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StarCraft: Interbellum Mission Pack 1
Filename: Interbellum Mission Pack
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Uploaded on:Jun 5 2018, 1:54 am
Uploaded by:Juxtapose

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Interbellum Readme.txt
File Description
StarCraft: Interbellum Mission Pack 1

Set between Starcraft: Brood War and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Kerrigan seeks to finalize her control over the Swarm by sweeping away the last remnants of the Overmind. She also looks to investigate the great threat she senses looming over the horizon, and her journey will lead her to a world touched by the Xel'Naga where she encounters foes old and new.

"Interbellum" is my first Starcraft Custom Campaign. The Campaign intends to answer various questions and plot points not properly explained or shown in the retail games, such as how Kerrigan came to find out about Ulaan, Raynor's shift in attitude towards Kerrigan, and the beginning of Mengsk's involvement in the Hybrid program.

The Campaign will be released in three Mission Packs, and this being the first one is set from the Zerg Swarm's perspective.

I hope you enjoy StarCraft: Interbellum!

Mission Pack 2 can be downloaded here:
Mission Pack 3 can be downloaded here:

Update (09/09/18):

- Replaced an AI Script with an Order Trigger for better consistency in Mission 03.
- Corrected the Probe Player colour bug.
- Adjusted the name of the "Uraj Crystals" to "Terrazine Canisters" in Mission 03.
- Changed Player 6 from Brown to Green colour.
- Removed the Credits (they will now appear in Mission 06 in Mission Pack 2).
- Mission 03 will now attempt to load Mission 04 upon completion.
- Adjusted various text formatting in conversations and Mission Objectives.
- Added an additional Mission Objectives Update in Mission 02 and Mission 03.
- Removed redundant Mini-Map Pings.
- Updated the Readme.txt file.

Update (27/06/18):

I've re-uploaded Mission Pack 1 with the following changes:

- Kerrigan's Energy resets to 100% at a specific point in Mission 03 to ensure she can cast Ensnare without causing the player to wait for Energy.
- Various spelling and text formatting adjustments in all three Missions.

Update (24/06/18):

I've re-uploaded Mission Pack 1 with the following improvements based on player suggestions:

- Added a countdown timer for Kerrigan respawns in Mission 02.
- Added invisible walls to prevent unintended player progression in Mission 03.
- Added Triggers to reload each Mission upon Defeat.

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Juxtapose wrote on Jun 14 2018, 1:56 pm:
@Rawflesh0615 Yes it is. The first mission of this Map Pack is the very first Starcraft Custom Mission I ever made, which I started in Mid-April.

Rawflesh0615 wrote on Jun 13 2018, 2:52 pm:
Was this your first time to create an Starcraft campaign?

[05:27 pm]
martosss -- If you can give me a solution that would fill P1 I'd appreciate it :)
[05:26 pm]
martosss -- So the game fills first the force with most open slots, then alternates ... I saw it in melee maps too - there all players are in the same force and even though the mode is top vs bottom, those 2 new forces are generic and joining players are filling the lobby from top to bottom because it's the same force. I've seen other maps where they Alternate and I assume that's because there the map had 2 forces
[05:25 pm]
martosss -- oops, can't write new lines .. oh well ... force1 : P1, force 2: P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7 ... force 3: CPU P8 and P2-6 gets filled first
[05:24 pm]
martosss -- no, jjf, my current setup is force1
[04:00 pm]
jjf28 -- I believe slots fill according to ascending player number, so if the observer is player 1, they'll land in that slot first, if the observer was player 8, they'll land in that slot last
[02:57 pm]
martosss -- Hey folks, a quick question ... when people enter a map lobby, can you force them to go in a particular force first? I have a map where there is 1 player, 6 spectators and 1 computer. The players always enter and go to the observer section first. I want them to first go to the player slot if it's free. Is that possible?
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