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StarCraft: Interbellum Mission Pack 2
Filename: Interbellum Mission Pack
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Uploaded on:Sep 9 2018, 6:22 pm
Uploaded by:Juxtapose

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StarCraft: Interbellum Mission Pack 2

Continuing where Mission Pack 1 left off, Hierarch Artanis and High Templar Karass race to Bel'Shir to aid the Protoss Scholars under assault by the Zerg Swarm. Along with the survivors, they find an opportunity that can not be passed up, and what started as a rescue mission turns into a quest for justice!

"Interbellum" is my first Starcraft Custom Campaign. The Campaign intends to answer various questions and plot points not properly explained or shown in the retail games, such as how Kerrigan came to find out about Ulaan, Raynor's shift in attitude towards Kerrigan, and the beginning of Mengsk's involvement in the Hybrid program.

The Campaign will be released in three Mission Packs, and this being the second one is set from the Protoss Daelaam's perspective.

I hope you enjoy StarCraft: Interbellum!

Note that Mission Pack 2 requires the latest version of StarCraft Anthology as it makes use of some of the new ramps introduced in Patch 1.21.

Mission Pack 1 can be downloaded here, and I recommend you play through it first:
Mission Pack 3 can be downloaded here:

Update (11/10/18):

- Added invisible walls to prevent unintended map area access in Mission 05s.
- Added Mini-Map Pings to the destination when the Teleporter is used in Mission 05s.
- Added a Location to permit a conversation regarding the Xel'Naga Tower to occur if triggered by an air unit in Mission 06.
- Adjusted the Alliance Status of Player 7 and Player 8 to prevent unintended disruption of the final scripted sequence in Mission 06.
- Adjusted the display timing of various Mission Objective Updates to be more noticeable in Mission 06.
- Adjusted a Pause Game instance during a conversation to permit an additional line of dialogue to be more easily read in Mission 06.
- Minor spelling corrections in Mission 05s and Mission 06.

Update (10/12/18):

- Removed the player's ability to Warp In the Arbiter Tribunal in Mission 05.
- Adjusted the Locations of the enemy Area Towns so they function more traditionally in Mission 06.
- Removed the Credits (they will now appear in Mission 09e in Mission Pack 3).
- Mission 06 will now attempt to load Mission 07 upon completion.

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Juxtapose wrote on Sep 10 2018, 4:08 pm:
@Rawflesh0615 Glad you're excited man; enjoy the Mission Pack!

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