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[07:34 pm]
Ahli -- Fire_Kame I would buy a book of that...
[07:30 pm]
Ahli -- rockz
rockz shouted: neither will baking your gpu
it depends what broke in the GPU. There are success stories, but obviously no one should expect a long extended lifespan after that...
[07:09 pm]
KrayZee -- Xbox One has Sir- Cortana too.
[07:00 pm]
Roy -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: win10 recently did a massive anniversary update that really respects consumer preferences again
Like whether or not you want Cortana.
[06:30 pm]
Vrael -- Fire_Kame ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha
[06:29 pm]
CecilSunkure -- BloodyZombie117 has won 72 Minerals.
[06:19 pm]
TF- -- anyone ever try corrupting the Cast Disruption Web ai script with EUDs so you can make the computer cast other abilities
[05:20 pm]
NudeRaider -- rockz
rockz shouted: baking your cpu won't do a thing.
rockz shouted: neither will baking your gpu
believe it or not, but I've revived an inaccessible HDD once, by baking it. Just got the data off it and then dumped it afterwards, so I can't tell anything about the longevity.
[05:03 pm]
rockz -- Cookies have a melting point much lower than that of solder.
[05:02 pm]
Dem0n -- but baking cookies!
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