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Temple Siege 7 - Alpha
Aug 1 2010, 12:32 pm
By: FlashBeer
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Aug 1 2010, 12:32 pm FlashBeer Post #1


Now for Download

So what the hell happened? AGAIN!?

I was busy and lost motivation, oh well.
The only change I made from the last version was to psion. I also fixed the EUD text display.

Test for bugs/imbalances

The Shots

The Changes

Brand spankin' new terrain
New Kills-to-Cash system
Temples replaced Warpgates for the outposts
Cleaned upgrades area
Starting resources are now different. Since everyone always put their starting civs into minerals, I thought I could reduce a step for players by removing the starting civs and starting them with 50 minerals (in 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1). When fighting uneven teams, the smaller team will get +25 minerals and +1 civ for every missing teammate.

Capturing Outposts are now different. Instead of an interrupting player immediately stopping all progress, progress now diminishes 3x faster than it is gained. Meaning, for every 3 seconds waited during a capture, an opposing player will have to wait 1 second in the interruption area. If there is nobody to interrupt you, you will lose a second of progress for every second you aren’t standing on the beacon.
While capturing an outpost, the rate of hallucinated effects corresponds to your progress.

Water Gremlins (marines) and Ice Gremlins (zealots) are now swapped in spawn order
Ice Gremlins were 340hp, 4 armor, and 22(x2)dmg, and are now: 250hp, 2 armor, and 17(x2) dmg
Water Gremlins were 240hp 18dmg, and are now: 330hp, and 24
Previously, spawn leaders spawned with the same % hp as normal spawns, but now since spawn leaders are 2+ lvls (with more hp), spawn leaders have -30% of normal spawns.

Shield levels for buildings (determined by level of spawns) are now raised
Lvl1 = 10%, was 0%
Lvl2 = 12%, was 0%
Lvl3 = 14%, was 8%
Lvl4 = 18%, was 12%
Lvl5 = 24%, was 15%

The Moral level may now be seen just below the upgrade area, in the form of a Zerg Egg’s hp amount. The moral starts at 100 and may decrease or increase by units of 10. The lowest amount being 1 (which equals 0 moral) and the highest being 200.

Mana Pool now costs 60 (was 45), and gives mana at 3x rate rather than 2x

Cybernetics Cores (healing wards) are now 'Watchtowers' that allow the user to scan sweep the map. Use it as support against cloaked foes, to scout enemies' positions, or for enemy base reconnaissance. Scans lasts shorter than a typical scan, but has a cooldown of 3 seconds. Requires users to stand next to it.

fixed the typo 'citaden of adun' to 'citadel of adun'

When you start the game, pressing the [ESC] key will display information on the version, and when the next tournament is.
After you select a hero, pressing the [ESC] key will display a list of your spells as well as additional information. Holding [ESC] will remove the list.

Since very few player upgrade hp for light mage, phantom, mutant, and assassin, these heroes will now gain 5% hp instead of 4%. Since these heroes still have the same number of upgrades, they will receive 6% upgrades after 10 upgrades instead of after 5. This isn’t to say that buying hp upgrades will now be a better choice than mana, but simply that buying hp upgrades are a bit more useful if needed.

Assault: Now more spell intensive! Hp 4200 > 4500
L1 – Tear Gas – creates a scourage with a sensor that only works on heroes’ units. Upon detonation, it stuns hit opponents for 2 seconds and spawns a d-web. It will not stun opponents that are already under the web. The web still slow drains/slows units per usual. You may only have up to 3 webs at a time.
L2 – Grenade Launcher – Creates a hot-keyable corsair that can cast d-web 4 times. Each d-web instantly turns into 5 firebats.
Wait… it uses d-web… so that means my d-webs from L1 will also magically turn into firebats? Either that, or you can’t use this during L1?
You CAN use this during L1, without any interference from the previously placed d-webs.
L3 – Gattling Gun – Fires massive damage in the form of wraiths. Slow-moving but deadly. Should be a great combo with L1. About 25 Wraiths.
L4 – Gunship – The old trusty dropship with a few new changes. First, you don’t gain mana while in it- this means that if you want to camp in your ship, you will still need to exit it to charge up your spells. Next, you get new spells for 1-3.
L4/1 – Bombardment – normal stun bomb. Normal spawn-killer and stun-locker, just requires more mana to do so.
L4/2 – Missile Launcher – launches 8 scourages in each direction, which then home in on foes (players first, computer second) which then explode into firebats upon impact of a hero, or after a few seconds.
L4/3 – Gattling Gun – Nearly the same thing, just fires wraiths on both sides of the ship.

