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I'm feeling lazy
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D e L i R u S
riffdex wrote:
I was trying to play the map but it seemed to glitch at the area with the Music Box. Somehow my Civ became invincible (perhaps for a cutscene) and it never became uninvincible again. I would just walk by enemies and they can't attack me. I tried to get in the room with the music symbol engraved on the lock but I was unable to get past this door.

Chia's Azala's 90KB RPG
azala wrote:
This is awesome! Thanks for making it.

TrigEditPlus : Advanced trigger editor for SCMDraft2
Tassaar930 wrote:
I've actually noticed that the newer version that interfaces with new SCMDraft (0.9.x) is a little bit unstable and produces random bugs (strings randomly breaking and repeatedly increasing in size until they exceed string section limits, string corruption, random junk characters being inserted in strings that you did not edit; maybe others). It also has some annoying crashes and doesn't support disabled triggers.

The older version (0.06beta - was around in 2017 I think), has 0 bugs that I've encountered while using, and I've used it a LOT in the past. Transmission actions however are unsupported and anything saved with a transmission in the trigger list will cause string corruption and blanked transmission actions. The older version interfaces with 0.8.0 scmdraft.

I'll upload the older version separately actually.

Desert Strike Classic 2020
malmo wrote:
Firs I fought this the map was too complicated with comperes to DSN (DS Night), but now DSN feels absolute.
Well balance races and superb well fought. The best Desert Strike today!

Desert Strike Classic 2020
flrrrreh wrote:
I'm a desert strike fan, it's my favorite starcraft ums. Every once in a while, I come online, kick some ass or a month or so then stop. This is the best DS map right now on starcraft. The balance seems right and the fact you can get a refund on your buildings adds a complexity that's fun.

Haven't found an optimal build yet like DS Night has had back when I was playing. Wish this was an actual standalone game.

[05:07 pm]
jjf28 -- o nice
[05:00 pm]
Oh_Man -- the korean translation is finally complete, bloody hell, what a mission
[11:29 am]
Christien Chapman -- I wish I could help
[11:29 am]
Christien Chapman -- Ok
[11:28 am]
Christien Chapman -- O
[2020-7-07. : 8:03 pm]
No-Name-Needed-II -- If anyone who moderates this site is listening, I've been trying to recover my No-Name-Needed account but I've lost track of my email and pass word for it when my old computer crashed.
[2020-7-07. : 4:25 pm]
Apos -- green
[2020-7-07. : 3:03 pm]
lil-Inferno -- ya
[2020-7-07. : 1:15 am]
RdeRenato -- xd
[2020-7-07. : 12:35 am]
KrayZee -- Indigo
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