Sunken Treasure
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I'm feeling lazy
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Custom Hero Wars 2017
MetalGear wrote:
To be honest this map was a complete fail. Apologies.

Custom Hero Wars 2017
m.0.n.3.y wrote:
Intriguing. But I think I still prefer the original for 2 reasons.
1. You can't upgrade your spells in this, which takes away a lot of the strategy
2. The terrain is mind numbingly boring

Other than that it's a great map though! Awesome spells, and even more spells than the original if I'm not mistaken

Dodge and Attack v1.4
m.0.n.3.y wrote:
Also the latest version looks different than the thumbnail? There are no letters in the middle?

Dodge and Attack v1.4
m.0.n.3.y wrote:
I love the idea and it's a fun game...

...but there are some serious balance issues here. Specifically with the auto spawns.

I understand that you increase life by 1 and attack by like 2 every spawn, but that's not necessarily the best because you need to consider the unit properties of each spawn individually.

The marines spawn were absolutely destroying the muta spawn (which is the last one) because of the marines high rate of fire. So you need to edit their stats to account for these things.

Also, it seems like the left side red doesn't always attack move, but simply moves. My spawn units were just running into the mariens without attacking. It's like they only stopped to attack after they were first attacked, which is a huge problem.

Fun game, but you need to fix these 2 big issues before it's playable

Diablo II LoD RPG Act 1
lifebot wrote:
This map sucks

[05:47 pm]
Vrael -- an unopened 300 box
[05:37 pm]
lil-Inferno -- tru
[05:37 pm]
Dem0n -- What could possibly possess me to play when someone else already has a 120 box?
[04:58 pm]
Voyager7456 -- 120 box o____o
[03:57 pm]
lil-Inferno -- inb4 someone mad AF talmbout NO IT'S ACTUALLY 11.9047619048 DCS/SECOND O____________________________________________________________________O
[03:56 pm]
lil-Inferno -- Excalibur
Excalibur shouted: Sorry its 12 dcs per second* I always get confused on that.
just remember SC runs at 24 fps and triggers run every 2 frames
[12:20 pm]
Psychic_Genius -- sorry for bothering. I was just 2 desperate and tired.
[12:13 pm]
Psychic_Genius -- nvm, i was fucking it up. Wasn't using the right player lol. Just figure that out. Was getting desperate. Ty
[12:08 pm]
Psychic_Genius -- then i increased the number from 120, to 12000. Same thing happened
[12:07 pm]
Psychic_Genius -- when i tested that, the msg kept appearing without waiting
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