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[06:42 am]
TF- -- those hotkeys aren't highlighted anymore in scmdraft or something?
[06:42 am]
TF- -- sounds cool
[06:35 am]
Dem0n -- Or just click on the trigger and hold down 'o', which is the hotkey for down.
[06:24 am]
Zoan -- It actually works really well
[06:24 am]
Zoan -- he's normally suuuper slow (hes called SLOTH) but when you walk in water he full on sprints at you
[06:23 am]
Zoan -- Anyway, omgosh I just made a sweeeet enemy. He chases you whenever you make sound with your footsteps
[06:22 am]
Zoan -- Too lazy to open that up :P
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