk's involvement in the Hybrid program.

The Campaign will be released in three Mission Packs, and this being the third and final one is set from the Terran Dominion's perspective.

I hope you enjoy StarCraft: Interbellum!

Note that Mission Pack 3 requires the latest version of StarCraft Anthology as it makes use of some of the new ramps introduced in Patch 1.21.

Mission Pack 1 can be downloaded here, and I recommend you play through it first:
Mission Pack 2 can be downloaded here, and I recommend you play through it second:

Update (11/17/18):

- Updated the text of a Mission Objective to properly detail said Objective in Mission 08.
- Removed the Beacon when the Psi Emitter is no longer needed or the Player fails to place the Psi Emitter in Mission 08.
- Spelling correction in Mission 07.
- Added additional pauses for various Mission Objective updates to allow them to be read more clearly in Mission 07 and Mission 09.

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Juxtapose wrote on Oct 13 2018, 4:44 pm:
@Rawflesh0615 Perhaps that's what I wanted you to think ;)! Raynor's Raiders are still a part of it, don't doubt that!

Rawflesh0615 wrote on Oct 13 2018, 3:56 pm:
Hold on just a minute, I thought we're going to play as a Raynor Raider instead of Dominion?

Rawflesh0615 wrote on Oct 13 2018, 2:49 pm:
Mengsk Scheme.

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