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[11:34 pm]
martosss -- I've seen some crazy effects with EUD though :) like ... fireworks .. or rotating dying units that create a storm-like effect
[11:32 pm]
martosss -- you can play any sound ... but i dont think you can do the nexus thing .. i'm not sure if you can achieve that
[11:26 pm]
sraw531 -- at worst I would like a system in which you could do cool cinematic effects - a landing sequence in which the buildings actually warp in instead of being created and playing the sound of them finishing
[11:24 pm]
sraw531 -- I want you to be able to make a base with a corsair as a probe, basically, but without modding or euds at all.
[11:23 pm]
sraw531 -- timers are not the issue. its the building itself.
[11:23 pm]
martosss -- If you want a timer, why not just use death counters to achieve it? If you also include hyper triggers(which you most certainly should do for a good map) it would give you a very precise counter system
[11:22 pm]
sraw531 -- ideally, I want "Dweb exists: replace with a 0% progress in construction 10 second build time of specific building type"
[11:21 pm]
sraw531 -- then when nexi is finished, it either gets removed and replaced with the building you actually want, or the building moved was actually the correct building and not just nexi.
[11:20 pm]
sraw531 -- I was thinking something more like nexi take half as long as usual, every 5 seconds or so in the corner the computer will try to make a nexi, every 5 seconds it will move it away and then have a couple locations that the building cycles through to determine age and then remove them after a few steps, then if you use DWeb it moves the oldest one to the DWeb and removes DWeb
[11:19 pm]
martosss -- martosss
martosss shouted: sraw531 you can increase the building time to ... 1hour .. then you'll have buildings that build for a long, long, ... long time but you should think about simplifying stuff ... using buildings under construction sounds ... strange ...
I mean the time it takes a building to finish constructing :D
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