Air Armor upgrades start at 5 +1

Volt: Fixed L3 location problems (it wouldn't stun with probe to the left of it)
Spells 1 and 2 can be stacked up to 3 times, increasing it’s effect
L1 – Each next cast creates 3 more and extends the range.
L2 – Lasts 7 seconds (was 6.6). Each additional cast increases the strength of the magnet, and increases the time by 4.5 seconds.
L4 – You more mana you have, the longer this spell will last. The downside is that the mana is continually drained until the spell is over, leaving you with no mana.
Supercharged form now starts with a bit less shields than before, but will increase with every 3 hp upgrades, until 9 upgrades. Damage is boosted from 90 +9 to 100 +10.
Casting the spell with 120 mana = 11 seconds, 300 mana = 31 sec 450 mana = 47sec

L1b – Cast L1 during L1 to attack with 2 Assassin DTs
L1c – Cast L1 during L4 to attack with 8 zealots 3 times
L4 – Will now turn off L1 and start immediately, rather than waiting for L1 to end.

Phantom:Phantom is now un-seen when cloaking in the daytime
L2 – Focus Shot can now be hot-keyed. It starts out 'stunned' so you can't get off 3 hits. You must be really fast at aiming and firing to land two hits. Has a short cooldown to prevent spamming.
L3 – is now Phantom Shot to require less mana than before. Damage is now 30 +5 (was 50 +7) It now turns hallucinations into ghosts 3x faster, so it should turn all hallus into ghosts.
L4 – is now Needle Hook – The hook is now much ‘stickier’, constantly moving hooked foes to under the hook, however, if the hook moves too far from the foe (i.e. the foe is blocked by terrain or men), then they will become unhooked. The hook is now combo-able with the other spells. In case if people are wondering, hooked foes are not moved while the hook is still (they are ordered) so that all attacks can hit them.

L1 – is hot-keyable and spawns in an equal + shaped pattern
L1b – Double cast L1 and you spawn a guardian for 1 shot.
You may cast L1b up to 3 times in a row. (would cost 100 mana)
L3 – Upgrading this level will now make your spore colonies passively spawn computer-controlled guardians, and lurkers when enemy heroes/summons are near. (max of 3)
Max of 6 Archer Companions.
L4 – creates a bundle of muttalisks and a combination of weaker guardian and muttalisks around the bundle. Huge range.

L1 – No longer teleports your medic to you.
L1b – Will refresh & teleport your medic to you, as well as, create medics owned by each ally, and give each ally 10 mana. You may stack this spell for increased duration.
L1c is casted during the L2 warmup, and will spawn 4 ghosts 3 times. This is a slow attack spell.
L2 – Foes now only gain half mana while they are disabled. Now tells you when you are no longer disabled.
L4 – now has a 15 second cooldown where you cannot cast any spell and you don’t gain mana

Assassin: hp 3500 > 3600, armor 0 > 1, dmg 42 > 50
L1 – now has a warmup.
L1b – Cast any time during L1, and for two seconds, you dodge attacks, stuns, drains, and curses!
If you queue L1 after L1b, you will immediately teleport home after evasion,
If you queue L1b after L1b, you will just evade again.
L4 – Heroes are not invincible are not invincible at their temple when you cast Decapitation there, meaning you can collect the heads of temple campers.

