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New DS Classic 2020
Sep 26 2019, 2:07 pm
By: GGmano
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Oct 23 2020, 5:45 pm GGmano Post #61


I have map ready for beeing tested hsl

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Oct 23 2020, 6:04 pm GGmano Post #62


Quote from HSL...
I want to point about having one Stargate and 0,66 Artanis sounds like I might get zero Artanis for one turn, but there will be one Artanis spawned for next two turns as that averages out to 0,66, which, according to your algorithm is incorrect; no Artanis will ever spawn from one Stargate.

You got this algorithm from desert strike night 2.63 i think. Im not using this algoritm at any of the spawns. all units spawn when hit rounded numbers or in case its 0,16 or 0,33 or 0,66 they spawn when they hit 98/99 cause i texted 0.16 instead of 1/6 and 0,33 instead of 1/3 and 0,66 instead of 2/3. All hero buildings spawn random units cause im limited to a lesser amount of building types. for the randomization i tryid to make all different options evenly good, for excample with evo chambers i made all 3 options spawn a hp amount on 800 = 1 torra have 800hp or 5 hunter killers with 160hp (5x160=800) or 4devolings with 120hp + 2 hunterkiller ( 4x120 + 2x160 = 800hp) hence i texted 1-6 random zerg ground heroes on evochamber. this i did with all hero buildings so all the different options is close to same quality.

With those buildings texted 1-2 units which spawns 2 at first building and 1 at second is demanding knowledge of the map by playing it several times to know this system. ive now incorporated explaining text guide for all races spawns. which will make it easier to understand the spawn number systems for players.

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Yesterday, 9:36 am honaku Post #63

Hi so when I crossed build my 8th gas on my teammate, my income just stopped forever.


Yesterday, 10:00 am GGmano Post #64


Quote from honaku
Hi so when I crossed build my 8th gas on my teammate, my income just stopped forever.

Yeah something that i could fix Ill be doin that fix on My New update.. Mostly players would know and learn from trying it finding out it dosent work and not use but Ill put trigger so You can only gas in your own base that might be best

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Yesterday, 6:14 pm GGmano Post #65


desert strike classic2020 V4.4 coming up today.

Changelog compared v4.2
Balance, stats and prices are keept the same
7 bugs fixed, tested and working.
1. Refund on 2 or more buildings at same time now works
2. Refund buildings at 0 is now impossible, so you cant loose money on that.
3. Refund terran mains on terran buidlings with add ons for excample factory. killing factory while it having machine shop now works.
4. adding on terran add-ons at timer 0 could corrupt spawn system. a trigger is put to restart the spawn system if that happens so thats fixed.
5. Greater spires was given wrong player in 2s or 3s battles when you instant spawned at 0. thats fixed now.
6. An unxepected infestation could fire if one of the tank spawn system buildings was killed. could only happen if terran had made special and magellan would confuse enemy units to fly out in the water and kill the building, really rare bug. But is now fixed.
7. Gassing in other players bases could corrupt income. thats now fixed by connecting gas spots to bases and players. so you can still build gas in other players base but it will add him and not your self.

New features:
1. A guideline center is added(infested command center) with 17 pages of guiding text for the map. creating infested terrans on the infested command center toggles the pages. lifting the infested command center makes it explode.

2. Two types of strategy options is added. Ive added unmoveable units that you can kill to activate the effect. These units are zerg egg and zerg lurker egg. when you kill em they do two different things.

The zerg egg texted (kill booster) adds 25% mineral boost for either 20 or 25 or 30 seconds for all the players on the team, only works for the players not in delay. at 0 gas (in fast mineral speed) 20 sec boost equals 40 minerals per player, at 7 gas (fast mineral speed) 30 sec boost equals to 540 minerals for all players having 7 gas and not in delay. so the lowest boost is 40 and the highest is 540 per player. making use of this to gain midpoint bonus for the team is the strategy view point of this. Im sure players will find the best use of this wether it will be start of game or end of game. In 1v1 each team gets 6 booster eggs, in 2v2 teams get 7 each and in 3v3 teams get 8 booster eggs to use.

The zerg lurker egg texted (kill corruptor) adds 5 or 10 seconds delay for all player on the enemy team. giving 5 sec delay on 0 gas (at fast mineral speed) equals to 80 minerals per player, giving 10 sec delay at 7 gas (fast income speed) equals to 740 minerals per player. so killing such an egg has effect ranging from 80 minerals per player to 740 minerals per player. this strategy option can give a decent effect on beeing played right. in 1v1 teams get 6 of these eggs in 2v2 teams get 7 of these eggs and in 3v3 teams gets 8 of these.

Wether its booster or corruptor eggs the effect is added per each use so its possible to kill 2 or even more at once to gain higher effect. the effect is added by time, so killing two corruptor eggs have chance of adding 10 to 20 sec to enemy team, killing two booster eggs having chance of adding 25% income boost for 40 to 60 seconds.

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2 hours ago GGmano Post #66


here is desert strike classic2020 v4.4 scx


Desert strike Classic 2020v4.4.scx
Hits: 0 Size: 260.66kb

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