Dark Mage: Maelstrom cost 62 > 70. Feedback 40 > 50. This means that maelstrom cost is a bit above 3 casts. The Orb will then spawn with more energy (32% = 64 energy. Was 28%)
L1b – Can now have up to 9 broodlings max. If you have 8 broodlings and you cast L1b, it will make one and refund you 13 gas.
L1b no longer sets your Orb’s energy, so you can still charge it while making broods.
The Dark Orb will now have Mind Control! Costing 120 energy. Purchased for 70 minerals.
However, rather than controlling a new unit- (other than MCing a broodling) you instantly teleport yourself and up to 9 of your nearby broodlings to that location.
Useful for quickly landing spells, assisting an ally, or simply traversing the map. Combo broodling teleport + ally curse, and you have a deadly trap.
Dark Orb now gets +50 hp after buying L3, and +100 after L4 (200 hp total)

Mech: Transforming no longer 'jumps'
L1 – Tanks are on the sides rather than the bottom
L2 – Fires wraiths at a faster rate.
Now has a different L4 for each form!
Goliath L4 – starts instantly, lasts the longest, and does the most damage
It fires off a total of 72 low dmg wraiths and attacks with 24 goliaths
Vulture L4 – Charges up 13 high dmg wraiths, and UP TO 8 low dmg wraiths, and when you run up to an enemy hero (or when time expires) it dumps all the wraiths into 1 shot and attacks with 8 vultures. Not a good idea to use this around other enemies, as you may miss your mark.
Tank L4 – Fires off about 60 low dmg wraiths before instantly attacking with 4 sieged tanks. This L4 deals damage faster, and over a larger area.

Engineer: This guy used to be bugged to hell…
L1 – is now slightly more defensive (as the name implies, defensive traps). A slight warmup occurs before placing 4 mines in a square pattern. The mines appear as pre-burrowed. Mines that are placed on beacons are given to your team’s computer, to prevent mine-cap.
The number of max defensive turrets (disabled bunkers) is a true 6. (The older ver had a problem of sometimes only having 5 or even less turrets)
If you stand next to a riot cannon, you then gain control of it. Unsieging it will allow you to enter it as an Armored Tank with 400hp, 12 armor, and 80x8 dmg. The tank may also be repaired.
Your spells work as normal while you are in the tank, but others' spells will also affect on your tank.
L4 – Mine Cluster – creates 5 inert mines in a spread out pattern. When enemies touch a mine, all cluster mines near them will explode into firebats, and they will be stunned for 10 seconds- afterwards, they are immune to the mines for 5 seconds to prevent stunlock. Max of 50 mines.

Light Mage:
L3 – Light Essence - Creates a blind, invincible observer, that is invisible to foes. The observer has an extremely long leash from the Light Mage. The long leash makes it harder for the LM to teleport home, while still allowing freedom to attack enemies.
L3b – Energy Surge - Does scarab DDS directly at the observer and removes obs (keeps hotkey).
This attack would mainly be good for attacking cannons or bombarding unsuspecting foes.
L1b – Light Transmission - Now teleports LM to the observer and moves + gives all 8 aldarises to you. There is a 5 second cooldown to cast L1b again.
L4 – Light of Purity – Aside from trapping opponents for 10 seconds, it now gives your team entire vision of the map for about 15 seconds- but beware, foes will also be notified and have vision of your LM.

Summoner: Brute Summoner plausible? No way?!
Summoner's zerglings will now spawn with 55hp.
Upgrading hp not only upgrades summoner's hp faster than any other hero,
(higher % per upgrade)
but also the zergling's hp upgrades as well +10 to +15 hp per upgrade

Auto-Spawn – Summoner now freely gains up to 2 zerglings max on a timer-based system.
You generate one zergling much faster than you generate the 2nd.
(So if he has no zerglings out, he will get a zergling very soon.)
Casting L1 will also shorten the respawn timer.
(so if he has 0 zerglings out, then casts L1, he will have 2 zerglings soon)
Summoner will not be able to auto-spawn zerglings when he is stunned nor cursed.
Upgrading spell level will also shorten the auto-spawn timer, encouraging the purchase of spells.

L2 – You gain 2 hydras per zling, but the spell duration is only 3.5 seconds. Hydras come with speed and range upgrade. After L2 ends, your hydras change back into goblins, and will have +3 lvls of hp than your current lvl. This attack does immense explosive damage, and when combo’ed as a zling healer, you can dish out some deadly damage while keeping your zerglings alive. May possibly add a new missle damage spell build.

With +lvl 2 spawn leaders, max of 5 zerglings (until you upgrade spell lvl), and less goblin hp, Summoner will have a much harder time having a farm-fest than before.
But on the other hand, with the new auto-spawn system, summoner can now continually grind - allowing him to retain mana, and spend civs on hp or spell levels. Having more spells and/or hp combined with auto-spawn, will allow him to leave the base and support his goblins in grinding or pking.
Your zerglings give as much EXP as broodling do, but as you level up (every 5 levels), your zerglings are worth more EXP. This is to allow summoners to grind without having to worry too much about feeding foes in the early game, but failed attacks in the late game may result in feed.

Burrow – Instead of having a hiding ability, burrowing now has a short warm up before teleporting all zerglings to the summoner- allowing him to recall defense as need, or just as part of his attack.
Dark Swarm – now costs 120 energy.

Psion: Dmg 40 +5 (was 42 +4)
L1 – Void - lasts 20 seconds (was 30) and drains 1% mana every second, and gives you 2 mana for every 3 drained. Works on multiple foes.
L1b – Void Rift - Lasts 13 seconds (was 15) Rapidly creates scouts in the void. Low attack power, but high rate of fire makes this better for killing spawns.
Casting L1b while not in void will now cast L1b, rather than recasting L1.
Additional casts of L1b will center the void onto the Psion, and add 7 seconds (max of 35 seconds)
L2 – Gravity Flux - As long as foes are near you, they will be slowed down and damaged by DTs. The closer they are, the slower they are.
L3 – Void Construct – An arbiter that constantly has a dragoon under it. The dragoon can only shoot when still. Recall is now 160 energy.
L4 – Null Tempest – Creates an arbiter (doesn't attack) and 4 carriers that gain more interceptors as the spell time progresses.

Void shifter now does 25 +2 dmg

And of course…
Mutant: Is mutant just not quite fast enough for your skill? Think you you’ve mastered landing perfect L2’s? Then try...
L1b – Adrenaline Rush – Ordering to move in any of the four “+” directions will cause your zergling to jump 2 devourer-sized grid spaces in that direction, while ordering to move in any diagonal direction will cause your zergling to jump 2 observer-sized grid spaces in that direction (since diagonals are longer). Basically, you just spam click and “run” extremely fast. This spell lasts for 4-6 seconds or 8 “steps” and may be combo’d with your other spells (except during L4) The spell may also be queued for prolonged sprinting. You will stop sprinting when standing next to enemies, so that you may attack them. To continue sprinting, simply run in the direct you want. You may not use this spell while stunned, if you are stunned during the spell, it will stop as well.
In case you are wondering (since this spell involves accurate mobile grids), this spell will work under- up to 4 nearby air units at a time.
L3 – no longer will display “unplaced lurkers”, and will always place all lurkers (rather than only placing a few lurkers if blocked by terrain)
L4 – You may now cast a stronger L2 and L3 during chaos mutation, which shortens the duration of L4 by 3 seconds. Buying hp upgrades increases the ultralisk’s hp and (slighty) the duration of the spell- every 3 upgrades.

Innovations by: FlashBeer
Originated by: UnholyUrine
Assistance by: Jack[RCDF

Temple Siege vAlpha5.scx
Hits: 32 Size: 339.39kb

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Aug 1 2010, 12:40 pm FlashBeer Post #2

For being patient, here's a picture of the Assassin I made a while back...

Also... reserved


Aug 1 2010, 2:08 pm ClansAreForGays Post #3

First dl!

Should be fun.

Aug 1 2010, 3:27 pm ThedarKOne Post #4

Fourth D/l... can't wait to play it.


Aug 1 2010, 4:40 pm UnholyUrine Post #5

WTF you're back!

btw, the ax should be bigger :P


Aug 1 2010, 4:51 pm Leon-037 Post #6

Oh nice, trying this out now :3 I already found a problem though trying out the chars in Sandbox mode. The cannons attack the Assims slowly once in a while but surely til they die D:


Aug 1 2010, 4:57 pm ThedarKOne Post #7

Okay, in a game where I was blue player, I auto randed as soon as the game started. I randed the Phantom, my upgrade spot did not clean itself either. I found out I started with only two lives for some reason, and I ended up losing one for no reason. Also, I could not see my mission objectives until I got eliminated, and then it showed me the Summoner's mission objectives instead of the Phantom. Also, the purple player who also had the Phantom, ended up getting a second Phantom that was in perma Phantom Shot mode.


Aug 1 2010, 6:16 pm ThedarKOne Post #8

The teal player also experiences these same glitches. I've also found that the zlot that spawns with each wave early game makes it nearly impossible for the Summoner to train early on. Perhaps it should be a ling instead?


Aug 1 2010, 6:41 pm ClansAreForGays Post #9

Quote from UnholyUrine
WTF you're back!

btw, the ax should be bigger :P
wut axe?

Aug 1 2010, 6:46 pm UnholyUrine Post #10

The Assassin's Scythe ... Yeah I know it's not an axe.. I said that cause it looks like the proportions of an axe :P


Aug 1 2010, 8:16 pm Leon-037 Post #11

Quote from ThedarKOne
Okay, in a game where I was blue player, I auto randed as soon as the game started. I randed the Phantom, my upgrade spot did not clean itself either. I found out I started with only two lives for some reason, and I ended up losing one for no reason. Also, I could not see my mission objectives until I got eliminated, and then it showed me the Summoner's mission objectives instead of the Phantom. Also, the purple player who also had the Phantom, ended up getting a second Phantom that was in perma Phantom Shot mode.

Lol seems to me blue auto loses a life and is always Phantom. Oh well D:


Aug 1 2010, 9:27 pm FlashBeer Post #12

@ThedarKOne: Summoner will need to take full advantage of his auto-spawn. Try to grind so that your team's spawn tanks the hits. Also, everytime you cast L1, you auto-spawn another goblin sooner. Grind with your summoner and more than one zergling.
The zealots are meant to be a counter for summoner multi-laning with one zergling each.

I have fixed blue player and teal player (forgot to remove testing triggers)
The fixed version is now uploaded in the original post. (v2.1)


Aug 2 2010, 1:27 am ThedarKOne Post #13

Thank you for fixing those bugs so fast! :)

Also, thanks for the advice... although, I think zealots are a bit much. I think lings would do that job fairly well. The whole using your spawn to tank doesn't work well with stalling a gate most of the time. I don't know, maybe I just don't understand the auto-spawn system well enough yet. I'll play around with him a tad more.


Aug 2 2010, 1:38 am Leon-037 Post #14

Ah, quick fixing o.o I'll continue to play this map and find more bugs so it can be the best map it can be :3


Aug 2 2010, 1:50 am FlashBeer Post #15

Very minor bug fix, summoner wouldn't unburrow with no zerglings out. (v2.2)

EDIT: Lowered spawn leader's hp, and reduced dmg for spawns past zerglings
(zealot dmg 17x2 > 15x2, marine dmg 24 > 22, hydralisk 44 > 38, dragoon 77 > 74)
Removes dark orb after player leaves. (v3)

Post has been edited 1 time(s), last time on Aug 2 2010, 3:24 am by FlashBeer.


Aug 2 2010, 5:09 pm UnholyUrine Post #16


A weird problem.. I think your EUD got screwed.. I keep seeing the text which describes the spell... I tried player 1 and player 2 with both all random and pick own hero ... but all in sandbox mode.. i don't know what is causing it...

For Warrior's "1c", the zealots need to stay at least half a second (6 DC) longer... they barely do any attacks :(
Archer looks great... weird that it has spawning pool tho...


Aug 2 2010, 8:04 pm FlashBeer Post #17

I think the EUD text messes up after trig alteration via text editor. When I check the text in the editor, it shows up as unknown instead of UnitID:1060, then it changes back to UnitID:228, so I have to manually change it back.

I made warrior's L1c last 4 dc's longer, they hit a lot more now.
Fixed EUD Psion's spell list, and the other psion glitches mentioned. Slight buff to scout dmg. (v3.1)

Archer has a spawning pool so he can build sunkens and mutate lair :þ


Aug 3 2010, 1:43 am ThedarKOne Post #18

I still think the lead spawn needs to be brought back a level. It makes summy nearly impossible to play when your getting trolled by another hero...


Aug 3 2010, 4:23 am Wing Zero Post #19

Magic box god; Suck it Corbo

I haven't played this version yet but I'm just wondering whats the cap block range? i think it should be around the size of m8 and c1 because its soooo much better (if this is already implemented forget what i said then)

Aug 3 2010, 11:47 am ThedarKOne Post #20

I think the cap block range is the beacon itself, much like in Hero Sanctuary.


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